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  2. She was guest there not in main cast. Maybe this is why this one is not included in her list. I don't know. She hadn't any normal relationship in any drama since 49 Days. And we shipped her with Uee, Woo Joo, Jun, Ramen Boy. Fujin or Bojin is OK for me, i just wanna see some romantic scenes this time.
  3. this article is old actually.. it was published after FMW... how much is 30 bil won actually, is it approximately 2.8 mil usd or 28 mil usd? i remember reading back then in soompi that he was paid +- 28k usd per episode in ‘She Was Pretty’ and since then his appearance fee has increased... sorry for being such a noisy person. i jst want to know how rich our captain is lol sidenote; the highest paid actors in drama used to be Gianna Jun and Kim So Hyun with +- 87k usd per ep.. i dunno what’s the current ranking now..
  4. He screamed like MTG to a driver who he thought trying to kill PMY....He was about to die from caffeine allergy and he portrayed it very well..... KJW is not a pretty boy romcom type, so in this role he is far from lover boy....TYH is full fluff and sugar but HPL isn't, it's much more realistic....It does showed some ugly side of fandom in SK though. I am on episode 4 so far and I think I can finish until episode maybe tonight... +2
  5. I thought it was realistic for them to feel helpless at first since they are technically inexperienced and I keep waiting for them to do something and have a great comeback without so many deaths.... but I didn't know that till the very end.. they are still completely helpless and powerless and end up killing and dying and Aargh... My blood boils when I think about it. If there's a refund. I want it!
  6. Celebrities Who Are Huge Fans Of Baseball CELEB Apr 3, 2019 by S. Park Spring is here which means it’s baseball season! The opening game on March 23 with last year’s winning team SK Wyverns signaled the official start of baseball season, and the 10 professional baseball teams of the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) will take on 144 games. Whether it’s by throwing the ceremonial first pitch or cheering on their favorite teams in the stands, here are some stars who are famous for their love for baseball. Park Shin Hye It’s a well-known fact that Park Shin Hye is a big fan of the Kia Tigers. When she threw the ceremonial first pitch in April 2012, she showed a similar pose to Randy Johnson and earned the nickname “Randy Shin Hye.” full article. https://www.soompi.com/article/1314806wpp/celebrities-who-are-huge-fans-of-baseball
  7. Ugh I'm seeing Red just by looking at the clips today. They are still trying to make the chairman a dementia patient. Even the doctor who was in charge of doing the DNA test between the chairman and NJ joined the evil duo. Ok so I watched the full raw and the ending was good. Yey finally they got exposed.
  8. *cough* .... .... .... Maybe? 734
  9. I bet she will.... i can bet my pp muahahha Well u can ask me to change to non mustache KNG if i lost @sushilicious 732
  10. Cenching trying her luck to hard sell . @sushilicious would you watch if it was Kim Nam gil in HPL??? 730
  11. It's Friday and there's no more latest episode of The Fiery Priest! No more live recap party from @ktcjdrama. I'm feeling sad!
  12. Does it include fist fight...getting stunk by syringes...? if not...I will pass it lol. Plus watching KJW fall in love after seeing his past works is really giving me a character culture shock. Which shows his versatility as an actor....but I will give it a pass. @Lawyerh I chose oppa, ain’t touching those young gems 728
  13. Not sure why . But think he came alone. SHJ new movie should be good. I’m waiting for YYS to sign new drama . By the way your oppa LMH is done with military. 726 @Lawyerh I approve of your oppa list !!! .
  14. 724. My mdl custom list. Oppa Vs Dongsaeng I think oppa way more delicious! Let me know whats ur vote lol.
  15. Park Yoochun has been arrested. On April 26, the Suwon District Court issued a warrant for Park Yoochun’s arrest and stated, “The necessity for [Park Yoochun’s] arrest and its significance are recognized as there are concerns of [Park Yoochun] destroying evidence or fleeing.” Previously on April 23, the Narcotics Unit of the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police […] The post Park Yoochun Placed Under Arrest appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. Wait. Director Seon is working with NYJ? I thought Director Seon turned his back on NJY again when he met up with LJJ towards the end? The latest episode has me all excited and worried and confused. Me while watching: One moment, it's victory for NJY! Another moment, it's set back for NJY! Another moment, it's victory again. And then set back again. And victory and set back and victory and the cycle continues... And in the end... I no longer know who is winning now. Lol Help anyone? Lol
  17. 722 @Lawyerh I plan to watch it This weekend. Btw the girl is from a movie 1000 pounds right? btw I like autumn in my heart. Perhaps because the story and it was wonbin hahaha.. also that was my first time watching kdrama.
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