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  2. You damn lucky guy! You smelled her precious GOLD! What the heck you were doin' ? I thought you were practicing from (.)(.) feeding ! Ryan -----> <----- Me You're indeed a GOLDen hungry Lion...
  3. Finally, next weeks, pmy' Will has more time with her bf. At least they should get more time to get together. Oh my delulu
  4. I got the worst job interview today which could be perfectly summarized by this famous quote of Montesquieu that i can only paraphrasing since i have bad memory: saying that it's in the human being's nature to abuse a power to which they felt entitled. That made me thought about how perseverant our overtalented queen must have been to endure all those rejections all those years. She knew her worth and yet had to suffer people pretending she wasn't cut for the job while people without talent but with connections get to work more than her. There's nothing similar in our experience in term of age, degrees and fields and yet the same unfairness applied to both of us though for different reasons.. It's really a sad world in which we live. But a least i can take some comfort from her current success. Will post pretty gifs to cheer myself but you have chocolate and hugs to send my way, i'm taking it too. Credit: moonlit_gif Credit: moonlit_gif Credit: OAO3017
  5. The Japanese got their DVD set with translation and all? Wow! And they were wondering if they had enough order to include English translation? How many orders did they receive from Japan exactly?
  6. @nuttyz no need all,just that you think interesting thank youuuu Cr.uploader
  7. Example of love across the horizon Love Beyond Frontier EP.3 When we have to be together, how busy are 4 people? Who is like this? #The real story of many people #this is alsoWatch the accident, love across the horizon EP. 2: https://tv.line.me/v/8387185
  8. just finished epi. 2 (Different Dreams). I'm a guy so not into other guys. I think I watch for the historical value of the drama. korean jeoson kingdom collaborated with richard simmons and there are relationships that could develop and thats this movie.
  9. Congratulations to the series "the gifted students of the gift" have nominated for the best foreign tv series / serial. The Magnolia awards at the 25th Shanghai TV festival.#TheGiftedSeries#GMMTV
  10. Yes I saw it before I guess I posted it here p 963
  11. Agree with you! Imagine if PDnim gave us a steamy & proper bed scene, i’m pretty sure most of us here would be dead by the end of the episode so, i noticed, during their bed scene, DM is wearing the blue shirt that RG wore when he tried to paint her silhouette and RG is wearing a new shirt? Maybe he gave his shirt to DM and grab a new shirt from his closet?
  12. @nohamahamoud2002 that explains the weight loss...anyhow, he looks good in the current photos; his face looks younger albeit a little skinny than usual Stumbled upon this Great Doctor trailer (I have almost forgotten that Ji Hwan was once up for the lead role in this drama) which, unfortunately, Ji Hwan had to drop out of due to management agency dispute. It makes me wonder though how good it would have been if he played the lead role in it... I guess we will never know.... I think the overall tone of the trailer was a lot darker and grander in scale compared to how the drama turned out... I think part of that was due to budget constraint that the drama suffered during its production. and persisted months after its completion...
  13. [Event] Fluke and Boom celebrated the launch of the Carl Lagerfest store on 22 May at Central World. Join the first "world of Karl" in Thailand at the 1th floor of beacon zone, Central World Center, and you can also meet Karl Lagerfeld in the shop-in-shop format at Siam Discovery Zone The Exploratorium, Zen at central. World 3th floor, Zen women zone and Karl Lagerfeld Ikonik Pop-UP STORE 1th Floor Fashion Hall, Siam Paragon Mall.Style by @allybunnyruth@alruthgallery#karllagerfeld #karllagerfeldTH#Playeminent #playeminentartist
  14. Just as I have read from an article here in soompi, she wants to get married after 3 years. It was not stated she wants a family right away. However, we really don't know what's her plan after that maybe she wants to have small versions of her or her future husband to be (I am thinking 100% that it's definitely small versions of LDW too.) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  15. Based on my observation too, he is definitely ambidextrous. Left hand is his “strong” hand. However, he can use both hands. I feel that he’s so attractive when using his left hand. I am happy that you notice this detailed trivia. *high five*
  16. Tbh, the hand-in-the-pocket thing is so cool. KJW is undeniably cool, everyone says that. I don’t know if there is any meaning to it, but when shooting a kissing scene, if the hand is in the pocket, it does not block the camera’s line of sight, esp for long distance shots. For close up shots, he uses both his hands.
