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  2. It such a quest to find a song (if i like the one) from the end of a episode, trying to decode name of the artist from printed thai letters. If someone interested: From ep.4 * * * From ep.5 * * * From ep.6 * * * From ep.7
  3. Here you go! He called her 68 times Min Min https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49267375/
  4. Oh, bless you @immorethant! You may be tired from the effort, but that was quite awesome, your translation. I updated the DOL page top with my own take, but it's not much different from yours! The whole thing reminds me much of 30b17 intro by the writer - less over the top, so I like this one better, especially since that set my expectations a bit too high. This one, I think is just right - we know what's coming, but I, too, am ready for such a lofty love story! As for the rest of you kids fretting about all the online comments, I say we should 'chill' and enjoy the show! I am loving all your chatter here though - moving so fast. But I couldn't help but blush a bit watching 'her private life' how her story hits a bit too close for comfort, heh. Carry on, Minions!
  5. Can someone please help me find a drama name. All i remember is that the male lead was abandoned by his mother and then had to live with his father who got remarried. There was a scene where a kid was crying in the playground and he went and comforted him as it reminded him of the time he cried during a family photoshoot And in the final episodes he reunites with his mother and tells her how everyone had a family and he was the only one left abandoned
  6. Can someone please help me find a drama name. All i remember is that the male lead was abandoned by his mother and then had to live with his father who got remarried. There was a scene where a kid was crying in the playground and he went and comforted him as it reminded him of the time he cried during a family photoshoot And in the final episodes he reunites with his mother and tells her how everyone had a family and he was the only one left abandoned
  7. Oh wow. The 1995 ROCH themesong. The memories are just flooding back. Thanks for the vid.
  8. https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20190418081033188 Added security team lead Ki Joon-Soo (by actor Lee Je-Yeon) to cast. Bless you, @immorethant such important find. I updated the top page with the translation starting from your great effort! (reposting here) "Observing a human is truly interesting work. If eternity (time w/o end) were an endless grey (black/white drabness), humans shine so colorfully in frail brilliance." - Angel Dan's last report Humans are such interesting beings. Doing indiscriminate violence to a passer-by because one felt a sense of belittlement in that person's gaze - is a human, (but) throwing oneself into the blaze to save a stranger from a fire - that, too, is a human. For love, (humans) take away another's life, For love, (humans) give one's own life completely, too. In our drama, Through the process of [observing] a flawless angel's desire to become an imperfect human, What it is about 'humanity' ('human nature') that a person, as only a person (can and) must, aim for (aspire to) - this we want to try to grasp once more.*** That is love. A cold-hearted woman and an inexperienced, immature angel meet, (and) in the face of unexpected tragedy and perilous trials, (I want) to tell the lofty (noble) story of choosing to forsake all for the sole (benefit of the) other. No matter how that story ends, (I want) to dream (imagine) of people who can be angels to one another thru such love. Here, in the midst of cold and cruel reality, to touch their hearts dreaming of (such) fantastic love, 'Only(Dan) One Miracle' is granted. ***[Here we distinguish between nuances, person (사람) and human (인간).]
  9. Loves her MVs too https://www.weibo.com/u/6116652893?refer_flag=1008085010_&is_hot=1
  10. Oh I was referring to when he was tickling her foot not afterwards. Afterwards, I think he suddenly realizes that's she's just a young girl so it made him nervous.
  11. I think WJ did try to obey her to put her shoes back, but his action was too slow and it seems like he either don't know how to help her wear that shoe OR he felt too nervous and not sure what to do. ZM felt awkward too and nervously pull back her foot So cute
  12. I think that's when ZM fell in love with ZWJ too. Before that incident, no one has ever disobeyed her. Remember, she even said "I order you to put my shoe back." like he was her subordinate. She had never felt that kind of rejection before when he outright ignored her order. It made her think "maybe there's something special about this guy. I better keep a close eye on him". It's funny because a few episodes later she says to Fan Yao, "How can he escape from my hands?".
  13. Coincidentally i watch the same episode last night and i thoroughly enjoy it!! I am not sure why i did not have deep impression at the very first time when i watched, probably due to being not so familiar with Yukee yet. After watching last episode, and go straight to episode 24, i feel a tinge of sadness that a once cheerful and happy girl have to go through so much and became the girl who constantly look sad at the last few episodes. Same for Wuji. He was so so so shy back then when he touch her foot. Her coquettish laughters capture his heart. And its so cute that she cry and laugh at the same time. Look at how he savour that moment!!!
