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  2. @newyee I couldn't find the raws either. I felt embarrassed from her lol. Dude has every reason to stay away from this level of madness. So San Ha is on the move finally lol. Hopefully this whole fiasco ends soon. I'm getting tired of seeing AR and NJ smug faces.
  3. 672 @Sejabin i think all you said pretty true & do contribute. I didnt really noticed at first actually.
  4. This dorama is a real miracle. This oxytocin. I watch and enjoy every second! Between DM and Ryan, such chemistry ... such chemistry ... such chemistry ... It is impossible to put it in words. Constantly I want only one thing so that they have already kissed, otherwise an explosion from the tension will occur! And the final !!! He's great! Jae Wook - the most beautiful woman in the universe with a deadly look! I urgently need the next episode !!!
  5. 670 is it not because of her face is plastic so you guys can not see the real facial expression? she is like a living doll. Too unreal. But I like min young. Rather than all those new comers from idol land. At least she dares to try any genre. From sageuk to action to rom com.. or perhaps because she is not having aboyfriend now and not too busy (she is not idol) so all she can do between her vacations is acting btw am I too blunt? Wkkwkwkw
  6. First time posting here! Am also waiting for someone to do recap. Some kind soul please feed us with some sizzling hot pic
  7. 672. @triplem Yeah lets cringe together and watch mr cheekbones & fabulous hair @sushilicious philosophies is totally logical actually. Oppa is just for myself
  8. @Lawyerh & @Sejabin ... he love her already , drinking after her is a big thing * health inspector thought
  9. Lol. I can go throughout the entire drama without knowing the FL’s character’s name lol. FL doesn’t matter to me unless she plays a really strong character. Ah. I have this personal pet peeve,I hate FL who are weak, or they can’t protect themselves and have to wait for ML to come to the rescue...OMG. I cringe when I see it. That’s why I love Guest and FP’s female cast. They all kick butts. I mean...when will you see a FL head butt the ML? 670
  10. More stills from random source Credit as tagged. I think the guy with the jeans jacket is the teacher in series, same actor.
  11. Seems in the preview: DM introduces RG to her parents. RG admits to parents that he likes DM DM's Mom is happy and approves their relationship. Seems Former director Eom isn't approving. Seems DM hasn't yet tell RG about her being SA fan. (DM didn't know yet that RG already knows about her) RG is in DM's place. DM blindfolds RG so he won't know.
  12. @Ameera Ali from what I understood from the video, NJ is treating the chairman as a dementia patient. NJ is claiming that the chairman already did the DNA test and NJ is indeed his grandson and that Esther was never in the room. Chairman is clearly pissed off with the level of bullsh""t that is going around with this mother and son duo.
  13. Oh dear . Hope everything is ok cenching. I am only going to start watching it for mr cheek bones @Lawyerh 668 Sushi , most of the time I ship all the actors with me . But a good female lead is essential for me in any drama .
  14. Omo I just posted that kissing scenes in KDramas usually start in Ep 8 then I saw screencaps that they just kissed tonight in Ep 6!
  15. More stills from the My Best Summer Press Con. Cr. As tagged.
  16. Is no one doing the live recap tonight? My stream was ok but there are things I missed just now. But the whole episode was DAEBAK!! Just a bit of after thought..and can be a spoiler to some people who has yet to watch today's episode:
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