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  2. Hi Folks, I got to see the first two episodes late last night. Like others, I am already addicted to this show. Powerful acting in this one, especially on the part of SHS. She brings everything she has to each of her performances. Love her range from super dramatic to hilarious comedy. Our angel Kim Dan is going to be a real scene stealer. His antics are just fun to watch. I can't wait for the subs to come out later today so I can watch this morning's two episodes.
  3. I am dissapointed Even if they must to leave the bed scene to our imagination at least they must made him shirtless.. I mean naked.. abs.. why they make him wearing pajamas wae? WAE?
  4. just wondering... this is the most kissing scene amongst the other kdramas (I think)... so don't complaint the bed scene ah... I guess the "surprise birthday gift" for DM (according to ep 15 text preview) it's not a proposal ring but a scholarship to study aboard (I think)? Although I hope it was a proposal ring but though it would be quiet boring if I'm right...
  5. Ce& Jong Suk 2019 SS Collection - Ce& JongSuk ‘Cattitude’ (BTS) Ce& 2019 spring Knit Video Cr from below link: https://youtu.be/RxfUENkQZss Ce& Jong Suk 2019 SS Collection Ce& 2019 spring Trench Video Cr from below link: https://youtu.be/2-yaRIbMjf8 . Ce& Jong Suk 2019 SS Collection - Ce& 2019 Summer Making film Video Cr from below link: https://youtu.be/3gYyQI9umr4
  6. From this article https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=468&aid=0000511237 Haha, yes... Please do some kissing, LSKnim! I believe Bong Joon Ho as the director would not let any bad shot scenes see the light of day
  7. Thanks, everyone for the updates and cannot wait to leave work so I can watch it in full. @immorethant - I watched the part she is crying after watching the video at home and the funeral scene which made me cry along with her. 100% agree with you that it's, even more, better than when she found out her mom lied to her in My Golden Life. I am literally dying to know if again our team are trending on Naver and what netizens are saying.
  8. ikr? My heart is itching to crawl out of it's cage from looking at KJW a.k.a. RG's expressive eyes. Those eyes speaks a thousands words. And don't forget his smiles/smirks are enough to give even an ajumma heart palpitations.
  9. they did good on the scene.. they said i love you to each other.. slow kissing.. they had the.moment.. then morning after.. cuddle on bed. it was a sweet scene. I will not compare.. different emotions.. different set up.. and we all the know the rest of the differnces. They did good. it was sweet and nice.
  10. I agree of you that they aren't young anymore. ^^ That's why they need to get married and make babies.. kkkkk ^^ @MinyeonieI guess you were referring to the Kdrama "W" where the gf had this list in a book she wanted to do having bf. (Off topic) This drama was lead by Lee Jong-Suk & Han Hyo-Joo, their chemistry in this drama was amazing too.
  11. KJW is red but how come PMY not red? Is she so good in controlling? KJW has been in some of the mature melo movies, but not PMY (other than the steamy bed scene in WWWSK), is his heart fluttering to PMY, haha, only he knows.
  12. Cha Si An filming (can't see anything LOL so I'm not putting this under spoiler): Gifs from Episode 13: Source: https://holyground.tistory.com/74?category=697321
  13. She just told him to wait for her while she met her potential buyers for her painting.. There were no other children iirc. But probably Yoonjae waited for so long and was found by Deokmi and Eungi later on... The timeline doesn't match.. DM father went bankrupt when Deokmi was in high school which caused her not to study abroad... It was mentioned several times on previous episodes... It didn't happen when she met Yoonjae as a kid. . . . . . . The only childhood story they need is Ryan's background. Why and how he abandoned, adopted and become Ryan Gold.. It's the central plot of the drama anyway, related to his inability to paint, then coming to Korea and collecting Lee Sol's paintings. It's Ryan's quest to find about himself and his origin. Finding his family back along the way. The unnecessary childhood connection is between him and Deokmi... I wish we can have a drama where the leads aren't related and (((FATED))) since they were kids... U.U
  14. then we could say that both PSJ and PMY is Bulldozer couple then. Proof in wwwsk and proof of them with their other co-stars. I must say PMY's acting skills is changing somehow. She seems like not who I seems to know way back before wwwsk. And it surprised me in a good way. She seems more confident now. And confident enough to lead HPL drama.
  15. No words can describe my feelings watching this beautiful kiss from our OTP... I'm definitely gonna ship this two I'm sure this kiss scene were shot multiple times and they had to edit and slow mo the scene so that we can feel the beauty of this kiss... I'm gonna edit the video to make it to normal speed for me to watch this scene..LOL This is sooooo sexy moves.. I understand why the PDnim show us uri OTP bed scene with full clothes on...Trust me, we not going to survive until next week if these two have bed scene...ekekekeeke
  16. Today is even better than yesterday. Is this really fantasy rom-com ? Made me cry (again) at first 20 mins. Only in the 3rd episode, I'm stunned by 3 powerful drama scenes. Superb acting of SHS and Woo Hee-Jin. This 2nd scene is better than her award winning scene in 'My Golden Life'. Made me goosebumps. Do Ji-Won, Lee Dong-Gun are also great. Great casting in this drama and when the characters interacted with each other , it's like I'm watching clashing of 2 thundering storms or drama battle showdown. (And it's just 2nd day, OMG !!! to imagine of more to come )
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