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  2. First and second episodes are already on YT and Line TV
  3. That pair of eyes is something worth dying for!! The lyrics is good!! 确认过眼神,我遇上对的人 Through the eyes, i know i met The Perfect One
  4. Sorry Wy, the king and queen of Faith looks good together in that magazine photoshoot.
  5. @triplem @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama Meanwhile I’m here..waiting for my mom so that I can force her to watch with me...nah..invite her to watch with me...I’m thinking about how they are going to make a season 2? Loll. Imagine they do a sequel in which they change the occupation...Fiery Chef(Throws woks & veggies at you) Lol. Hm... FP S2...I just wonder...will they even consider bringing the casts back? Lol. No one (on this thread) watch God Quiz. They have like 5 sequels already. Recently came the Reboot. I guess it’s possible to make lots of sequels lol. 702
  6. @triplem, it looks like it, doesn't it? Though, the caption doesn't explicitly say so. The caption to that insta reads: Already a year! Welcome faces whenever one sees them. Thank you!! #Jugglers #MyFellowCitizens #ChoiDaniel #BaekJinHee #InGyoJin #ChoiShiWon #WooHyun #jugglers #myfellowcitizens #kdrama It could be a simple visit, but the fact that both Choi Daniel and Baek Jin Hee showed up makes me think that they are going to do a cameo. So fun!
  7. So technically did they really need Xiaozhao or is it because she’s the daughter of the main one that she’s automatically chosen?
  8. Congrats to the cast and crew for ending on a high!!! I remember KNG and LH promoting FP during the 2018 SBS Drama Awards. I'm pretty confident a lot of the cast will be nominated for the 2019 awards.
  9. Honestly, this weekend's eps for me is a repetition of last weekend's episode. I wish that they had put the swimming pool scene this weekend so there will be something new to review. Anyhow I went to view the last 8 episodes of LMIH and big difference with the doctors actions. I love Dr. Kang Woo in LMIH. He made more practical and wiser decisions, he knew what was safe for the abused wife so he never directly confronted the crazy husband but made plans for the escape from the mansion of the chaebol husband and got the help of the reporters, the psychiatrist who was helping the abused woman, got her into an officetel unknown to the husband and the help of the family. Here, MR is alone and only depended on JW who went around confronting the crazy husband by himself, no other plans of escape, no plans to get help or get a safe place for Ma Ri to hide. He should know that his actions directly affects MR that she will get beaten because of him. And MR is the same, she is dumb enough to provoke the husband. The first Ma Ri made some definite plans to leave the crazy husband and succeeded, this MR with the changed face just walked back in with no plans at all on how to escape with the evidence. To me JW does not care about MR. He just cares about being in a pissing contest with IW. Let us see who can richard simmons the hardest while MR is writhing on the floor. Boys place a bet on her. play Russian roulette in the meantime IW gets the upper hand, MR goes back to him and gets punished. JW does not really care about MR, he cares about his ego which was hurt when he knew that his wife was having an affair in his face and he did nothing, but recite poetry, so now he tries to be what he was not and play macho guy not really caring about what could happen to MR, but have MR to say she loves him more. But he really never came up with a plan to get Ma Ri out of her prison. MR and JW deserve each other,. Someone, please shoot IW already and get him away from the hell he is in to a facility where he can be treated and come out a better person.
  10. If I'm not mistaken they always select 3 ladies as holy maidens and when the current leader dies they select new leader from those 3 ladies.
  11. CR.THE OWNER [VOTE] Please vote for #ParkShinHye at the 55th Baeksang Arts 'V LIVE Popular Award' Link http://vlive.tv/vote/129 1. 52.22% (54,904) 2.10.41% 10,945 votes 3. Park Shin Hye 8.55%(8,999)
  12. Question about Xiaozhao. So the sect leader of the Persian people have to be a virgin and never get marry? If that’s the case, then how will they pass on to the next generation if they have no kids?
  13. The final image of that preview make me worried. Did he find out something or is he in pain? I watched the preview multiple times and I noticed that his hand is on his chest (I might be wrong). Imagine what must have happened to make him shed tears. All this while, he was so well contained with his emotions. He was seen last crying when he was at his father’s trial. At this point, I’m really worried about his heart’s condition. Anyway, episode 9 was so tense. Don’t want to spoil too much and I’ll stop here. Will be watching the live streaming for subtitles version from KPlus tonight. On a side note, Lee Junho did an excellent job in portraying CDH.
  14. The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for individual girl group members! The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indexes of 455 girl group members, using big data collected from March 19 to April 20. BLACKPINK’s Jennie maintained her spot […] The post April Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings Announced appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. I don't see the time mentioned. I think it would be released at the same time of the 1st one (morning time in Korea). Probably this 2nd teaser may focus more on angel Dan or Ji Kang-Woo. Old baseball photos before both become angel and ballerina.
  16. yes i have checked @amazingyooinna Acc IG too..wae no post. Hope nothing serious happened on her acc. Has she been in this thread too??
  17. where can i watch Chinese mainland drama "long distance relationship" plzzzzz:tears::cold_sweat: i really like the trailer,:heart::love:was hoping to see the whole drama with subtitles

  18. He is just immature, other than that he is smart Kang has at least several oldfashioned coats, Nos looks original from 1999. Interesting! Yes, some wealthy and ifluenctial people like to be stingy and don't care too much for shallow things. But I also like to use things till they break. But sometimes you should, because things get easier. For a long time I resisted to have a smartphone, carried a blackberry and a mp3player till my sister gifted me a smartphone for my birthday. And yes, it is much easier to carry just one thing Yep, this is so No, oldfashioned and boring. But this also makes him trustworthy and I sure do want his team to surprise him!
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  20. 190420 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update "Gravity 용" “Yong drinking coffee” Translated by lmh99s - SM_NCT "High Line! #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NEWYORK #NCT127 #NCT"
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  22. Another thing I love about this director - his sense of timing is such that we the audience can't time stamp it...I knew it had been a while..but the two months is interesting which by the way is the length of time this series has been on... the brother is deep !
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