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    drama tropes 2019

    #4 Also OTT Shipper mom's - Shipping captains for the OTP in question. These moms balance out the no so cool mom-in-laws who want to break up the couples. These shipper moms will make them kimbap rolls, pack kimchi and side dishes and hide all the short comings of their kids! And also shock us all by pushing them closer!
  3. Yeah..i read it too..so when actually YJ got the offer??after they came back from US rite? do u think their trip to US is because of the drama? but when YJ received the role, no news about it right...it exploded when HB received the offered...
  4. Yes OCN drama series. Have you watched it? How is it? 852
  5. Agree. I think SiAn never meant to 'set up' or orchestrate his hyung and mom meeting...esp not with bad intention. *in Deokmi's voice* Our SiAn is an angel I forget whom...but there's one user wondering about Ryan's foster parents and why Ryan never contacted them. My guess is they passed away. When Ryan told Deokmi about it, he spoke in pure past form (in Korean). You don't do that to tell a story about a person if the person is still alive.
  6. depending on where a person is from and what the rules (cultural + legal), there are different attitudes that come in to play here. some people see it as right while others see it as unnecessarily rude. there are different ways to say the same feel. so yea, especially as we are international community, these rules are very important as it would be very easy to misunderstand each other. and that does happen from time to time. 854
  7. I’m looking at Angel last mission. Indeed. So many pictures 856
  8. Too makjang for my taste, I am agree with @staygold that ML is hot but I don't like the FL... +2
  9. Lawyerh

