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  2. There seems to be a change of hairstyle on cha min does it mean goodbye to dumb cha min ? hehe
  3. another movie plot -- it was japanese and I watched it on a flight. so maybe it was decent hit? has anyone seen it and remember the name? it was a train station master... putting in spoiler as it is quite long.... can't believe I remember so much even though I watched it years ago! 970
  4. When herself thinks that LYJ's dialogues are very very cringy (example the Aura pose) , she thought that the only actor who can do it is PSJ. Oh her smile after praising him haha. *refrain from quoting the pics.
  5. I agree with you guys..I was from the other ship but I was on board of this because I see something between this two that I rarely see in other on-screen couple. The last time I had this "giddy" feeling about an on-screen couple was with LJ-JSM from My Father Is Strange and look how they turn out! hehehe.. Anyway, I too think we should be matured enough to accept any possibilities...sometimes the couple we want will end up with each other, sometimes not. Look at SJS..who can guess he would date someone 17 years younger than him when to his hardcore fans it was almost unacceptable when he was pair up with someone years younger than him in his last drama? We cannot control who they like or date or end up married too. All we can do is be happy for them with whatever choices they make even if personally we think they make the wrong choice because we think someone else suits them. In other words, let's be open minded and matured about it. Now, coming back to this couple. Why I think they seemed to be made for each other? They can end up as really good friends, sis-bro kinda of relationship or really good acting buddies later on. But they can also end up as each other's best friends, partner in life and even soulmate. Anything is possible. But one fact that no one can deny is the interaction and the visual communication between these two leads we saw in both the drama and BTS so far is daebak. The comfortableness and the closeness are not fake at all. It is not easy to fake that kind of laughter, gaze, sweetness, cuteness, at least to me. Honestly, at the early stage of HPL, I never thought of much about KJW. I was not his fan at all. PMY, I like but after 7DQ, I was not too keen of her. I like her in WWSK but I like her and PJS as a couple, not her individually. When the first teaser of HPL was out, I was not thrilled. I thought I would skip this one and focus waiting for Asadal Chronicle as I am SJK's avid fan, among others. But boy was I SOOOOOOO wrong! I am now hooked to KJW and PMY both at the same time. I felt that if without the other one, they kinda like a missing link, yet at the same time they are GOLD (pun intended..hehe) as individual. What I mean is that whenever they appear solo on a screen, I felt there was something missing but when they appear together, felt like the drama is complete. Even so, when they are in their individual element, their personality still shines despite the missing link. As if as whatever aura that they absorb from each other remain substantiate throughout the whole shooting even if they appear as solo in the scene. Hmmm..did you guys get it? hehehe. It is ok if no one understand what I mean..hehehe.. In short, this drama, the whole couple moments create one of the most memorable OTPs in the history of kdrama, at least to me. Hence, I don't understand when there are people in some other forums commenting that they did not get any romantic vibes from these two. One comment I read was even ridiculous i.e the person claimed that DM has better chemistry with EG than RG! Seriously? Is she watching the same drama? EG is perhaps the most loathed character in this drama so far as the Writer has yet to redeem his character in support of DM since he is supposed to be her childhood friend. Until the Writer did, there is no way EG and DM's interaction can even reach the same standard as RG and DM's interaction. Really people. If you are jealous, go ahead. If you don't like KJW, fine, it's your choice, your right. You have the right to hate the couple because you want your own ship to sail but to give such comment shows how immature one can be since EG's character is hate-able at the moment. Be real please. I am very2 happy that the PD and Writer kept on putting them together on the screen in each episode without fail. I felt that KJW personality shines in this drama and he put all of his true self in playing RG. I felt that PMY enjoys herself immensely playing the role of DM that she too decided to put her true self in that role. Hence, we have natural interactions, genuine cuteness and seriously, achingly sweet couple moments. Thus, I was able to be on board with this ship because I cannot find any fault in their moments at all (at least for me). I do hope in the future, they will have the opportunity to act together again..maybe in a melo. Most importantly, they need to bring themselves into the set, if they do have that chance again because what we are watching right now so far (at least to me) is KJW and PMY rather than RG and DM...hehehe In real life? I leave it to them. It will be a lie if I said I don't want them to end up together. They have all the potentials of becoming a real-life couple (and I believe if they did, they will be the sweetest couple alive!). But I cannot shake the fact that PMY always have good chemistry with whomever she acted with. So, I still cannot get that kind of vibe from her as compared to the vibe I got from LJ-JSM and the Wolgyesu couple. I did get the vibe from KJW though. I can see how much he adored her but PMY seemed to treat him the way she did with all he co-stars, even with PJS. Hence I need more than just the BTS and fan cam moments to convince me that these 2 are actually together in real life. Plus, I don't really know KJW before since I guess I never had the eye for him before. But now, he is among my Top 5 list for the most talented, sometimes underappreciated, yet so charming, alluring and beautiful (in and out) actor...hehehe..So, it will take me some time to comprehend if the way he treated PMY is the same with his other co-stars or not. I need to "study" him more but as far as I can see up till this point, if a guy treat me like he did to PMY (the gaze, the laughter, the look, the smile, the soft, gentle but manly voice, the mischievousness, the cheekiness, the unintended touching and caressing, the caring, the closeness, the comfortableness), I could misunderstood all that as a sign of him interested for more...hehehe..just my 2cents...
