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  2. Interaction between the senior and junior of BH Credit to the owner
  3. crossing our fingers, calling old buddies @kim_nuong @Diana Ho @KdramaSwimmer check out our Jong Hyunnie's new dramas, it's so good and I missed you guys here
  4. Jun Hyun Moo recently shared his thoughts on returning to MBC’s “I Live Alone” during an interview held on April 26. Jun Hyun Moo had previously decided to take a short break from the program after announcing his break-up with model and entertainer Han Hye Jin. The production team stated at the time that they would not replace […] The post Jun Hyun Moo Talks About Plans For His Return To “I Live Alone” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. Yes, we're all speculating that they're brothers. ~ ~ ~ ~ I am now watching My Ajusshi. Hope to finish it over the weekend... 704
  6. @Juni Asat thanks for the welcome...i hope that this thread will be active considering the good reviews and high rating of his weekend drama.. including the upcoming absolute bf remake..
  7. On her filmography, there is a series called "5 sisters" (MBC). Is it this one, perhaps? Btw, I find family sitcom funny. Korean sitcom "high kick" is one of rare non-LYW's stuffs which I watched, it's hilarious and meaningful. I hope LYW can do sth like this in the future. Meeting in Shanghai, I guess... Wow, love at first sight from KWB ??? Fukuda, where were you at important moments? why didn't you accompany her? I'm sorry FuJin shippers, but seem your ship is sinking even deeper to where Titanic lied
  8. i guess it isnt big enough to be premiered internationally? i kept checking for my country's coming soon but no korean movies are coming out here so far ;;
  9. maybe bcoz they were practicing as MS and YJ at that moment? tbh i dont know how to diffentiate btween banmal and not banmal ...
  10. 190426 JUNGWOO, TAEYONG, DOYOUNG Dispatch Vlive https://www.vlive.tv/video/125580
  11. I don’t understand Bahasa but I can definitely understand Superman! Omo omo omo...too many signs
  12. she used honorifics to kjw all parts in bts. for example "외국에서 온거 아니죠?" "술주정뱅이 같지 않아요?" "제 얼굴 조금만 보호해 주세요" yes she said 주세요(juseyo) to psj in honorifics. because they were shooting and Miso must use honorific to Youngjoon in wwwsk.
  13. You are welcome. Thanks for reading and letting me know. I really enjoy translating as it bring me the warmth of WJ MM love story once again. I really love this author writing. I wish i can write as well as her and other fanfic authors in our HSDS thread. I just wish i can have better English proficiency so as to describe better PS: i find that the wordings are jumble up in Part 5 spoiler, so i edited my post and rearrange. You can start reading now
  14. No, no new guy yet. Just been very busy lately with work to do much stalking Will be back soon!
  15. Finally, MM starts to accept poor WJ!! What a relief. @LaurenPanna Thank you so much for your translations. I enjoy every parts you translate for us.
  16. She certainly was able to nail it, and it never ceases to amaze me how actors and actresses can shed a tear when they need to. Although behind the scenes, it probably takes them time to get into the mood to express what they need to. Somehow though, since she just finished WWWSK, it kinda feels like bits of her are being carried over from there to this show. After all, she is still decked in her professional attire, though with more variation, unlike before where she was mainly in blouses and skirts.
  17. I’ve liked him ever since Misty and Sunset in my hometown. He’s a great actor! He was superb in Misty! Where did you find the special episode? What show did they appear on? Crossing my fingers they’ll sub it!!
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