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  2. Oh hoho... PsychoDoctorResurrectedOldMan is smart enough to figure out some rules of the Abyss. For goodness sakes, I hope our AliveAgainDuo can be at least a pace ahead... PS. Are they putting HJ in the middle. As in, she could still go good or bad....
  3. Blossoming Taleen 5 hours ago from Suk❥iPhone client Li Zhongshuo doll Li Zhongshuo cool hanging fried days
  4. Oooh I think I know which user you're talking about. She always in every KJW-PMY / HPL posts and claimed that PMY looks so tired blablabla and not forget to drag KJW down. She definitely spends so many of her time commenting on something she doesn't like. tsk..
  5. 702 @nohamahamoud2002 ~ yea good threads can make a drama feel better. but then a bad thread can ruin even a good drama. sometimes, it is a hard fit for us if you feel like you don't belong. other times, few people post and it changes the tone of the thread for the better and people are able to understand even if they disagree. so it all depends on the people. but yea, daily threads are fun place even if small. are you watching shady mom-in-law? it looks good. come join us. left-handed wife is close to ending no?
  6. Sometimes I wonder to myself, where have I been lol. Like why did I not join earlier 704
  7. If she won't send him foodtruck now in HPL but she did so in his previous drama, there are many possibilities : 1. They are no longer close now 2. She is jealous of PMY 3. She respects PMY and won't send foodtruck to stop any old rumors coming back between her and KJW
  8. ..the love time... https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=yourvoice&no=202458&page=1
  9. Some here... LOL. I lurked every places and read silently. I forgot why I did it but as I remember I want to join Pinocchio thred back then. 702
  10. 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "NCT 127 (엔시티 127) - Cherry Bomb" Dance Cover
  11. you are not alone. me also not a fan of wedding or marriage for portraying such happy ending in finale episode. that kind of scene like so Cinderella story and cliche somehow to show a perfect happy ending (for me). I want something refreshing, realistic and unique of the happy ending for this couple
  12. From YNK - https://tv.naver.com/v/8474796 (this one embeds from outside of Asia too) Apparently there's going to be a lot more dancing by Yeon-Seo - I don't think all of this is flashback to her past?? (fingers crossed) The above clip is 2.5 minutes of SHS ballet - uncut! And a fuller relationship diagram from https://ricohouse.tistory.com/66 So, Lee Yeon-Seo's deceased father is COUSIN with the evil Choi Young-Ja (최영자, played by Do Ji-Won). Choi is married to Keum Ki-Chun (or Geum Gi-Chun, played by actor Kim Seung-Wook), and they have 2 daughters, Keum Roo-Na and Keum Ni-Na. The girl driving Ni-Na after Ni-Na ran over the cat is her older sister, Roo-Na. This makes Yeon-Seo and Roo-Na/Ni-Na second cousins (6촌 in Korean). You can see more details at that page, but Keum Roo-Na is played by actress Gil Eun-Hye (길 은혜), born 1988 and she was in 'School 2013' with SHS and working together for the first time in 6 years! It is also mentioned that there is even some back story to this drama, a marriage between a rich 'gold-spoon' daughter and a poor working class son, but it is probably due to the fact that the original drama with the same translated Korean title, '단 하난의 사랑' (Only One Love) was a Japanese drama with the same backdrop.
  13. Throwback to happy times since this week's episodes are heavy: This couple's chemistry is just off the charts!
  14. ..the business time... Non-Li can-Jsyue 5月22日 15:28 李钟硕 89mansion cafe.89mansion更新: ⠀⠀⠀ # watermelon juice that the boss is good - faster than last year, has come a stride heat. So our 89 mansions are ready to go! - It is so delicious. You can enjoy this shop at any time in the summer. I am so sorry for those who have not yet tasted it. This is really really delicious. # 89M # 89mansion # 89 Mansion
  15. Funny thing...took me years to get to Soompi as well hahah. I may not started out with korean dramas first, but I always lurk around places, i used to visit Soompi and just look around then I forget about it. Years later, I’m here! 700
  16. Err I guess everyone in here didnt like it. Unpopular opinion for me: http://koalasplayground.com/2019/05/22/yoo-seung-ho-the-male-lead-for-rom-com-k-drama-super-star-ms-lee/ Looks like this is not just pure romcom, its fantasy too. This is a good thing. Honestly, I dont felt the plot is cheesy, it sound interisting for me The female lead will hard carried this drama too, I hope they cast a good one. (Im not sure about this top actreess rumour) the PD from ruler and doctors, so the drama will be more heavy, another a good thing for me. (I dont have any problems with this PD). My problem just YSH's character, tho we still dont know if he will become a cold type or a cute one, I want him in mature character, but the description kinda... Did someone already read the novel? I really want to confirm his character.
  17. WINNERCITY Twitter Update
  18. As i know, they'll start filming next week for total three months ... assuming it'll replace Designated Survivor: 60 Days on Mon-Teus slot we can say first episode will air on 26 August It'll be planned by infamous Studio Dragon and the duo writers have won in competition for drama script, as a reward they produce this drama I'm one of Moon's biggest fans, this's why i'm searching here n there for new information ... she's a good actress n always supports new ideas and writers Let's hope for the best!
  19. @triplem you know since SJK wears it, that day uniform becomes something different in my eye. I keep seeing those oppas i like become more handsome and cool in it. Hahahaha. I see that KSH in wakiki 2. Is it good? I didn't watch wakiki 1. And S2 teaser didn't buy me at all. So pass for that one. Talking about the lead of wakiki. Both KSH and the former wakiki lead (forgot his name, who suffer eating disorder) had a back to back dramas. I hope he gets his rest time well and do the filming work fine. @Lawyerh ages ago there's some here asked me, I've been asked about my username. Not the same question but I'll give the same answer to yours. No, I am not their fans nor the drama shipper too. But I like both of them as actors. They're good and I watch some of their dramas including SHR too. But the drama itself didn't make me happy at all. I joined soompi since 2014. And back then I decide to join soompi after being a silent reader/lurker for a while. I like stargazing, star in the sky and stars/celebrity. Hahaha. Since there's already someone with the username I need to add some different to it. So added some number of my faves after it. That is stargazer187. I planned to give u a short answer but failed to do so. LOL What about yours? Are you a lawyer 9r since you like something related to law like that maybe? +2
  20. ...the archive time... sleeplessaliana reblogged your post and added: It would be too much for my heart if she agrees to it - that is if they pitched the idea to her while filming. Guess we’ll wait and see? Jae Chan is relateable - I understand his reasoning behind the decisions he has made throughout his life. He’s been dealt a bad hand, but he does what he can. We’re already seeing the fire behind his eyes again in the last episode too - he’s starting to believe in himself more, and it also helps that he has the support of Hong Joo and his brother. Especially Hong Joo. She phrased it in a way that was, “Succeed or fail, I’ll support you”. Hearing that just reassured Jae Chan all the more, knowing that regardless of the outcome, he’s still loved and appreciated. Not that his father didn’t appreciate him, but we can see why he saw encouragement as a threat. He wants to make his dad proud, and anything less than that would be a failure in his eyes already. Interesting theory! That could explain why Jae Chan (sorta?) has his ability. He almost had a brush with death. The thing that boggles my brain is why only now did he see these dreams? Not when he was a child, like Hong Joo? Yes, they’re very sexy lol. I can’t wait to see the other side of the coin - the cons of having such a powerful ability. When you change fate too much, or when you change it only to your favour? Hm that will be interesting to see if they do show that other side
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