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  2. Hello dearie! Hope all is well with you! Fighting for ur RL! I really didnt expect Wookie to play his 101 ost during the fan meet but when i heard it, im really glad to see he chose this song for this video. For some reason, watching this brought tears to my eyes. It could be how well fitting this song is to this video and all but this is <3 for me. On the other hand.. Ctto Chicken and pizza has made its comeback.
  3. Has he brought her flowers yet or is this from a scene we haven't seen yet? *I haven't watched yesterday's or today's episodes yet* Anyways I'm looking forward to the scene whenever it happens
  4. More scan pics. at https://timeofsung.tistory.com/m/3
  5. Ah when you eels protective of DMI. It's like he's fragile one. U love unhappy having sickness. And again I like that GH is there for him. Inspite of the circumstancesshe.
  6. Source: https://m.dcinside.com/board/shinhwa/1074203 Source: https://m.dcinside.com/board/shinhwa/1074147
  7. I desperately hope it's true! A good looking men like him who is so polite with all the ladies shouldn't have such a shallow thought!
  8. @gm4queen is right! he is one of a kind actor. miss him. attitude @parkeunbinchoidaniel @gladys0710
  9. This fan captures the OTP's special moments in beautiful wallpaper: https://www.weibo.com/u/5999519603?is_hot=1#_rnd1558455436858
  10. I really love the new ost I fell in love with it since I heard it from the trailer. I have a feeling that I'll cry while watching the drama because of this song lol. It really suits to a sad scene..
  11. If I'm not mistaken, I think there's an interview that he said he doesn't want his future partner to stop her dream just for the sake of marriage because he thinks it is important for both of them to have understanding with each other. Maybe one day he will reconsider that previous thought of him about not wanting her wife to work. (probably changed already) On a good side, he's having that kind of thought makes him working hard like now for his future family life. And his great responsibility as the eldest. And I'm waiting to see his future marriage life especially on their 1st year marriage.
  12. @nohamahamoud2002 , @newyee & @lu09 I was enjoying the fight ,when fast SH’s run as she could to destroy her daughter enemy & eat it for lunch But Why the family always surprised , when she get in to a fight I will come later , thanks girl for recap I appreciate it
  13. Dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel & @gladys0710 friends, This is another Daniel scene that I can never put myself in to watch!! Remember how he popped out of the muddy field in the rain in The Ghost Detective...??! Just look at him... All his beauty is gone beneath a muddy attire! I dunno how could he act this scene so willingly.! I mean how can an actor suffer this far for any of his projects..??! Only this guy can do it!!! No one else can act this role except him!! I know it for sure! KBS chose the perfect guy to portrait Lee Da Il!!! He can go any extend for his career!!!! He is outstanding & his acting is extraordinary here!! I never knew that a guy can work this hard for his career!! I respect & salute him so much for this harsh act!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAkEE6D-rY0
  14. less than 24 hours till ep 13.. honestly I don't care much about the childhood/lee seol storyline.. I hope they wrap it up quickly with an explanation that makes sense I just want to see our OTP together... please give us more of dating scenes, writernim! Another overnight trip/date would be much appreciated!
  15. It's not just unrealistic, it's putting pressure on the leads because whether it hits high or low, its always attributed to the leads not her. Doctor Prisoner only went 16 or 17 the highest. I will be more than happy if it could hit this high but this is indeed too much pressure on our poor girl when she did not promised anything like that Hi5 too.
  16. Hey guys! I am in the middle of nowhere now for some works. Checking out this thread to feel that I am still connected to the rest of the world. Haha! I afraid that if I don't check out this thread, my inner "Kousuke" will surface right this moment! *okay, just kidding* Just stopping by to peek what did u guys been discussing 'bout. I actually kinda frustrated when they have to blur the murdered bodies, even those on KW's presentation slides. I guess they can't get the permission for rating 19 from the review board in time of broadcast (?). So, the easy way out to make it suitable for 15 rating is just blur all those images. I don't remember if they ever had any episode rated as 19, wasn't there? I remembered MBC's Less Than Evil had so many episodes rated as 19, that I enjoyed watching how realistic the crimes scenes or how disfigured the murdered bodies were. OCN seems to prefer leaving all that to our own imagination huh? I know the context of those murders were already gruesome and disturbing, but.. yeah.. that's what we should have expecting to watch when we get on this ride, right? Hahahahha.. oh, I sounds like a bloody twisted psychopath now. Hahahhaha. Gotta work hard to suppress my "Kousuke", not until I reach the end of this season.
  17. Hello @willenette, I look forward to whatever it is he plans to do. I really hope his movie does very well so he can go off to MS with no heavy heart.
  18. I think it might be done by request of the family otherwise they won't do it. Especially in countries where cremation is the main way to go about dead bodies they usually won't do anything with the body. Though in Europe they kinda 'prepare' a dead body before keeping it in an open coffin just for a bit right before the burial to let the family and friends say their last goodbye to the deceased person's face. Though in Yukiko's situation her body was kept at the morgue after they've done an autopsy, so it's even weirder that they put her body parts back together before or after autopsy. BTW, this conversation just randomly took a very weird direction sorry, everyone.
  19. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxjPLlGgUcL/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I'm not sure whether anyone has posted this clip before. I'm sorry if someone else already posted this. KJW seems like someone who takes care a lot with someone he is close with. I hope they will maintain their friendship and closeness after this drama.
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