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  2. @hank marvin I watched Dong Yi too but not Jang Ok Jung's drama. But from what I've read online, King Sukjong fell in love with the lowly water maid and made her his royal consort. And among all his consorts, he had the most number of children with her. And Yeoning was his favorite son.
  3. @samzz no wonder she’s very active in SNS world lately bc her new agency knows business, and expert in promoting. But still their followers not even reach hundred thousand. Let’s see on coming months who will benefit this new ventures or if they just using each other to gain something.
  4. With the drama ending next week, there's only one thing left to do.... Re-watch! Lmao. I'm forcing myself to not replay specific favorite scenes, and instead am gonna re-watch from ep 1 beginning tonight. I've nothing better to do and there's no other show/drama/game I want to get into anyway.
  5. And yes. You wonder why i always try to get people to watch with me but ended up failing.but luckily i have you and @ktcjdrama and other psychopaths on the thread to do some injection stuff to get high . I'm doctor fabre now huuuhhahahahah 932
  6. @sushilicious @Lawyerh The support I meant is in a kind support group after the rehab.... Friends who “sakaw” together, stay together...Beside I think Sushi is the right person for their presiding officer, she hates romcom...She will be a model officer... +2
  7. Throw 3rd person the love hate girl there @Sejabin I think they'll open Fans Club. P.s Sushi yes i feel addiction become worse if u found fren to smoke the crack together lol. 928
  8. How can they support each other when both patients are as equally addicted? Hmmmmmwouldn't they make each other worst? Lol 926
  9. Jong kook ending up wearing the clothes Somin chose for him
  10. there is a red usb among the evidence which EJ gave to the police.. it contains photos (i guess) which JP used to threaten DH with..
  11. They can check in into the same rehab and become each other support buddies.... +2
  12. This one you need to think about your best friend first @Ameera Ali instead of Park Min Young 922
  13. Hi! Hello dear !!! As much as I want to answer you but sad to say I'm a newbie too!!As of now there is not much of inter action between the two couple but it doesn't mean that it's all over between them. Now a days .....only taemin left in his group doing his solo while Apink is not active for now but they will make another song for sure . They have their own solo or individual projects /works inside and outside their country. For me as a fan...still believe that they are still dating but .........definitely private (secret) one.
  14. I have to watch with subs first before responding on this. Because from what I caught (without subs) she never did say precisely that JS did it to her. It is assumed by SH. But again, let me watch with subs first and share my thoughts later.
  15. Finally caught up with the episodes that I missed on KBS world so some of my questions got answered as to why Geumbi wasn’t selected for her role. Probably she is going to get selected for The Iron Lady since it is written by Gemhui’s BiL. Though I wonder if his identity will be revealed to her so soon. Remember he is supposed to be at the audition as a judge. Things are about to get awkward especially if he gets caught. I still have no idea how Gemhui’s MiL didn’t know whose house she was living in especially when it came to the matter of the family portrait that she moved and placed back. Well that will be all from my end for the time being till then take care all of you and keep posting and let’s see how this drama develops. It has potential but unfortunately I have seen dramas crash and burn somewhere in the middle or by the end that I have regrets watching them. Save the Family and A Tale Of Two Sisters/Sincerity Is The Way To Heaven come to mind See you till next time.
  16. @ktcjdrama May I know what made you think she will suffers after the drama??? Withdrawal symptoms from lack of daily dosages of crack lion??? Spills the beans please....My friend is asking.... Regarding ParkPark shippers, you should see the amount of salt in the thread. All kinds of salt, from Himalaya Pink Rock Salt to Iodised Fine Sea Salt.... +2 add. To be clear, I didn’t board any PMY’s ship
  17. I agree, however the drama could have handled this in a manner where there is no lying about whom did it. Yes, she is afraid as she was threatened but lying about who did it made a victim of others. The focus of the drama was not the legal proceedings, i agree and the lie is used used as a convenient tool to get the drama rolling but again this is just my feeling and others may not agree with it, that it was a disservice to the real victims of sexual assault because it magnifies the mythical belief that sexual assault victims lie for many reasons. I get it that she was young and afraid but lying about whom did it when she knows that it could be proven she is lying? OJP is the culprit and so he is but that is not the problem. It is the lie.
  18. *sigh* I'm not sure that i want to read the novel (at least before watching the series) but i hate to be less informed about the plot than others.
  19. @nyzah13 : agree..only upon rewatching then i pick out such nuances too
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