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  2. He was so young then but stole the show. I was spoiled for the ending but it still shocked me. Don't get me started about it made no sense or I'll rant forever. Yeo Woon is a good example of an anti-hero (not villian), a character who does bad things but with whom an audience can still sympathize with, relate to and cheer for---he is not, by any means, like the character we are hearing described in this new YSH project. Woon's actions were contradictory and often misunderstood--but he never demeaned women (he went around rescuing fair damsels etc as well as other innocent ppl etc) and tried to be a good person and spoke respectfully to people. WBDS was a swashbuckling action historical, it's own type of genre, and the romance in it was really badly written or not emphasized as much as other elements---with a rom com, the relationship between two people NEEDS to culminate in true love, and I just go UGH at any woman ending up with a sleazebag, no matter how much he's changed.... because... magic? It just doesn't happen that way. I have so many problems with that. I like fantasy. But *poof* you're no longer a sleazebag, joke, funny, funny, rom com, haha. It all sounds like a trainwreck to me. Ahhhh, I am upset. Give YSH a serious role again. He did so many when he was much, much younger. His Yeo Woon was so ... mature.
  3. Being curious and having interest, it is already considered as cheating. This was mentioned to jeong in by her best friend. And jeong in and ji ho has been honest with their current situations. Before the entry of ji ho in jeong in's life, she is already having some thoughts on his relationship. But the entry of ji ho just solidifies it. Not many people will appreciate this drama as it tackles adult issues but as per ji min, when it comes to love you tend to be selfish. Will you stay in your long time relationship since it is already comfortable and accepted or you follow your heart and suffer those problems and consequences. I love PD ahn pan seok's dramas because it deals with human flaws. Cheating or not, i am sure they will clearly draw a line on this i am still rooting for jeong in and ji ho's happiness. They have this attraction that when their eyes met, it is like they want to jump into each others arms lol
  4. Another nice pic of JZ and YC. All credits to the owners of the oic/account https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4375491735345574 Add me to another one wishing for their collab soon. Their on screen chemistry is too good to be showcased only in one drama. That small touches, reflex glances toward each other. It's hard to be able to reach that level of chemistry between co-stars
  5. Thank you so much for clarifying! I admit that I was just so surprised to see some color on her skin that I had forgotten about their drinks prior to this scene. Maybe it also because I always assume that their drinking scenes don’t involve real alcohol but I guess it does!
  6. Guys, I want to be optimistic and I know YSH can pull off any character but... no. I just can't manage the tiniest hope. The issues of the mistreatment of women right now in Korea and the rest of the world are too serious to be addressed by a silly rom com. Apparently this is the sort of story in which a sexist sleazy guy is made to see the error of his ways after his soul is trapped in a woman's body for a while and he can she her point of view--right? That's how these stories go. Sorry, Korea's problems, women's problems right now are too serious to be addressed that lightly. I felt similarly when I saw My Strange Hero tackling the subject of suicide (in Korea) and the problem of Korea's stratified high pressure school system with a light comedy. it felt... awkward. A serious drama addressing these issues would be another thing, but a rom com? Secret Garden belongs to a more innocent era of comedies. I can sense that the Korean shows I'm watching are changing and being more open about subjects that would never be mentioned before, but I do understand perfectly what YSH's Korean fans are upset about. Not just for YSH's career but for the sake of women---it is pure fantasty to think what women go through at the hands of sleazeballs can be fixed with MAGIC. NO MAGIC SOUL SWAPPING can fix sexism. No guy will suddenly go from bad guy to good guy because of MAGIC (I don't care if he looks like YSH and has those glistening compassionate eyes). Moral of my story: MAGIC DOESN'T CURE SEXISM. That's the last thing Korea (and most women) want to hear right now). it doesn't work that way. In the wake of scandals, #metoo, and all the sufferings of women in Korea and elsewhere, there isn't any worse timing for this show.