    drama tropes 2019

    7 # Make Over Sometimes it bored me to death, at other time I thanks to "Drama God Heaven" for make it happened Especially for this! Monster - Kang Gi Tan
  10. Lol. Like how I’m trying to watch the gif. (Whispers) it barely moved! I can’t watched it! And when I refresh, the loading takes forever to complete and every time when I try to read, it jerks to either the top of the page or the end of the page. Scroll back to the post. Again! but you have to understand that people always tend to think oh, this is the Internet, we can post whatever we want, then this mod comes along and shut it down(it’s kinda like stopping someone from saying things they like or hate). It’s annoying to them, because freedom of speech is gone. So It’s not wrong that people think that mods are a mood changer. I get it. But at the same time, it’s good that they understand that everything has a limit and that not only rules are applied to irl, but they are applied to internet as well. That you are going over so we need to stop you before you cause something. That’s why the mods are there as peacemakers . So technically you can’t really determine that one side is fully right or wrong. It’s a grey area in terms of internet. 852
  11. You will get diabetes cos the ML lead is unbelievably sweet and caring. (when you dismiss that in an another universe he could have been a creep!) Edit: I forgot to mention '.... also incredibly HOT! 850
  12. A studio 'live' version has just been released by singer RUNY. Perfect song to play while watching the newest BTS =) More about this singer: http://www.mnet.com/artist/205501 https://drama.fandom.com/es/wiki/Runy With lyrics: Spreading the love from Episode 14: Source: https://holyground.tistory.com/77?category=697321
  13. I became a Park Yuchun fan after the scandals. Watching all that blatant injustice towards this talented bright person, I could not pass by. I really hope that everything will be fine with him and that he will continue to delight fans with his songs over time.
  14. I wish Mi Ri will escape the Chairman Han and In Sook`s claws. She doesn`t deserve what they are doing with her. She dedicated her best years from her life working for Hansung Apparel company. Chairman Han knows that she is a good asset to the company but I did not like it one bit when he said that they had to use her and then throw her. I don`t like Chairman Han at all or his business etics. Now he doesn`t want her near his son. If Mi Ri will accept her new position will be great. But I wonder how they will incorporate that into the scenes. The Marketing team will appear further in the drama so maybe Tae Joo will take Mi Ri`s place. It is a little awkward and a little too fast promotion in my opinion but Chairman Han wanted for his son to be an executive from the beginning.Tae Joo insisted to start from the bottom to learn. The privilege of being his son! I would like to see a new dinamic at work between Mi Ri and Tae Joo. But how about Mi Ri? She will be working for the competition or she will come back as Wang Wei`s representative? Not only Yoo Sun but Hong Jong Hyun had a movie premiere not long ago. I think Kim Hae Sook had a movie premiere recently as well. Congratulation. It is not hard to guess. Tae Joo`s family will insist he will meet Soo Yi, hoping they will marry. Too bad for them. Tae Joo is a determined man with his own convictions. Chairman Han is changing his tactics. He will try to persuede Mi Ri to give up her realtionship. So far, he did not reveal that Tae Joo is his son. He wanted to give Mi ri a promotion hoping she will be ambitious enough to go away, hoping the relationship will break naturally. If he will see that won`t work, he will do pressure on Mi Ri, I am sure. We know that Tae Joo will be ferm against his father but what Mi Ri will do? That`s the question. It will be a time when she has to fight for herself and her happiness and implicite, Tae Joo. It will be much harder for Mi Ri but I have trust her she will do it.
  15. Among your lists the ones that I didn’t watch were Rouge Snow and A Mobile Love Story. I watched West Side Story’s snippets only. Most of his Taiwanese dramas were idol drama which isn’t my cup of tea so I only watched the snippets. My favorite of his would be Battle of Changsa. His movie Hide and Seek is good also Inside or Outside with Oppa JangHyuk... +2
  16. Perhaps they don't like PSJ like I don't like Channing Tatum, for no special reason, just don't like him. Just let them be. But WWWSK got high rating (considering the genre is romcom which usually difficult to get good rating) and so popular, and no one can deny this fact, even the other party said the other drama is better. Of course we cannot compare wwwsk with Sky Castle, Mr. Sunshine, Reply 1988, Signal, Goblin, or 100days Prince since the genre is totally different. I remember a selebgram from my country who sells 'Secretary Kim' blouses in her IG. She bought directly from Korea. And I bought once. And I also remember youtuber from my country who worked in SBS Korea, she's PSJ fans watched wwwsk too. One time she made a blog when she watched wwwsk epi 8, pls see her reaction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxfjPnBEzCo
  17. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    ah we are building a list! @DeePlatonicFan ~ just edited your post to include numbers. so people can keep adding to the list.. #2 - memory loss -- it is silly but am partial to the angst caused by memory loss when it is done right. a drama that I really enjoyed was birth secret. she was so confused to find this husband and child and could not believe that she married such a man considering she is super educated, genius and rich.. her journey was actually fun to watch.
  18. This is probably what they were talking about during the presscon of the drama, when they said that KJW and PMY are going to show a mature relationship between their characters. It's refreshing to see, the equality of the male and female lead characters that the drama presents. Ryan was raised in the US so he doesn't hold the same kind of mentality on relationships as the typical Korean man does. As for Deok Mi, her good skills on recognizing and/or understanding men's expressions or feelings probably came from having a male best friend plus her being a fan girl. Editing photos from time to time, and watching his videos on loop, she'd be able to see the difference between a happy, awkward, sad, enthusiastic or tired Shi An. As for the way the role of Shi An was executed, I agree with you on that point.
  19. https://www.google.com/search?q=park+seo+joon+feet&client=ms-android-vivo&prmd=inv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjal9GL97XiAhVEWK0KHc3xDgoQ_AUoAXoECAwQAg&biw=360&bih=634#imgrc=F4RXSSDgGhJ7PM Anybody can help me with inserting this pic here. This is what I found when I google PSJ feet. Well I must say, even his feet look damn good....
  20. yea, they don't know it and so it helps to explain the logic. once people understand why some of these rules exist, they are lot more understanding and realize that mods are not there to ruin the mood for the others. 848
  21. Korean? Cause I have both a movie and drama named the priest. 850
  22. Actually, they don't like the truth. They just jealous about PPC. Most of them are another shipper. Let them be. As long as PPC are neighbour, we shouldn't worry anymore.
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