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  2. Why is it Wednesday so far? The waiting is so real. Lovely gif from DC.
  3. Yes, TJ won't give up easily, luckily...but at the same time, he needs to work hard to be the next generation owner of the company as mentioned, he will certainly take action to restructure the company but may take a while to see the effect....The problem is how to handle the pressure come from his dad and IS...he wants to get rid of their manipulation all these while since young.The most tragic character is MR.....she is lucky to meet TJ so far... Let's see.
  4. @cheerkoo sis.... It's ok.... Don't make urself tried.... have u received your book yet?! Then, there is no english version. Is there a chance to release english version of novel after some days like they did for Tango ( indonesian version).
  5. Somebody translate this event for me! Thanks! @meechuttso They act like typical hubby and wife or bickering boyfriend/girlfriend! I’m shipping! #SooSunCouple
  6. Up to episode 20, i appreciate how the plot moving on. Not too political and draggy. I like both Wu You and Fu Chou at the moment.
  7. What are your best guesses about what the last scene of the show will be? Let's see who gets it right. My guess is that it will be a flash forward (fast forward?) scene showing their lives several months/years later, of the lead couple and their friends/family/colleagues, like a montage. Still somewhat related to the ending of the show, I hope PMY and KJW don't get caught up in dating rumors right after the show. If they actually want to date each other, that's their life; but I hope there won't be rumors. On one hand, it's because of what happened with PMY's last drama, and I would rather that she not get aggravated again and have netizens going "wow, she likes to date all of her co-stars, doesn't she." But on the other hand, f the haters and randos on the internet; just live your life girl! @mmac80 I'm not holding out for a preview video anymore. I think we'll just get preview photos on Wednesday and Thursday morning, like usual.
  8. @lebeaucouple I think He won't give up Mi Ri. She showed her fragile side for him and He knows that. I saw the preview and He said "Now, I came to my senses. I'll be the next generation owner after all." I think He is a man with a mission now (I don't know what), not Chairman and IS puppet. But about Mi Ri, I really don't make any idea, just She will feel so bad for now.
  9. I'm drooling! No, I haven't gotten mine yet and Yes24 customer service is terrible! Has anyone who ordered from overseas got their order yet? In other news, Parasite just won the Palm d'Or at Cannes!!! (That's the new Lee Seon Kyun film with Song Kang Ho). The first damned Korean film to win the most prestigious film award in the western world!! Damned proud!
  10. Call me crazy if you need to. Watched the Aladdin movie last night and every aspect of it reminds me of wuji zhaomin, even the lyrics of "A whole new world". I must be really crazy.
  11. <‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’> Memories#38 in Hokkaido
  12. So you stay in Seoul, Korea . Do you think the celebrity will reveal which apartment name he stay during that interview....of course not.... I remb he said not many fans noticed him in the morning because most ppl who come towards his direction will change route since he has a BIG dog..... Of course I am sure he wear hat too to cover his face. May be similar sporty outfit that he wore in one of the ep where he met MR in the grocery store to buy all the tuna sushi... I watched the last part of conversation between Chairman Han and TJ, the threatening is disgusting, and I noticed TJ facial expression could be improved further after hearing the shocking news since he had a close shot, a complexity or change of facial mode would be better (my personal opinion), since he is just age 29...still a long way to improve acting. I am sure he will reach greater height one day. I felt sad for MR on last part when receiving news, i hope TJ and MR have a deep conversation on next EP to understand each other better, rather than confrontation or arguement. Let see how the writer want the plot to be....i want a surprise plot....something unexpected, rather than the same old formula. Possible plots for the upcoming EP MR may choose to leave the company to avoid her birth mum and TJ... TJ will work hard to gain back the trust and confidence from his dad, he has his plan, he wants to take charge of the company but may possibly restructure the marketing team to clearly define the job roles and responsibilities between the marketing team and the planning team. Because he did highlight in the earlier EP. Chairman Han or IS will likely find a wife for TJ on similar family background (same old story, urg...) There will be a third party involved between TJ and MR love relationship.... I want something new and unexpected to come up from the writer , what you girls think?
  13. From the header of the article, it seems like SY found the proof that YC has a son from the photo?
  14. Park Bo Young and Lee Si Eon have expressed their gratitude to Lee Kwang Soo for a sweet gift! On May 27, Lee Si Eon took to his personal Instagram account to share a photo with the caption, “Thank you, our Kwang Soo! We’ll gain strength from this and work hard. Our lovely actor Lee […] The post Lee Kwang Soo Shows His Support For Lee Si Eon And Park Bo Young On Set Of “Abyss” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Not a surprise at all, open secret. Their big Daddy..if the Daddy is sugar daddy? http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/05/witness-claims-to-have-seen-yang-hyun.html?m=1
  16. Spoiler to the novel below if you are interested but be warn lol The drama probably diverge from the novel but so far I think it may be the same in terms of the background and some of the mysteries but I can be wrong lol Also since the novel is so long, I didn't read the entire novel, just listen to the last few chapters of the novel where the climax happened and everything is pretty much revealed. Forgive me if I got some of the details wrong since I am not 100% fluent in mandarin and I may miss some details so feel free to correct me
  17. It is always enjoyable to watch a show which end in many positive notes. But to me this drama started on the premise of bullying in school that almost caused the death of a boy. It initially showed the mix of complex relationships of juveniles growing up, parental expectations and school politics which all kept me holding my breath. Then it turned into the usual feel good, unreal nurturing almost noble family versus the cold rich family with a manipulative father and pill popping mother. It stopped being a complex show that deals with a grave issue to just another detective like show. Again I did enjoy it and my fault for forgetting it is a drama.
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