  6. About the German lesson, only YM could pull off such a tease without QY's suspicion. He was obviously LOVING IT when QY repeated the phrase with good proninciation. YM and his dead pan expression is really KILLING ME in this amazing drama.
  7. More pictures from the shooting scene.
  8. Lee Min Ho Has Been Discharged From The Military. His Fans From All Over The World Travelling To Korea Just To See Him. Even Lee Min Ho become a Trending Topic in various countries. And All Korean News reported about his discharge. Sweep all korean news >> https://leeminhophotosgallery.blogspot.com/2019/05/news-2019-lee-min-ho-has-been.html
  9. Kim So Yeon has been gaining attention for the different makeup looks she pulls off in “Mother of Mine“! In the KBS 2TV drama, Kim So Yeon plays the role of Kang Mi Ri, and the multifaceted charms of her character are highlighted by her makeup. On one hand, she is a charistmatic careerwoman with […] The post Kim So Yeon Shows Off Diverse Charms Through Contrasting Makeup Looks On “Mother Of Mine” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. credit: Logo @rahma92: Was surprised by the size of the venue! Thought it was just a fansign event.However, I really don't know if it's free.
  11. Yes Yes he is. The same mask i believe that bjs wore in the first few episodes of S2. Haha watch the trailer. You even will see close up shots of him in it haha
  12. Yeah, it's war time, but one-sided love is everywhere. Can LYJ just decide which ship she sails: Fujin or Bojin, so that Miki and Cha Jung Im can settle the rest? Fukuda is too slow in the love competition, poor man! In order to get the girl, you can't just watch her from far, and witness another man snatching your girl. At least learn some wooing skills from Miki. She's a book, learn ! Btw, YJ told KWB "I will help you" in the beginning of ep11-12. What does it mean? she will side with Heroic Corps or it's just an act to be close with KWB (Kim Gu's order) ? in this drama, the most complicated character is LYJ, I think. She would be the end game in both war and love competition. KWB is kinda reckless abt LYJ. He knows she's from KPG, and Heroic and KBP are not on the same path, but he still lets her inside Heroic's secret location. I'm waiting for the day he knows she's Blue Bird, everyone assumes Blue Bird already died (Esther). I believe Blue Bird is bigger than just a secret agent/spy.
  13. Unfortunately nope... I loathed people who do things half baked. Bed scene on Asia television never really convincing so I would rather their imply it rather than show it..... The thread that you mentioned always HOT during HPL airing time... +2
  14. Erm. I Don’t have any sorry. But the ones that is related to undercover and it’s HK is a series that has a character named Laughing. Yes that’s his name hahaha. It has like 2 series 2 movies on this character hahaha. 970
  15. thank you for your posts. i translated and read it. agree with your assessment of kookmin. kjk looks comfortable with jsm and initiates the interactions. even when he is teased romantically with her as in jsm's mom wants you to be her son-in-law, he enjoys it. even when he is told jsm's mom thinks the age gap may be an issue, he doesn't say 'yes'. he instead says he is happy he left an impression on jsm's mom 'for now'. if kjk wants to, he can stay away from jsm so as not to encourage those teasing comments. yjs already asked him once if jsm is his girl friend when he took part in the rock, paper, scissors for her. he left a comment on jsm's post which made hwan jin pd tease them together. but kjk, unlike how he usually is, isn't bothered with the teasing :))
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