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  2. Sorry to say, but I'm dissapointed with the last scene. Why the woodshop scene is hotter than the bed scene? I think this is the best that we can get in terms of intimacy since we only have 2 episodes left and there's still a lot of issue that need to be resolved.
  3. Part six of the blog @kimdaehwi I hope you like it. https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-six.html
  4. What fish did you have in mind ? 764
  5. @ck1OzI can suspend my disbelief for a bit on leaving the child. This was the 80s, people were more lax with those kinds of stuff, there's less fear-mongering (even if justified) back then. And if Lee Sol really was a single mom with not a single family, I can believe it, even if it's unlikely. My concern more is how she was unable to find him after waking up from her coma. Since RG remembered his real name, I found it hard to believe she wasn't able to find him. @kenreiAgreed with the bed scene. I mean the only bed scenes I've seen are all PMY dramas (lol), Healer might have been the most daring in terms of kissing/cuddling, but we never even saw PMY's bare shoulder there. WWWSK also didn't show anything from PMY, but we saw PSJ topless. And the post-bed scene with PMY wearing his shirt. Anyway, the point is, I've always known that dramas in this genre are very conservative when it comes to bed scenes, which is why I don't get why everyone is kinda annoyed lol, I was expecting it to be like that. Unless I haven't been watching the more daring dramas. I'm thankful it was at least acknowledged that their relationship took that next level, instead of completely glossing over it. (I'm guessing people's expectations were raised by how relatively daring the workshop scene was though, that everyone was waiting for an even MORE daring bed scene. I've said daring too many times lol.)
  6. JTBC’s Chief of Staff shows us those who will change the world in new teaser by tipsymocha I’m pretty sure the show didn’t intend to make this newest teaser funny, but I couldn’t help giggling a little at the Very Serious faces in this teaser. Not that I think JTBC’s upcoming political drama Chief of Staff won’t be a serious show, full of ideology and a fair dose of cold pragmatism, especially given the character descriptions of this ensemble. The cast is full of some heavy hitters and I’m excited to finally see them in action. The teaser has a super simple concept, in that it’s really a 2-3 second shot of each of our main players, intercut with the caption “Those who move the world are coming” and snippets of Lee Jung-jae (Svaha: The Sixth Finger) walking towards an out-of-focus camera. First, we have Shin Mina (Tomorrow With You), sporting her politician badge as a freshman senator. Next is Lee Elijah (An Empress’s Dignity), playing a secretary who works with Lee Jung-jae’s Chief of Staff character. Kim Dong-joon (About Time) looks appropriately young with his backpack and naive confidence as an intern who is set on changing the world for good. An almost unheard-of morally upright politician, Jung Jin-young (Sketch), gazes back at us from behind his desk, while his political and ethical opposite Kim Gab-soo (Haechi) gives us an imperious gaze from his chair. Jung Woong-in (Ms. Ma, Nemesis) rounds out the main cast as an aide whose ultimate loyalty lies with money. The teaser ends as Lee Jung-jae gets broodingly close enough for the camera to focus on him. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/jtbcs-chief-of-staff-shows-us-those-who-will-change-the-world-in-new-teaser/
  7. A Beautiful World: Episode 13 by lovepark Hate is a strong emotion that can fuel people to make choices they might regret, but because of its intensity, it can also be an attractive feeling that some people seek. However, just as hate can move people, so can fear and self-preservation. As some characters find themselves pushed further into a corner, they start to lash out, but our heroes steadily face the troubles thrown their way. EPISODE 13 RECAP: People at the Edge of a Cliff more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/a-beautiful-world-episode-13/
  8. I guess that the whole "if an angel touches a human then he immediately becomes dust and ashes" threat is now off. That's convenient; kisses would be deadly otherwise.
  9. @butterflyeffect huh? I thought you guys were kidding. It was before 5am when I went online so can't watch videos. No one leaves a child alone in a playground. In any country, except in Kdrama land. We can't even leave a 7yr old alone in their own house here.
  10. Lol! I can see a lot of frustrations here on the bed scene. I for one am just thankful we had one because I thought they’ll totally skip it. But is it really weird to wear some clothes after doing the deed? I mean it happens in real life. I probably haven’t watched a lot of kdramas because I haven’t seen a lot with female leads showing even a naked shoulder after a bs. It’s already seldom that they add bs esp to a rom-com genre. I thought most of them are still conservative.
  11. Oh man, that ep14 ending though. They didn't need to show anything with the bed scene, IMHO, it was already shown how passionate they were in the workshop, it's just weird that the bed scene is more PG than the first kiss scene, lol. I don't think we're gonna get a bed scene more mature than that, if the PD was gonna do it, it would be this scene. The build-up to passionate lovemaking was all here, so unfortunately we're probably not getting any more unless they do it like the beginning of ep10, where they "continued" the makeout session into the next episode. But I can't complain, because after all this is a romcom and not a sexy drama. Everything leading up to the kiss, him drawing, DM propping her hair (goddamn even PMY's silhouette is gorgeous), taking out her hair bun, the colors and visuals, everything was so sensual. They nailed that scene IMHO.
  12. Aera is still holding hope she'll ever make a come back when she basically showed to the whole world she killed her sister in law. The delusion is genetic. And her thinking NJ ran away with the jewels. What a pair! Lol Now she's gonna find out her remaining son is about to be kaput. They can give NJ every migraine in the world or have him "help" the good guys, I still will dance on his grave. No sympathy or care for his well being just like he didn't care about the well being of others. Never forget! SH couple better keep that same energy and tell him to rest in hell. He can go ask God for forgiveness. HY father said in the preview that no matter what they do, they will not save Aura Group. Those are fighting words that will come back to bite him. Soo Ho is already on the case lol I don't really care about SH's dad surgery. There, I said it lol If he gets that scum's cornea, I'll be even more disgusted.
