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  2. Thank you ! My English proficiency was really limited but i am really happy and thankful that you like it. I really love this Grassland Reunion Author, I guess it is because i love how she tortured Wuji hahahahaha
  3. @ktcjdrama please send me the raw link too! Thank you so much Will this special ever get subbed though? Usually subbers only sub the main drama, don’t they?
  4. I hope Kim Jae Wook gain a lot of international fans through the drama Her Private Life. His appearance videos are not so many and I feel sad that no one made eng sub for it. For example his Life Bar episodes. I could only find cuts with eng sub. If I could understand korean I would sub it. It's been my routine that when I was attracted to someone I look for everything about him. But I have been attracted by Kim Jae Wook since early on but not so much I could find about him online.
  5. okay, now that I have thought about it a bit more... for me, handsome namja doesn't really matter. it is all about a moment that touches me and it is difficult to describe but it has to feel genuine? like I remember the drama scandal. there was a scene where the adopted father finally accepts the kiddo and they both hold hands and walk down the street and the kiddo just smiles like the sun has come out and-- I actually cried when watching.. I loved five children when the lead stood up to his family and asked how they can humiliate him by insulting her and they should talk to him instead. it was such a swoon-worthy moment but the guy is in his 40s and the scene doesn't even include her. just his family. I loved the suspicious housekeeper where she finally puts away her sadness and gives him a smile and he is touched that he actually cries on seeing her smile. found that so romantic.... so yea, moments with heart.... it doesn't really need to pop out in any way but something that moves me.... if it is handsome namja, it is plus but it doesn't need to be.... maybe I don't have simple tastes? hahahaha... 696
  6. Wow @immorethant that's beautiful cinemagiftography! You're ready to be the intern Produsah in SHS's next work! You keep posting so fast I have to fast forward 3 pages every time I logon now. It's awesome! Thankyou! Where's the HD GIFs? it's been an hour already! Glad you're safe, @mylovekge - I didn't even know you're a KGE fan until I noticed your profile and IG page. I'll go along with you guys, but I perfer this - ALM:L or ALM:❤️
  7. So glad to see our minions commando back here and clicking likes and laughs on our posts. Miss you and your posts @meechuttso , please be back in full force for all the ALML action come May 15! Your growing minions army need you!
  8. @triplem @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @sushilicious I am watching HPL. Episode 1 is bit boring and over the top, I will see if I will continue....No one can portrayed cringe-worthy role without causing overly cringy reaction better than YIN yet....PMY is pretty and a good actress but I am agreed with @triplem I don't really get her acting....Btw, PMY is sooooo petite borderline on tiny....KJW is as smoldering as usual.... +2
  9. The Fiery Priest: Episodes 39-40 (Final) by LollyPip It’s time for our fiery priest to face his demons, and whether he caves under the pressure or emerges victorious is all up to him. Thankfully, he’s not alone anymore, and there are plenty of people who love him and want to help him. They believe in him even when he can’t — which is what it means to be a team. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/04/the-fiery-priest-episodes-39-40-final/
  10. Fan little yellow duck At 15:07 on April 25 from the micro-blog weibo.com Figure 1 seems to have never seen it? Cr.dc
  11. ONE Looks Dashing Behind The Scenes On Set Of “Her Private Life” by M. Dang Behind-the-scenes images of ONE on the set of “Her Private Life” have been released! In the drama, ONE plays the role of Cha Shi An, the idol that Park Min Young’s character Sung Deok Mi fangirls over. The photos show him in the midst of filming the sixth episode, clad in a black suit and displaying exquisite visuals that are fitting for his character. On the April 25 broadcast, Cha Shi An visited Ryan Gold’s (played by Kim Jae Wook) museum and encountered his fans Sung Deok Mi and Cindy (played by Kim Bo Ra). more https://www.soompi.com/article/1320169wpp/one-looks-dashing-behind-the-scenes-on-set-of-her-private-life
  12. U like him? Not fancy him as oppa right? Hahaha.. btw Pied piper is quite good. @Lmangla i think the song, setting, pretty face make up for that winter sonata. It was frustating but i continue to watch too lol. @Sejabin forgot also time slip dr jin also PMY. Managed to watch to admire Jaejoong face. Most PMY drama not memorable i tend to forgot u see. But that sec. Kim annoyed me quite a lot. Lol. Cos i was no choice but to watch as my sis big fans of it 696
  13. Pretty lee jung in. Can't wait Credit to neih212
  14. OCN just posted highlights video (basically a mini trailer). Seems like DKW is really losing his marbles, yikes.
  15. 694 @Sejabin ~ yea I don't like overly crying dramas and avoid those. so I knew 7 days was going to be sad and didn't bother. but I do like melo and makjang kind of genre as well as weekend and daily dramas. so yea, neither light nor heavy??? somewhere in between???? and winter sonata is weirdly addictive. watched it just to see what the hype was all about and got totally sucked into it. hahahahah. it is one of those dramas where you know it does not make sense but keep watching anyway! hahahaha...
  16. https://storgram.com/post/BwQ5EOvJVCp ............OK....!!!!!!!!!!!..............so... let's see if we can handle the truth....!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. 696 @Lmanglayou mean something serious like Bae Yong Joon drama? .. the fastest way to touch my heart is a handsome namja I am not watching something serious like Winter Sonata seriously. I only watch some episodes then skip skip then watch again. it's too serious ughh.. and I am not liking to cry too much for a drama. like Queen for 7 days. I dropped it because it was full with tears. ughh I can't bear to watch a story like that. that is why I am more in romantic comedy drama. laugh and love is enough for me
  18. I think after BZ found XC and the two children, they end up together. After all, he has been assisting Haolan in helping YZ achieve power so I think XC will forgive him.
  19. https://storgram.com/post/Bws1StZpora ....friday..........and turn back time to whence it was begun............
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