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  2. ======== They have this magnetic energy between them that tells us immediately that there is something special happening right in front of us.
  3. I am talking about plotwise. For the remaining 32 episodes. She won't have kids in that time frame. Besides the cliche fetching, nauseated by food smell is so not MR's aura at present. Hope the writer does another plot device to keep them together.
  4. more pics in the summer fashion show
  5. May 22, 2019 Lee Byung Hun And Lee Min Jung Purchase Home In Los Angeles Source: Soompi by S. Cho Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung have purchased a house in the United States. On May 22, industry representatives reported, “Married couple Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung purchased a house around Universal Studios, a tourist attraction in Los Angeles. It is a size suitable for a family of five to six, and it costs about $2 million.” In response to the reports, Lee Byung Hun’s agency BH Entertainment commented, “Lee Byung Hun promotes in Hollywood just as much as he promotes in Korea and needed a place to live in America. That is why he recently bought a home there.” After making his Hollywood debut in 2009 with the film “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,” Lee Byung Hun has since starred in films including “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” “RED 2,” and “Terminator Genisys.” In regards to his upcoming activities in the United States, Lee Byung Hun’s company stated, “We are continuously reviewing scenarios and scripts. However, no film appearances have been decided yet.” Lee Byung Hun’s upcoming Korean film “Chiefs of Namsan” (literal title) is scheduled to premiere this year. Source (1) (2) Top photo credit: Xportsnews
  6. Thanks @kookminclan RunningMan you're so on top of RM news! Here's another question for the kookmin folks who have been tracking them for much longer than me - which ep was the last time Jongkook scolded/nagged Somin either for betraying or for not doing well in games? She really seems to have a shield from him now hehe, he's scolding/nagging at anyone but her these days. And it will be interesting timeline wise to note when that started!
  7. It's impossible for people not to remember WWWSK and compare the uncanny similarities because it has the same lead actress and it's not even a year yet since it aired and it was a big hit - most Buzzworthy drama and high ratings combined both in Korea and internationally. Now being number one most viewed TVN drama Youtube content. People often compare dramas of same storylines how much more if these two dramas are by the same lead actress and shown within less than a year from each other?!
  8. 682. I think Angel thread is fine. Theres a lot of information. The drama just started, dont think got too much to discuss yet. And L infinite is cute haha... so no wonder they love him. @nohamahamoud2002 Incarnation Money not really much into the romance. Its more like battle between him & the rival. Im lazy to write to thread unless really happen to love the drama or the actor. Or if my fren keep calling me lol like @Ameera Ali
  9. I totally agree with you , @cantera. Frankly, this show owns me! It’s so freaking perfect and gorgeous. During the last few seconds of his alloted time on Earh, he stops time and breaks literally every rule there is to save her, knowing full well that he will turn into dust and smoke. Considering YS is going to regain her sight in the next episode, my guess is that either Dan does something to cure her, but a more probable solution is that her driver put his name on the list of potential cornea donors for her so she will receive his cornea transplant. It would be a touching gesture even more so considering how terrible YS has been to him while he never gave up on her and was her sole protector; basically he was her guardian angel. And now, as he lies dying protecting YS, Dan is there and takes up the role of YS's guardian angel and protector upon himself. In other news, the first two episodes recorded 7.3% and 9.2% ratings.
  10. Gxxod Spot for 'So Cool' Magazine (yup, that's the Magazine name )
  11. The link is still there https://www.vlive.tv/video/129059 but I don't why it kept saying that the playback video is still loading. Probably V-Live is doing some editing or adding official sub and will show us later ?