  7. 2019.05.24 #Mamonde Event in Shanghai (Cr. 海報時尚網 weibo) #마몽드 #梦妆 #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ
  8. lol I have tried to sum up my impression with Ryan, hope you enjoy it: Ryan Gold - a liberal we need more of https://ha-art-turquoise.tumblr.com/post/185105008059/ryan-gold-a-liberal-we-need-more-of As Her Private Life is coming to final episodes, I feel like people have tried to de-code Ryan Gold to every detail to explain why this man is so attractive, admirable and, at the same time, swoony. To me, I have always seen Ryan as a standard liberal who is far more open-minded and progressive than many alive men in the whole world. Raised in the US and being a prominent artist, it’s not hard to understand why Ryan is considered liberal. Because art itself can’t exist if people don’t respect the opinions of others while at the same time stand firm with their own ones. Otherwise, artists are no more than copying machines that produce standard excel sheets. With that being said, Ryan is still considered a strong example of how liberals would believe and behave in real life (Please excuse my English!) 1. He respected a personal decision, even if it’s not exactly favorable to him. Don’t we all melt when Ryan found out Deok Mi’s fangirling status and acted so cool about it? Fangirling might intrigue negative impressions, but if you think of it as a religion, it makes much more sense. Just like a liberal who respects religion right of others, that “I believe in and worship to Budda but I respect your choice to pray to God, even if I will never consider him my God”. Ryan has treated DM’s fangirling like it’s her freedom of religion to put her belief in whatever God she wants. And then when Deok Mi kinda rejected him and refused to let him talk, he took her decision with care. He took time to think it over and respected her even when she acted weird and created that uncomfortable atmosphere he didn’t like a bit. Take another example with Eun Gi. I appreciate that Ryan respects Eun Gi’s choice to fall in love with DM without questioning and trying to stop it. In the context of their (very healthy) relationship, Ryan has fewer reasons to worry. But in many other cases, we have seen a boyfriend trying to stop affection towards his girl from another male. “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” - said Abraham Lincoln keke He did that to preserve his own freedom to love her, even EG is all “please stop to make her flutter” and “how can you know about her more than me?” 2. He should be Ambassador for LGBTIQ+ rights I have worked in gender advocacy field for quite some time to know that even a male Ambassador for gender and LGBTIQ rights can fail to deliver the right messages all the time. Born and raised in a traditional society, even they received training before being an Ambassador and being pretty open-minded themselves, there are still moments we hold our breath when they say something a little off and subtly gender bias because it's so deeply rooted in their minds. But Ryan is perfect to be an Ambassador, he treated the (even misunderstood) lesbian love between DM and SJ with the right attitude. Not only does he respect their equal right and opportunity to love and be loved, but he also sincerely feel an obligation to protect and create a favorable condition for them to perform their rights. Haha his monologue in the bathroom and his determination to get Eun Gi down in a judo fight is epic. This is exactly the key message behind a lot of gender behavior change campaigns. “Equality” doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. If a person belongs to “social minor group”, she/he needs MORE care and attention to be equal to others. 3. He takes sexual consent serious Ok, we talked a lot about this. Being one’s boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t mean we can invade the other person’s privacy. In term of skinship and sex, consent is everything. Ryan has been making sure he has consent for everything he does. Given the fact that many people got raped even in marriage, having someone that takes consent that serious is pure gold. The only case when he made a sudden love is to (fake) kiss her to fool Cindy. But then he made sure his thumb was in the right place (even all of us and DK wished the thumb wouldn’t have been there^^). Having said all of the above, I believe we need more liberal and sexy people like Ryan Gold as male leads to advocate for freedom!
  9. the only thing I noticed that she also seems to feel like the hpl 1st ep was kinda bored... so her post later said it will become more fun to watch... based on what I feel on her ig post.
  10. This is what I think when I read the plot. The female lead will be carry this drama. PBY always taking this kind of drama. Thats why I kinda believe that they really want to cast top actress for this. If a top actress really taking it, there's big possibility the drama will doing well, especially if the male lead is YSH. But honestly after know the male lead character, I dont want YSH to take this one. I want a drama that will showing me his acting skill. Honestly this kind of character will get so much hyped, you know fifthy shade of grey? I cant imagine YSH taking this kind of role. He will get a new image but not a new challenge... my opinion
  11. Yes. But the other character is ill, we still don't know if he will die, there is so much suspense 768
  12. BTS will be appearing on “Britain’s Got Talent”! On May 24, British news outlet Metro confirmed that BTS will be performing at one of the semi-finals of the program. There is no confirmed date as of yet, but the article states they will be performing in semi-finals week, 28 – 31 May! ??? ~ L — BTS UK […] The post BTS To Perform On “Britain’s Got Talent” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. 770 @Lawyerh ~ saw your tag about real life black widow but not sure what reaction button to press for a story like that! .. ah I see.... so does she end up back with her husband with the swapped face?
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