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  2. Who has the link for the raw? Help me pleasee.. i have google it everywhere
  3. Short video about Yu Huai https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4365406169947482/4365406200308901
  4. Ahh yes Kim Ji Won who was the army doc . I think it would be so nice to see more army k dramas ! Sometimes I get bored of them prosecutors & Doctors. Not to mention the abs scenes that can be incorporated!! 758
  5. @staygold thanks , they probably buy one get second free How come KJW face change 100% when he laughing , than when he gives these sexy smile - meltdown heart -2
  6. there's no interesting part related to ppc. his interview is so serious and mostly is about his work. i felt he has worries about his life as a celeb now. because the more popluar he becomes, the more people become interested in his private life. and i think he is also the one who was conscious of bts like pmy. he said, when he filmed a drama, he had asked not to film bts. because his sensitivity and everything about him can be seen at bts. i hope he didn't ask it in wwwsk bed scene.
  7. Yaaaaaaaa @sushilicious KJW is killing it and you are missing what might be the only pure template rom-com in his career!! Get off your judgement high chair and watch for heaven's sake! Or not... whatever! +2
  8. @Lawyerh do you like your Oppa to do bad guy roles? Because I do! Sometimes the best actors are the ones who plays both sides of the field plus Oppa looks good as a villain too 756
  9. We saw similar sheets but in grey color I think with peach borders in Touch Your Heart! Time to go shopping for sheets! +2
  10. A little tied up with RL right now, but will see what I can do about posting a translation of the BTS in a few days.
  11. Miss the gang Hip Hop Det , Bobby & Song Sac! Daebak! Guess who is number 9 ??? Bobby . This drama is amazing. All the support cast took turns to be in the Good Data Ranking
  12. PSJ is already in the list among top Hallyu stars. Park Shin Hye and Park Bo Young are the highest paid among late 20's generation. I think IU and Suzy are in the top 20 list of Highest Paid Actresses. Forbes Power Celebrity for 2018, Park Seo Joon is included no. 22. Forbes considers the Salary among other factors. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forbes_Korea_Power_Celebrity
  13. Yeah, I want get that song too! It sounds so soothing & perfect! I am not sure but does it say anything about lying..?? Hah haaa.... I am pretty curious! Definitely!!! Me too! I love Park Hoo Ja so much! Can't wait to see more of her evilness!
  14. Love that he was friendly , close with Kim how was SS our tiger fighter welcome @Wonkee @triplem I hope second season bring romance for Bobby & hip hop girl , see this picture, they meant for each other
  15. I was hoping to catch the raw version first so that my eyes 100% focus on their acting. No subtitle to distract me.
  16. @nuttyz take your time spazzing only when you're free 2017 Sr.weibo
  17. Well, there is DotS which shows a woman serving in the army. There is no conscription of women into the army, only men. So, women who serve are all volunteers, but the SK military does have women in it. +2
  18. Can we say that honey looks good in this simple holiday wear? Lolll will miss her character. @mrsj3n *hugs* I understand your feelings of ending. Let’s cry lol.
  19. wow most of the highest paid actresses are still dominated by veteran actresses in their late 30s/40s++... hope this year/nxt year both our captains will make the list
  20. Hi @sushilicious yeah i did see her up close but unfortunately I didn't get to take any picture with her. She did sign few autographs for some other fans though. They're lucky, they came prepared @ktcjdrama may i have the raw/subbed link too? Thanks
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