  12. So far so good I am on episode 3 I love it , I am catching up , I will comeback to share my thought , but I agree with your thought on the mom , it’s gonna be heartbreaking when the daughter learn true about this woman & her dark secret past I would love to tag @newyee & @chococarmela
  13. Yes good thinking. If so, then I guess he is giving up. If his love for his mother is greater than his greed, this will be a good point for him. I hope he repents. I am expecting some master scenes from the amazingly talented JTH. Really chingu, your analysis is so good, you should have joined us earlier in this thread. It is a punishment better than I thought. At least NJ will learn his lesson, he really needs to wake up and realize what he did to others I hope he pleads SH to forgive him, and makes it up to her by donating his cornea and I hope she forgives him, because that is his last hope for redemption and salvation, although I didn't want him to die, but it is inevitable now
  14. Just finished watching with subs. OMG I love this couple so much!!! Is there even a more functional, healthy and loving couple in the history of all K-drama rom-coms?! (Oops, I hope I didn't just jinx them...) Last night I read the translation snippet of how Deokmi gave Ryan space to be alone with his thoughts about the mom reveal and I loved that, but what I love even more is that she asked him first if he wanted to be alone, and he nodded yes. I love how at the end, when Deokmi told Ryan everything will be alright, it didn't sound like a platitude. She looked like she was so determined to do everything she possibly could to make it so. Props to PMY for nailing that. And I love how even when they're going through a difficult time, they clearly enjoy being with each other so much, and they're still so flirty and affectionate. And what I love even more is that Deokmi seems to be very clearly into the flirtiness and the idea of more, like when Ryan suggestively ran a hand down her arm and asked her if they could do what he wanted now, and when Ryan handed her the milk to rinse her mouth with so they can kiss. It's so different compared to Miso in her relationship in WWWSK. (Sorry to compare again, but too many parallels.) The walking with their arms around each other I also like very much, and I love how natural it looks when they do it. Also I love that they're both competitive losers; it's part of their playfulness with each other. I also love how for them hand-holding and hugs aren't done purely for romantic effect, like it usually is in other rom-coms. Like for them, it's more; it's about their connection as people and how they are there for each other as partners. Ugh, I just love them so much.
  15. I believe our writer-nim won't make that kind of story. It will make all of HPL fans disappointed. I'm not sure, but i think Lee Seol is RG omma. But, yeah,there is something going on between RG and EG in their childhood. Maybe there is another reason why their name is Eun (silver) and Gold. The moment at the church, when RG see the last paint of LS, can be a picture of their childhood played bubble together (RG, DM, EG, SA). We don't have many hint tough, bout their childhood memories. Just hope the story won't make any of us feel disappointed. And please, they should resolve all of these memory lost story in this week. I suddenly remember they haven't do their exhibition. I think their gonna make the exhibition as the last scene of HPL drama. Can be the best moment to all of the cast be shown together for the last time..
  16. Nope we are all likely stewing in slight paranoia over potential angst n being slightly deprived of OTP kisses... I'm hoping that the writers have blot been too pushed to follow the formulae of k dramas. Because we all know 12 to 14/15 Are usually angst eps...but this is one couple that's so lovely together that I'm hoping to just enjoy the fluff til the end
  17. How come it is so quiet here today. Is episode 13 not as good as the previous episodes? I was busy with life so I was not active in lurking around here.
  18. Not just L, but also SHS... I happen to like both of them too, but I guess just not the same fans level... No number
  19. Just want to pump up the volume. Did this account has been kicked out from DH's IG following bc of her work related to Chanel recently. Previously the number of following 31, now 30, after the 'huhahuha' on Chanel collection. Plus DH didn't follow her in Xionghonshu either. Did #Chanelconnection# causes the other admin kicked her out, the same happened to Cody before bc of Gong Yoo, Wookie and Goblin. Or errr money again?
  20. nnot only that, in one HPL scene, PMY wore the exact same tshirt she already wear in wwwsk (only in different colour) and they used the same mug Miso bought for VP Lee..i tell ya the resemblance is uncanny.. sidenotes: dont hate me i’m just stating the similarities huuu... tbh im kinda scared to talk about HPL now coz i feel like it would offend ppl/lurkers so much eventhough i dont really know why...
  21. See, I don't mind if there is, but won't care also if there isn't. Won't make a big deal out of it... As for the second ship, it's all just because of the lyrics of the OST that led many to believe there is feeling of love 680
  22. Yes I quite agree. They are too young and they adore L of infinity too much. Also I feel they are controlling the thread, there is no exchange of opinions. Only two or three are talking and leaving the others out. I like you, @Ameera Ali and @triplem in Secret life of my secretary. Triplem reads our comments and responds to them, she is a real moderator with every sense of the word, not to mention her sense of humour, and no need to talk about Ameera's gifs 678
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