  13. If i never watched HSDS before and have never liking this series and if I watched prev versions/read the novel now as a more grown up adult, I also don't think I will like this series or at least WJ as much as I did (due to having already liking this series ever since I watched older versions as a kid) with the way WJ character was (no offense please). Perhaps if 2019 version is my first HSDS, I would like WJ as I did since JZ did excellent job and this version make WJ more decisive, which make me liking WJ of this version a lot. One way to think about why WJ refused to kiss her: He didn't want to "ruin" her reputation perhaps? Or he didn't want to give her false hope. He secretly likes her, it's true, but at that time he thought he cannot and will not be with her. So he place her well-being and honour first. (WJ here is very principled and very (too?) strait-laced haha). In the latter episode when he finally kissed her, they were already at the stage where they mutually understand and agreed that they were in relationships, but at the island, they might not be in that stage yet. It would be nice to add one more kiss perhaps, such as at the inn when he found out she's alive. Peace all
  14. Shin Sung Rok Turns Into A Charismatic Designer For “Perfume” by L. Kim Actor Shin Sung Rok has transformed into a workaholic for upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Perfume.” The drama is a fantasy romance about Seo Yi Do, a genius designer in a creative slump (played by Shin Sung Rok), and Min Ye Rin, a mysterious fashion model who has been to hell and back (played by Go Won Hee). The two meet right as they are about to lose the meaning in their lives, and they develop chemistry as natural enemies who are thrown into trouble whenever they cross paths. On May 23, “Perfume” released stills of Shin Sung Rok as Seo Yi Do, a brilliant fashion designer who has a top reputation for creating a stir in the fashion world. He also has 52 phobias and 35 kinds of allergies due to the deadly incident that turned his childhood life upside down. Although he enjoys people’s attention, he is not able to express himself properly. Then one day, Min Ye Rin appears, and his lonely and peaceful daily life comes to an end. In the new stills, Shin Sung Rok portrays extreme charisma backstage at a fashion show. He watches the preparation process with keen eyes and sharp sensitivity. When an unexpected incident occurs, he is able to smoothly handle the situation with his creative ability to solve problems. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1326773wpp/shin-sung-rok-turns-into-a-charismatic-designer-for-perfume
  15. Today
  16. My opinion of acting KJW make me remember Shah Rukh Khas as villain in baazigar and darr become so romantic in Diwale Dulhania Le Jayege in first romance film.. How can usually actor can be more excellent acting where they can do both genre.I also want to look face KJW because resemble their face to Japanese actor because Im big fan for Japanese actor. Thats why I remember him as prince in The Last Princess the visual Japanese more than Korea actor. So KJW make this drama fresh as Ryan Gold make its new acting although same plot with others. he can use both hands make him sexier and hot hahahah.. Thats why I hope I can look new drama KJW after this. Pmy is become to happy when to do is acting. Their fangirling become so natural in all scenes. I love she can be ready the best girlfriend and excited so much when she loved to Ryan. I also hope she can make next drama to KJW may be thriller genre. I also love this drama is family matters is important our life. I hope the situation for finale can be smooth and make ours smile after this drama end. Just enjoys for watching.. Its just only 2 episode.. Need to wait tonight watching episode 14
  17. She didn't scream or curse to an extent nor she was a loud character. she was bossy & free spirited. dong man wasn't too clingy either; i think they naturally potrayed childhood friend turned lovers where they both were awkward at the begining of their relationship but full of love for eachother with the additional teasing & fighting. lastly i don't know since it's everyones perspective but among all of psj's co stars obviously after pmy psj looks good with kjw.
  18. They did not.. Yoon Jae (Ryan) was left at the playground because his mom never came back (due to her getting into an accident) ... I can honestly stare at Kim Jaewook (and Park Minyoung) all day, but ....... I need a Shi An scene where he goes like "I know you're SNG, noona".... he's obviously very observant but I mean there must be a reason why he randomly asked her if she's his fan. My main worry right now is how things will play out once it's revealed DM's mom "let go" of Ryan's hand. No more noble idiocy/breakups please..anyway I predict that's the cliffhanger for next episode.
  19. Actor Shin Sung Rok has transformed into a workaholic for upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Perfume.” The drama is a fantasy romance about Seo Yi Do, a genius designer in a creative slump (played by Shin Sung Rok), and Min Ye Rin, a mysterious fashion model who has been to hell and back (played by Go Won Hee). […] The post Shin Sung Rok Turns Into A Charismatic Designer For “Perfume” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  20. more like off screen friendship & cofortness is a key to create striking on screen chemistry! you have need to have a level of friendship or attachment with your co star to create that kind of chemistry
  21. I am so happy that you agree with me on that point. Thank you. I just hope you appreciate the actor's performance, because he already seems so exhausted . Otherwise it is logical for the character to be punished I hope the writer doesn't use very dramatic scenes, because they are really so exhausting. I hope the final scenes wouldn't be too painful, because it is so cruel to watch punishment. In Bollywood, it was easier when the good guy fights with the bad guy at the end of the movie, because in general Bollywood villains are so disgusting, maybe I should go back to Bollywood
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