  17. Hi guys Im new to this forum and I rarely comment at all. But I just want to let you guys know specifically why korean fans are so against him doing this drama. Theres really no problem about the body switching part. The problem is who the male character is. He's not just a tsundere male lead. He is complete trash that views women as objects and looks down on women. I am a Korean American seungho fan. Ive been reading about this webtoon and korean fans comments. Ill try my best to translate. Examples of how the male lead looks down on females: 1. Male lead sees a female employee not wearing makeup he says "you are the first woman to appear in front of me with such an insincere/half hearted face. even normal maids have the decency to at least wear lipstick" 2. this line is kind of hard to translate to english. Ill try my best. "I am a male who isnt picky and is omnivorous when it comes to women" Ok omnivore means animal who eats both plants and animals. This comment basically means the male character doesnt care about anything as long as she is a girl. In an extreme way this can be translated as "I can sleep with anyone as long as its a girl, Im not picky." obviously this isnt all. theres more but i cant translate it all. Not only the male lead, but other male characters in the story also look down on women and say comments that objectify them. they make r rated comments about their bodies etc. Other problems -the male character looks down on normal employees. making them do unnecessary tasks etc. Nowadays when people are sensitive about employee treatment and not abusing authority. this can definitely spark controversy. -the first girlfriend of the male lead character was a school bully. Korea is extremely sensitive to bullying issues and hate it a lot.the fact that the male lead's girlfriend was a school bully? thats a big NO no matter how charming the character may be written out to be. just that fact will bring hate. Korean fans are saying sure the writer may be able to change the story to make it better, but just how much better can it get when the entire story is like this? Why take the risk at all? Also, even if its just "acting" its the actor in the end who gets the hate.(a lot of people are fans of the drama so I really dont want to hurt any feelings. but for the drama i am not a robot in the first episodes, there was a line that mingyu said about checking the robot's chest to check the battery and since the robot was actually human she gets mad. do you know what the title of the article on naver was that day? it was "yoo seung ho gets cursed at while trying to touch (actress's name)'s breasts" yes. this was the article title on the MAIN PAGE. he got so much hate comments for this scene even if it was just acting. this is how much the character and what lines the character says in the drama can hurt the actual actor and his image with the general public. that drama was definitely special for many people and it was a work that in the end healed many people's hearts. but the general public does not stick around to be proven wrong. if they watch the first couple episodes and find it controversial, they wont try to finish the rest and think of the actor negatively based on what they watched in the beginning.) Unless yoo seungho wants to go for the playboy image that looks down on women, this role will not help him at all. especially when he is known for his respectful and kind image and thats what people like him for. Just in what way can this help a male actor who mainly relies on the female fanbase? Also, i dont think having three romcoms in a row will help his career. he needs something different especially when his previous two romcoms didnt do so well viewer ratings wise. I just wanted to share this so people can be more informed. I was looking at social media and some fans just seemed to be excited because this drama seems to have lots of steamy scenes like kiss scenes, shirtless scenes, and bed scenes. Well, an actor should not be be well known for doing good kiss scenes and good looking face. he needs to be recognized for his acting to have a successful long running career and this role is just not it. he needs a strong role that can bring him recognition for his acting. I just tried to translate what I got from Korean sites. I'm sorry if I hurt any seungho fan's feelings. I really didnt mean to. I was just trying to be honest because I really want him to be recognized for his acting. I really want him to succeed and hit big. Im sure we all feel that way.
  18. Easy lhaaaa.... At the moment.... Very messy because my hair is a lot shorter... +2
  19. Yes I kind of feel that way too! I miss the background music they play whenever something silly happens (the one that sounds like a wolf is howling if you guys know which one I'm talking about! hehe). I'm hoping they'll bring back more spunk after all the secrets out though! Has anyone noticed how the last kissing scene Ryan didn't put his hand in his pocket? That's because he's finally got nothing to hide from DeokMi It's exactly how someone in this thread has mention about the details behind this.
  20. LOL @triplem ~ this armpit skinship in ep 5 had me laughing out loud that I had no idea what he was saying. first reaction "thats gross! did some cologne/deodorant company pay for PPL? we protect you from armpit sweat and so you can warm your girlfriend's hands during cold times?" but just as an aside, yes, armpits is supposed to be warmer than the rest of the body and so in freezing cold temperatures, one way of warming your hands is by putting it under your armpit as a way of warding off hypothermia/frost bite. (saw it in some english movie which I can't remember but there was LOTS of snow, up to hips and it was life & death situation where they were like literally almost dying from the cold. it wasn't some happy moment but more like sad where you are sure one of the group will die...) but here, it wasn't even that cold for hypothermia or frost bite or snow and why is there happy music? more importantly, what was min ik thinking? so gross! total skinship fail!
  21. It was the same feather. His uncle used it to protect his father when Runyu rebelled. His father then used it to capture Xu Feng's last soul before it dissipated. I just went back to scan through the last 9 episodes and couldn't find anything. I think in that scene, it was resisting being used to attack Jin Mi as it knew he didn't really want to hurt her. When he threw it and it didn't harm her, it angered him as it reminded him of his weakness where she was concerned so he decided to destroy it. If it survived, it never made an appearance again. She wasn't wearing it in their last scene together..
  22. Both KJW and PMY looks super good in the last scene. I love PMY outfit in that scene. Not too raunchy but still looks sexy. and that paintbrush bun. even better when KJW took it off ‘hotly’ (is that even a word?) Now waiting for BTS video. I am expecting the video on Saturday
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