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  2. 890. @sushilicious @ktcjdrama Exciting the ep.5 Voice3. But what?! He opened his gamyeon is just her dream lol. I think the gamyeon is his father maybe. I was about to ask whats sumpitan lol. Its really Indonesian weapon haha. And Sulawesi & University Indonesia was mentioned too @cenching @Sejabin. They said UI people must be brainy lol. Btw just for fun. The romance people must be happy with this ep. When Det Do so caring and apply meds to Kang hand muahahaha....
  3. Yes, so happy that he's in the team It was said that the movie will be distributed to 192 countries. Hopefully, my country is included. Congratulations to Parasite!
  4. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    is this the fancy vacuum cleaner? I never can figure out what is that round thing.... in some dramas, this trope can be highly entertaining. in others, you are wondering why her brain is still stupid because she is still doing dumb things even though she is trying to be bad. what is noraebang -- is that the tent restaurants? or the karoeke place? or the sauna? thanks @staygold for doing our number count done right... guess, tropical country folks have good constitution? or just used to getting wet in rain?
  5. I know. I hope they show some kind of a trauma where she looses it again. Or is there a reason she gained it early? When she falls in love & finds Dan’s truth she deals it out with Diety. In return of her love, her eyes? I hope that doesn’t happen. Just a thought. Lol
  6. yea you would think that one would be surprised right? but am guessing that this was shady mom's of controlling for years and so maybe jenny has gotten used to the concept that she has some sort of bad luck. she doesn't seem to have any friends or any interactions besides her mom. so she doesn't seem to have a way of knowing that this isn't normal. so eun seok is already picking up that something is wrong but how will she react? will she be in denial for 20+ episodes? actually they briefly mentioned his back story when the secretary gave his bio to the grandfather in ep 1 or 2. so from what I remember, five years ago or more, he was wrongly accused. so a case went wrong. he was forced to resign. around the same time, his wife fell sick. they don't mention of what but it was serious and so this guy was forced to take out loans and when he couldn't pay, he started doing odd jobs like delivery driver. but the treatment didn't work and she died. and he still had to pay for the loans they took and so he just continued. thats the brief the secretary gave grandfather. so I doubt ex-cop was at the scene because it seemed like he had been out of police work for a few years. maybe 3-5 years or so...
  7. staygold

    drama tropes 2019

    #37 Falling sick after getting drenched just once in rain!!!! For someone from a tropical country it doesn't make any sense to me! I hope I never get drenched in S.Korean rains! #38 The mandatory porridge for the sick person. And we know what it is all pointing to -> #39 The hangover soup/medicines The ML is drunk, the FL will take him home and lay him in his bed. She leaves but not before she cooks him some rice and the very effective hangover soup. For extra brownie points she leaves him a bottle of medicine with a post it saying 'Make sure you drink this!' In case it is not late enough to sleep she will make him honey tea! Proven effective!
  8. First 7 Episodes are subbed in youtube. It's refreshing to watch and some of the debate topics are actually tackled in a good way. (i.e. Labeling someone ordinary if that person doesn't have a dream/goal.) Also liked the story pacing and plot progression. Definitely a good watch if your into school/youth drama. For me it has the same feel with My Mr. Mermaid, so if you like that drama you might also love watching this.
  9. Hmm....I don't like this hairstyle. I prefer him to show some forehead. But yes, he looks good. The sweater looks like "glow in the dark" type of sweater (lol). @paigematthewsI know what you mean. But I assure you, INNOCENT THING or THORN as it's called, isn't that erotic. Even the scene with his wife, he showed alittle of his butt but that's about all. If you want more erotic, watch EMPIRE OF LUST. His steamy scene isn't many but what you see, him doing the act with the actress - who acts as a prostitute, (you'll probably wish you're his wife). It looked real & I wonder how do they film such scenes. Both were nude but how not to be embarrassed with such close proximity. As usual, Hyuk is a good actor & he made it looked real. However, my fav drama of him is still MF. Followed by Bad Papa. I like his interaction with his daughter in Bad Papa. I'm fine with FTLY but I don't go hoo garr garr over it as I'm not a fan of romance romance love love drama. I also like him in Thank You as his interaction with the little girl is good. All these 3 drama don't have much of love scenes but have strong storyline.
