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  2. Yes!!!! I watched voice and I didn't feel the same. It's the long curly hair!!!
  3. But @Lawyerh, i badly need translations!! I love their entertainment relay interview and i think is something about JHI describe HJM as an anel come into Spring Night. But i want to know more!!
  4. I myself would like to thank @cenching and @triplem for creating sugarlicious. That sugary monster that up till today, people are still trying to drag it out haha looking at @mouse007 hahaha Thanks guys for your recommendations! Hahaha. @Lawyerh been repeating Jinchi on the bus for the longest time I just love that indirect Kiss. Like how crazy he was hahaha 984
  5. Brief scene of DJ meeting with Uncle. Dominique riding a bike with the blood pressure thing on. He's trying to raise his blood pressure but guess it isn't working. He's thinking about whatever happened with him and GH in the office earlier. It's just got him frustrated. GH is drinking alone and thinking about Dominique. Then Dominique comes in. He recognizes her before she can take her red cardigan off fast enough. They are sitting back to back. Instead of a face off, they're having a "back off" lol. She takes the soju bottle to hand to him. Then she sees the cuff and is asking him.about it. Gosh I really can't wait for subs. I know this scene is funny it's just I don't know cuz I can't understand but still I do know you know what I mean? Lol
  6. as i said before, because i was once a healer shipper, i said YESSSSS!!! after watching their skinship in bts.
  7. Is that so ? I can't understand this part completely, because translations are different
  8. Ha ha ha do help me spazz with Jung In and Jiho.... Since this shipper is should not only be for real life business but for drama characters as well... Enjoy your time here dear...
  9. but International fans here in Soompi were shocked we were wishing they will date but THREE YEARS?! also we had not even finished spazzing on WWWSK wedding but then boom! we woke up to the news of 3 years dating! some KNetz got angry and called PSJ opportunistic for free dates with GF while working. It was a mess and a big news PPC trended on Google search the whole day in July 27.
  10. Glad that some people are still here kekeke. I still remember how crazy we were back in 2016 LOL There are definitely blood, sweat, tears, fighting with antis, and all that. It's all so worth it
  11. Real Veronica scene. She's typing furiously at her computer. Oh GH 's little sister came to see her. Face off #2. Man sister is tough and not backing down. Lol they had some funny convo in English. I have no idea what's been said but I love the sass in this scene. Back at the office, Dominique comes back super excited to see his GH. But she's not there and he gets sad a moment. She enters sheepishly. Why it looked like she signed the contract but may be she wrote sorry instead of signing it. Man they got really close just then. Dominique just came right up to her face. My heart was beating for GH. He shred the contract (sorry I really don't know if this was new contract or old contract or what) but GH looked pained by it. Hmmmm.
  12. VP is in her office typing away angrily, thinking about her last encounter with DJ. GH's sister came by her office, and forced her way inside. She accidentally hit something on her desk and it fell to pieces. She isn't afraid of VP and they're talking about some stuff, including revenge. VP made her sit in front of her laptop to continue the typing. Dom returned to his office, half-skipping there. He was expecting GH to be inside and immediately deflated because she isn't. He saw the contract on his table, expecting it to be signed, but it's not, only a written I'm sorry by GH's name. Then GH came in, they talked about the contract. GH only then realized that Dom might not have met VP. Dom praised GH for having principles. Anyway, it ended up with Dom shredding the contract.
  13. IS is plain pathetic.. its not like Chairman Han is going to accept her anyway.. 28yrs and he is still treating her the same, another 28yrs will not make a difference. whats her motive ultimately? gave up too much and too late to turn back? i dunno how the whole “family” plot will end up nicely for IS.. really suddenly some liver failure from heavy drinking??
  14. @Sejabin Hi, I found this OST clip version with Korean, Romanization, Eng and Indo lyric, hope it helpful. I love this song too.
