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  2. As much as I love PMY but when I watched HPL, I saw that while there is chemistry, I do not like the comedy style. This kind of comedy style wins Razzie Awards in Hollywood films and Rotten Ratings in Rotten Tomatoes if you get what I mean. And no, my opinion is not because I am jealous of PMY and KJW. My sister watched HPL with me and she does not like it too. Sorry PMY I love you but you downgraded from WWWSK to HPL. I hope next time you go back to melodrama like Remember. It was a very good drama and it had high ratings.
  3. @Ameera Ali you should ask this picky DP picker. Me. The second one. Because think about it the circle. The first one you will not be able to see him clearly lol The circle will probably cut off Hwang in half lol 536 DP lesson 101 Make sure the subject of your dp is in the middle. Make sure you imagine the circle.
  4. @Lawyerh , @Sejabin , @triplem @ktcjdrama , It’s death & live decision which one I choose for my DP ... this more I am your only crush ... this more call me baby -2
  5. @triplem I’m not a big fan of GHJ either but I think most of her dramas have been big hits right? It would be sad if Oppa is the second lead again after being the first lead in TSYB. He has the looks, and the acting chops, so he definitely deserves a male lead role! Looking forward to Sunday. I hope we get some live updates about the fan meeting.
  6. @Sejabin so did yo go already to the cinema? If it's just tsunami that you're afraid of, since you're on 4th floor, should be ok. But what I'm worried about more is the earthquake... But then again, our lives are in God's hand. Whether we're at the cinema or wherever, we can trust that God will protect us. 536
  7. Link:https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292576351746483
  8. Look at him with a hair clip lolll. He is signing for the staff. Luckyyyyy. But anyways, i don't mind a season 2 lol. But it won't come anytime soon for sure. But i will be excited when it comes lol.
  9. @Lawyerh wahhh sweeee both of my lead wearing full black. 534
  10. woah. he is confirmed right? woah. dongwook is working hard. saving up for his future family maybe? haha he wants 3 and more kids so he needs to work hard. nice nice dongwooksshi hahaha just kidding but why not hahaha i wonder when will the filming starts? btw look at this handsome guy, thats why he makes me nervous. he is so good looking uggghh why does he have to be so gorgeous? ugghh oh btw, seems like our girl yoo inna is a very thoughtful person. she always likes to give something to cast/staffs. in yg video she bought sandwiches for the staffs, that so sweet. and chocolates during valentines day. i remember she gave winter boots for staffs when tyh started filming. thats so sweet of her. since she is a thoughtful person, and since dongwook has been taking care so much of her and been very very nice to her treating her like a princess. a princess that he always like to tease. ayiee hahaha and since they are close, i wonder what inna gave to him? hmmm her precious heart maybe? dont mind me. im just bored today hahahah. @MsMagic thanks. but i still cant hahaha anyway thanks its ok ill give up lmao
  11. I will keep posting videos and pictures as soon as i spotted any!! I wanted to know if i am normal or not too. Being a 38 year OLD LADY, can't believe i am like obsessed until like this. The very last drama that put me into the same level of obsession is 1984 legend of condor heros, Felix wong and Barbara yung. Still remember at that era, no social media, no forums, no Internet, nothing... My life become miserable after the final episode hahaha There are many other wuxia dramas which also give me similar feelings but i still can cope with it. But this 2019 hsds is now causing me to feel so lonely without it!
  12. Just like previous previous years, he never forgets 19th April. In IG world, Same like last year after MIA in his IG, he updated something on 19th April. Doesn't look like coincidence And on DH, lately she or someone else so active updating her IG. DH is never known as fan service lover, she doesn't care about all that since her debut. Her weibo, even she the first Korean who opened that kind of account, she only posted less than 20 pic a year. To see her posting twice a week is something like seeing people using latest Huawei phone at Kalahari dessert. Anyway Happy Birthday DH, from your most sarcastic step sister, hehehe. So Wookie will be busy again? Yeahaaa
  13. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292587995767913
  14. Attack on Titan is the best one not only in terms of the content story and characters and other things but it's good in the outside factors like the websites with streaming of a title. The AOT has ton websites which stream only this Anime in the best possible quality. Here's the one, for example, www.attackontitanepisodes.com.
  15. Thank you so much dear @triplem for tagging me here! The PD is same means we are in!! Then let's have some fun here together!! And this is my very 1st time on this thread so I shouldn't have come empty handed! Hope this series receive a lot of love from the public!!!
  16. Wow , would be a dream come true , if there is second season @Lawyerh & @triplem @sushilicious another season with my Hwang
  17. Chungha will be appearing on Olive’s “Everyone’s Kitchen”! On April 19, a source from the show confirmed, “It’s true that Chungha will be appearing on our show. Her appearance will air on April 29.” “Everyone’s Kitchen” is a cooking variety show that centers around the theme of social dining, bringing together people as they cook […] The post Chungha To Appear On “Everyone’s Kitchen” + Meet “Produce 101” Alumnus IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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