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  15. My most worst thing that comes to mind would be that SM dies in the process... I think it's safe to say that SM trigger is indeed JI but i think in her respect it also made him feel guilty because he knew all along that her father wasn't the criminal and yet she suffered all those years,no wonder that he cared for her all those years...I must say that i like that nothing is truly black&white but more shades of gray in all their stories even if i don't doubt JS father statment that he chose the wrong path in a moment that he was at his weakest in terms of his daughter health but i'm actually curious if after that he also became power hungry liking his position and what he got from it as i don't see him show remorse for his deed... I must say that i'm actually much more invested in SM story and journey than Lee An,i mean even if he is the hero and has such a gift i find SM much more intresting as character and arc and both the young and present actor did a great job making me invested in SM...
  16. ik! He probably had no idea about guy and girl's things since his parents passed away so early, but having that thought is still funny! He still had the hairpin and thought about it when he got back. hahahah...He thought of when she dressed in a white dress and walked out too...His eyes were amazed by her beauty and then unconsciously smiled...ahahhahaha
  17. Ha Sung Woon was a special DJ on “Idol Radio” on April 18! During the show, Ha Sung Woon talked to Ong Seong Wu and Bae Jin Young (fellow members of the project group Wanna One) and JBJ95 made a surprise guest appearance. Ha Sung Woon’s close friendship with Ong Seong Wu and Bae Jin Young was […] The post Ha Sung Woon Checks In With Ong Seong Wu, Bae Jin Young, And JBJ95 As He Hosts Radio Show appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  18. I was wonder why did he have that thought of tickle her feet. You can’t take off a girl shock during the ancient time just like that. That probably why MInMin always on his mind.
  19. Hello to all! Happy to see new HJW fans as well. Welcome @SR20DET and @dianah de guzman! I can totally relate with you guys when I first discovered Jiwon in 2012. I binged watch her movies, interviews, documentaries, TV and variety show appearances, and dramas. No looking back since then. And, she is the only K actress,or any actress or actor for that matter, that I did all of these for. She is worth it all. Check it her other earlier films, "Ditto," she is a supporting actress here but awesome as always, "Babo" with Cha Tae Hyun, "Daddy Long Legs," and "Reversal of Fortune." As @andra3 said, hope the thread will be more active especially with HJW's upcoming drama and movie. I cannot wait to see her back on TV and in the big screen. Happy posting!
  20. Im rewatching ep 24 when WJ and MM were under the cage..haahhah so funny! WJ heard MM's fake cries and suddenly felt so weak and soft...and then tickled her feet...aahahha. WJ felt shy afterward. I think he started to have feelings for ZM after that day...
  21. Honey Lee, Kim Sung Kyun, And Kim Nam Gil Say Heartfelt Goodbyes To “The Fiery Priest” by S. Park With one episode left, the cast of SBS’s “The Fiery Priest” shared their thoughts on the conclusion of their drama. Kim Nam Gil said in a statement, “More than anything, I thank viewers who gave us a lot of love. Thanks to them, we were able to successfully complete this journey. During this both long and short time, we were able to achieve good results because we worked passionately and empathized with one another. While figuring out what justice is and how to go towards the rightful path, they were rewarding moments as we worked through it in a lighthearted, fun way. I hope everyone who watched was able to feel healing with our courage and comfort until the end.” In a video shared by the network, the actor also said, “Hello viewers of SBS’s ‘The Fiery Priest.’ This is Kim Nam Gil who portrayed Kim Hae Il in ‘The Fiery Priest.’ It’s nice to see you. It feels like yesterday when I greeted you in the first episode, and we’re already headed towards the finale. I think we filmed for about six months, and you gave us more love than I expected so thank you. All of the staff and actors were great and tried their best in their individual roles with a sense of community. Thank you to the staff and actors. Thank you for loving us for how much we worked hard and how much we tried to communicate with viewers. I think we were repaid in that way. Even after ‘The Fiery Priest’ ends, I promise that our staff and actors will see you again as we do well in our own work.” He added with a laugh, “We’ll see you through season two of ‘The Fiery Priest.’ Please be healthy and happy until then. I’ve been Kim Hae Il.” more https://www.soompi.com/article/1318809wpp/watch-honey-lee-kim-sung-kyun-and-kim-nam-gil-say-heartfelt-goodbyes-to-the-fiery-priest
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