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  2. @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali @Lmangla I don't mind watching 150 episode dramas if the drama is good. I used to watch Turkish and Mexican dramas I strongly recommend the Turkish drama, I love it so much And the Mexican I watched them in Arabic dubbing 598
  3. @autumnight: Happy Easter to you, too, and to everyone in the thread! Happy that Bo Gum's Soompi playground is alive with news once again! @rahma92: Bo Gum is a mainstay poll winner even without projects.☺
  4. i wasn't able to understand... especially the ending because the available copies online don't come with english subtitle... can someone pls share to me the ending... based on what i watched a baby.. was abducted... then the king was sad and then the queen that was so mad shouted...
  5. ..............you know.....scent of a women.... Stoner Stoner 12:11 on April 19 from the iPhone client 190406 SU: M37 ° CF no official version logo L Stoner seconds shoot video stoner
  6. 190420 mtv IG - NCT 127 190420 daniellacardona IG story - NCT 127 [Tweet]https://twitter.com/nctinfocenter/status/1119394779899371520?s=20[/Tweet]
  7. Lol burning incense is to call sushi for exorcism. I only need to give u a lot of sweet stuff Yes i didnt pay much attention to jaw, but his hair is yummy. So you sign up? 600
  8. Sharing this musical story from a new Jiji Shipper .She watched Suspicious Partner after 100 Days My Prince & deeply fall in love with Nam Ji Couple after that . credit to the owner
  9. Q1 : What time do you usually get up?SJ : I don't have a special regular wake up time. But try to get up before noon.Q2 : when you woke up, what first time did you do?SJ : Confirm what time it is now and then groom (means like face wash or took a shower).It seems that the most common thing to do first is exercise/workout.Q3 : What do you like for breakfast?SJ : I like to eat light on the diet, like bread, eggs, etc.No more sauce and more refreshing food.Q4 : Is there a mantra? (means, frequently spoken words)SJ : I seem to say "in fact" and "to be honest" a lot.Q5 : How much time does it take to accompany your dog "Simba"?SJ : I will spend time with him on the day I back home until I go out. If I don’t go out after going home, I will spend almost all day with him.Q6 : What clothes do you usually use when at home?SJ : When I was at home, I almost wore pajamas. .Q7 : What will you do before going to sleep?SJ : Use a mask. Because skin management is very important. CR. @parkseojoonmy
  10. Lisa for Harper's BAZAAR Thailand
  11. Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing
  12. I too think that this remake probably captivated fans because of the romance. I have watched three versions and read the novel once a long time ago and once again before watching this version. From a romance perspective, what's interesting is that I have been always satisfied with the WJ/ZM love story in the previous adaptations and the novel so it didn't need to take an edited version of it for me to love it. I wished this version didn't incorporate the assassination because to me, not only did it put ZM in a difficult position, it served no point other than to prove that the Ming sect was capable of plotting/fighting the Mongolians themselves and that they didn't really need WJ. It actually made it seem like they only needed WJ to use ZM to get to the Mongolians. Knowing that and their under-handed methods, it would have been the perfect exit for WJ to stay true to his character. So yes, if only WJ had left with ZM right after her father's death, I maybe would be fine with the ending. The fact that he didn't made their romance lose its luster for me. And sadly and it hurts me to say it, it made me not like this version of WJ so much. I agree that ZM does not blame WJ for her father's death, but herself. She said so herself. But yeah...how ZM was able to cope with her father's death and then reconcile with WJ is another ordeal and beyond me. I still can't understand how she was able to do it even though some time had supposedly passed. This is a another reason why I wish the assassination was not one of changes/deviations. Better 10 pages late than never LOL.
  13. International fans' viewing numbers (streaming sites) are also important because they raise the fee that streaming sites pay for the rights to show a particular drama. So even if ratings aren't high in Korea, a drama can become very successful because s lot of international fans watched it and loved it. That happened with many dramas. "Hwarang" didn't get high ratings in Korea, in part because ARMY were upset that V didn't get a bigger role, but the drama is still rated very high on Viki, and is very popular because international fans loved/love it and ranked it very highly, as they should have. It's a great drama and PSJ is amazing in it. So if HPL starts getting many international viewers and fans, it'll do well.
  14. “Welcome to Waikiki 2” has shared just how fun the set is as the cast of young actors enjoy each other’s presence and bring the laughs. JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama has been connecting with viewers and making them laugh with the stories of youths as they try to reach for their dreams. The positive energy the ragtag […] The post “Welcome To Waikiki 2” Stars Show Great Chemistry Even When Cameras Aren’t Rolling appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Misa sauce 33 2018-12-25 08:46 from the iPhone client  Lee Jong-suk clip the # # lauding death bell large single mv are the favorite shot ~ Thank you, babies like to ... send a clear re-try a little ...L Misa sauce 33 seconds to shoot video
  16. We don't have the interviewer's questions, or the set questions for this online "intro." It is likely that they asked about Simba specifically for the "cute factor" that they know female fans want. . When magazines know that a star has a famous pet that fans know about, they'll often include questions about the pet.
  17. D-7. He's coming!!! And tomorrow will be his last performance with Kang Haneul and Sungkyu in the Musical But I'm so happy to hear @excitedgal opinion about Wookie's acting is improving compare to his performances in last year schedules (before the encores). "There are some changes made as compared to the previous performances and with some new casts, the performance seems to be more interesting. I like the new “Napal” and Wookie’s performance has improved as I felt more emotions... and KHN is as good as before ~ I will miss this combination...". Thanks HY. Lucky her, she managed to go to 6 performances last time, and 3 performances for this encore Another fan thought the same: 1 week to go! Can't believe we're still here after almost 2 years since SP ended. Love you Gals And can't wait for Wookie's new project. Said that he will take his time to decide his new project. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000725772 We should camp here on the 27th Gals... Spazzing... Update everything about his discharge Waiting for his post enlistment's interviews, V live, photoshoot, etc too Til then... Have a great weekend everyone
  18. You know what? WBB escaped the assasination and ready to fight back. ZWJ can't leave with ZM just like that. It will make Ming Sect looked bad going against their leader back, jeopardized the hard work of unifying everyone at the first place. I know you are annoyed, i did too but ZWJ just can't leave like that. ZM already known the consequences of their love, her father killed her twice and the assasination plot is not ZWJ idea so she just understand it. Time heals.
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