  15. @cenching her hand all cream she did more than shaving I feel -2
  16. @Lawyerh thanks for tagging loli am not really into real life shipping business(i have no problem tho as its should be for just fun) but don't mind spazzing here about jiho and jung in sparkling chemistry hahahaha even though i only lurked in the past.I am glad that i found this drama as i was having withdrawal symptom (hpl is ending so i am gonna miss labbit couple ).Their one single interaction which was not romantic at all was enough for me to feel that chemistry is there *Strong*a Reposting the gifs from drama forum
  17. @ktcjdrama Have you been saltseeing??? The variety and amounts are mounting.... +2
  18. Hi I am watching this because I like the lead girl acting. She nailed it. It’s been a long time since I watch this kind of acting in kdramaland Btw I like this OST too. I don’t know the meaning but I can relate the emotions of this drama and the melodies from this ost this song sounds oldie but I like it oh I also listened to all the background musics. And I like it. I like it that they also use 1 song from Swan Lake or the nutracker? I forget the title but it is sounds like the song for 4 little swans dancing part? Or don suixote? Whatever I will found it later hahahaha.. the point is I love all the music themes from this drama
  19. GH checked into a simple room. She took out the contract and looked at it again, then thought about whether Dom has met VP or not. Morning time, GH woke up and surprised that no call from Dom. She saw the time and panicked to rush home. She arrived at the office, sneaking in, while the other three secretaries welcoming her from behind the glass partition without her noticing. They wondered about something. GH went into Dom's office, and Dom was standing right there looking rather upset. Do you have something to say? Yes, I don't even know where to start asking you. Turned out that when he arrived, VP already left, leaving only the mothers. Then he got a call, and went to a club, a lady was there with same clothes as VP, but it turned out to be someone from the hospital with his doctor. GH shocked... why? Dom said some stuff, and then left. GH wondered anxiously whether or not he actually met VP.... Dom went to the hospital and into doc's room. He's got something ready for him in a black plastic bag. Dom proudly told the doc that he saw the faces of the people even for a while. Then he told him also about the time when he held GH's face, of course Doc don't really know what he's talking about, but Dom said it's a woman. Doc excitedly told him that it's a woman he loves. Dom quickly dismissed the idea, and claimed it's a dream. He looked into the bag and there are all sorts of things in there except for the medication that he expected. There is a compression stocking. Then Doc also gave him some kind of device to measure his heart beat? And Dom is determined he wants to see the woman again.
  20. Dominique goes to see his doctor. I think he's all excited about having seen the faces briefly. Yeah he is telling the doctor about it. Wait he's also talking to doctor about seeing GH when he held her face in his hands and was "dreaming". Omo I think the doctor said it's cause you're in love with her. Cause I heard the word for love and he reacted all shockingly. Lol. Yes Dominique you ARe in love just accept it Doctor gives him a bag of things. Looks like a blood pressure or heart rate measurer. I missed what the other things were. He briefly thought about fake Veronica helping him with indigestion.
  21. Exorcistlicious > is this even a word? Lol my tongue twisted... Kimnamgilicious seldom appeared these days @Ameera Ali 982
  22. staygold

    drama tropes 2019

    #75 Wet clothes, awkwardness - I swear the writers find one way or another to put the leads in wet clothes! DOTS - The leads fall into the sea and ML takes his own sweet time to let her know he could see errr... u know.. Abyss - Ep 1. The male lead got wet while wearing a white shirt and women (and men) were ogling at him! (Random example cos that is still fresh in my mind! ) HPL - The otp had to get caught in rain and soaked to the bone! Which conveniently gave the writers a chance to write the hottest detangling-of-a-scarf scene! cr: https://www.soompi.com/article/1320158wpp/7-moments-from-episodes-5-6-of-her-private-life-that-had-us-squealing Any chance to show the actors drenched!! #76 Brooding in a shower. Nobody but the ML and the second male lead take showers in dramaland. @Lmangla is this trope listed already? I shall let the others post gifs for this in case it hasn't been listed
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