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  2. I have seen the movie, and I don't think you need to worry- Jang Hyuk is such a good actor, that you don't feel like it's him doing those scenes, instead you see only the actual character. There is something very natural about the scenes, especially the scene with the wife. The second scene, I think, is supposed to actually be in the wife's imagination, so that is a bit odd, with the girl constantly laughing into the camera. Also, the scenes are not as explicit as some of the scenes I've seen in other Korean movies. The women were mostly dressed, and even he kept his pants on (more or less)
  3. Yippee doodah. Thanks for the links. The preview looks intense. I felt bad for MR when she revealed her reasons. But yippee doodah the writer wrote in a proposal scene. Once I watch the office scene I am off to bed. This drama is addictive. No wonder the ratings are high.
  4. Lawyerh

    drama tropes 2019

    #25 Oppa AHA Moment aka.ehm lady boy lol Tell me.. who's the prettiest & the fairest?
  5. Yes! I was thinking the same thing! Because he mimics the killings and prizes...wonder how did he even have the earlobe from the girl...did he used to like work in KW’s household then in witnesses the killing and as he attempts to leave he stole the ear haha
  6. Hello everyone. This is my first post. Have been lurking around for a couple of days English is not my first language so i'm sorry if i make any grammatical errors. Not sure if i'm gonna post something regularly but i'll try to check on this thread regularly tho. To be honest i ship Somin with almost anyone she's worked with. I mean she had chemistry with everyone she had worked with. It never crossed my mind that there was something between these two. I always saw them as colleagues. Until one day i stumbled upon a KookMin video on YouTube. I don't know why it was on my recommendation list. After watching the video and reading the comments (there are some analysis, theories and speculations) i decided to watch other KookMin videos and it made me thinking maybe, maybe there's something going on between these two beautiful people. And reading all the posts here made me feel that there's something special between them. Although i'm not sure if they're dating now but i can see there's attraction. They're getting closer on and off the show and they're not affraid to show other people that they're close in real life. Their opposite personalities make their relationship (whatever it is) so interesting. Jongkook is reserved, doesnt talk much and on the show he comes off as hotheaded and cold. But we know he's a nice guy. And Somin is talkative, warm, bright and cheerful. They're like the two main characters in a kdrama. The guy is cold and temperamental while the girl is warm and sweet. But they balance each other out. I remember Somin used to avoid Jongkook because she was a bit scared of him and felt awkward with him. And Jongkook sometimes felt annoyed with her and scolded her a couple of times. So it's very surprising that they could become close . We can see that Jongkook has changed a bit. He's more playful now and smiles more. When Jaesuk teased him about Somin's mom wanted him to be her son in law, he enjoyed the teasing. He was blushing! And when he said that he left good impressions on Somin's mom, he sounded and looked happy and proud. I think he was happy and proud that he was able to impress SoMin's mom on their first meeting. And i wonder why Somin would bring her parents to his concert. I know Somin said that her parents are his fans but i think there's another reason why she brought her parents to his concert ( to introduce him to her parents?) Anyways i'm happy they have become closer. If they really have romantic feelings toward each other then they should act on it. Somin wants someone who is loyal and can take care of her. And Jongkook suits her criteria. I know Jongkook can make her happy so if they end up being together i'll be happy for them too. If they end up together, Somin will brighten up Jongkook's world and make it more colorful. That girl is as bright as sunshine. She'll soften him. And i think he's so soft with her lately. In last week episode, when she was sitting next to him during the telepathy game, he said something to her and his voice was so soft. Did anyone here ever hear him talking to someone else that softly? And Jongkook is so supportive of SoMin too. He encourages her and gives her compliments even if she doesnt do well at games or their mission In spite of having different personalities, i think they can bring out the best of each other.
  7. This could explain a lot ... BJS persistence to awaken DKW and his disappointment that his idol wants to remain good one instead of gutting others. Me too... and it scares me
  8. Woke up this morning to more good news, as if all the things JCW is doing these days isn't already an embarrassment of riches, the number of his Instagram followers just took another leap, YAY!! Then, I found that Amazon.com here in the USA is offering this gem, YAY!!: Life Size,yet. (I know, I'm so silly, but still...)
  9. I doubt garbage husband will be happy to see another man interested in her. So yeah he will act like a child.
  10. This is from 2 articles. p/s : translations might not 100% accurate. cr.@nlsinz11
  11. Tae Joo indeed asked Mi ri to marry him but she refused saying that she dosn`t have confidence to built a happy family she does not have the confidence to give birth to a child. It is too early to both of them to get married but I am sorry that her reason to refuse was her lack of confidence that she can be a good wife and mother. Her abandonment gave her a big emotional scar. http://news1.kr/articles/?3630256 **** I wish they will continue their relationship and I want to see Mi ri healed of all those scars and confidentlty accept the proposal. She would be a wonderful mother and wife. She has to believe in herself. **** The preview Looks like Mi Ri is leaving. Woo Jin and Sun ja will met.
  12. @Ameera Ali suddenly just like this song
  13. Of cause there is not a romance haha. I know for sure. Cause Voice don’t have that ‘imma fall in love’ fever. I can tell you a little about BJS. He is obsessed with Kousuke. He basically kills in the month of September, cutting off parts of the human body as prizes like Kousuke’s father. We still can’t figure out why BJS is obsessed with Kousuke. 880
  14. Don’t worry a lot of us are twisted for dramas only....I know I’m not like that irl.... @nateko then if that’s the case, BJS might have talked to someone who knows Kousuke so much. Kw’s ‘Dead’ father? Kw’s ‘Dead’ brother? I don’t know, I’m leaning on the fact that KW’s Family members might be the mastermind.
  15. I saw m.yes24.com posted at dc-koo. few fans posted that they ordered it through it. I am posting the title of the book and Koo's name in Korean for you all 눈물은 하트모양 구혜선 I tried to buy via yes24, somehow could not do it.
  16. Yeap, it was indeed that same Tarantula mask that BJS used in S2. Me and @sushilicious had discussed about the mask before this in the trailer's still KKJ pointing gun to KW. The question is, why does he wear it and did he keep the mask all along? Or was it actually true that it was KW who cut Hyun Joon wrist in S2? Now that I think of it, did Hyun Joon case wrapped up nicely with concrete evidence that BJS did cut Hyun Joon wrist? Didn't they just assume it was BJS who did it all? I think I never heard BJS admit cutting Hyun Joon wrist though? Or did I remembered wrongly? hahahahahah Ohhh, I just realize the those officers' bodies lying around with KW wearing a mask. I thought the scene with those bodies was a separate scene. I am not sure what to theorize anymore.. I hope tonight's episode will shed some light to some of our questions. I am so conflicted right now.. I want to see how would it be when Kousuke come out, but at the same time, I don't want DKW become turning bad, particularly because I don't want to see KKJ being hurt. Or did I just stereotyped that when Kousuke come out, DKW would indeed turning bad. Who knows, probably when DKW switch to Kousuke mode, he will be sharper than ever and does not give in to his urge to punish "lightly" (cough) the criminal he catch on scene. That act licking his mouth before he turn all pscychotic towards the criminal...hahahahaha.. somehow I feel satisfied watching it. However, I don't condone to such violent in reality though, don't get me wrong. I am just being twisted with Voice only. @nateko me too! I've been questioning his all-knowing about Kousuke since S2. Even down to the details about how Kousuke has the preference to pretty things like Miho's ears. OMG! I know he has Deity-level hacking and IT skills, but, how did he know so much if the same information could also be accessed by Jin-Frankenstein and inform KKJ. KKJ has no idea though. Hmmmmmmm...
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