  10. If there is an English version I want to buy one too...
  11. Looking at her new friends cum agency business partner, she wore branded items from head to toe. DH seems to follow her lately, but one thing so obvious, she chooses Chanel only so far. Maybe to make it obvious. DH is well known among old fans how much she is crazy on Chanel brand before and now, she purposely asked the camera to focus on it. That's a reason why she responded to this thread through her IG when I touched her most 2 sensitive combination Wookie+Chanel. If only on Wookie, we know she and her current boyfriend just reading it. Once a while when they are angry, they posted kicking the golf balls. And here translation of nana introduced DH in her Xionghonshu account, link as per my previous post. She is using MY GIRL as a bait to C-fans. My girl Li Duohai Li Duohai, who has appeared in my girl, is still very beautiful. In the near future, she will also share her cheats in Xiaohongshu. She is really super beautiful and very envious and hate ing @李多海
  12. Yes, my thoughts too... but then maybe it goes to show that he doesn't hurt innocent good people, only executing the baddies...??? 888
  13. I am looking forward to this drama every weekend mainly because of the MR and TJ story. Their relationship has been progressing nicely so far, but even though they have kind of agreed to keep a secret each, it is hard to build trust in a relationship if you keep secrets like that. We did not hear TJ's response when IS asked him how far was he going to take the relationship with MR. The next moment, we saw him proposing. It could show that he did not want his status as the heir to affect her answer and want to cement their relationship before revealing the truth. But he cannot take too long to tell MR the truth before he totally loses her trust.
  14. June is approaching, still jobless. The way DH helping her clans open Xionghonshu accounts, really showing she is helping them to find few bucks to sustain their lifestyles-if not IG or SNS has no alcohol and honeymoon kick anymore. She is becoming bread winner, and raising Soft Rice King at the same time. On her new agency, they are more on multitask type of business, not so much on acting career movement. Maybe when she reaches 40, she has more number of agencies under her profile than a number of her drama projects. https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5ca6acd3000000000f0033ab?xhsshare=CopyLink&appuid=5cda18940000000011025ec4&apptime=1558845243
  15. #36 ? (i don't know what the number is anymore) Noraebang ~ happy or sad, noraebang is the place to go. (using my phone so can't provide pics)
  16. MR is seemingly staying at TJ place. There was a picture of her mom with TJ on his dresser a few episodes ago. Did he hide it? There is no way MR wouldn’t see that... Since TJ knows what his dad is planning with MR he is rushing/pushing the marriage. While I would like for them to eventually do get married, I feel now is not ideal. They have major secrets between them. I think with MR personality the fact that his faux mom is her mom won’t sit well with her. My prediction: MR finds out the truth, bolt to China under WW and comeback as either WW right hand or be in charge all together. Her revenge towards IS will be taking down Hansung & end up clashing with TJ.
  17. Wow! Too many questions hanging!!! I must say that all psychopaths are too obsessed with Kouske. With a father like that they want kouske to join them. They can’t accept that Kouske is quite a “good police officer”.. that Tina girl!!! How can you do this with our detective?? And my heart!! “Your kindness make other feel uncomfortable “ what’s that? kW?? The small skinship, hahaha sorry but i cant help it as my shipper heart and mind keep running.
  18. Thanks to the highlight by Lee Han on twitter Coffee truck sent by #KimNamGil to filming site of #HaJungWoo's movie "Mount Baekdu"
  19. More likely, Ryan's father and Shi An's father are two different persons, in my opinion. Ryan was conceived out of wedlock, so most probably his father left Lee Sol upon finding out she was pregnant (or else they would have gotten married and lived together already). Maybe she didn't want to cause more shame to her family so she decided to live away from her home, without support from her parents. Hence, their poverty. She was still young then and hasn't finished school yet so to find a good job would be difficult for her. She then resorted to an attempt to sell her paintings. But then the accident happened, something her father would have been informed about. Her father then "disposed of the paintings" that were somewhat instrumental to the accident and made her go back to school (overseas, most likely). Lee Sol was on a dead end after the accident and the loss of her son and she had no other choice but to follow her father's orders. How about a twist in connection to Shi An's father? (This would contradict the opinion I stated above, though. ^^ Haha.) Ryan's adoptive father (who was also an artist or at least an art enthusiast who saw Ryan's potential and sent him to pursue his talent for art) became a widower after some time and then he met Lee Sol, they fell in love, got married then Shi An was born. Ah! But this theory has many holes, I know. I'll just stick with the theory that Shi An's father is someone also inclined to the arts, whom Lee Sol met abroad. ~~~~~ All this tells me... Prayers are always answered but at the right time.
  20. https://m.entertain.naver.com/comment/list?oid=382&aid=0000734228 It's interested that most of comments came from 40's. And full of positive and expecting comments.
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