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  2. No worries. Cause everytime PSH name was cast, knetz are all over the moon and so excited. She is so well loved and has the talent to stand out from the male lead. I believe psh was cast in MOA because of her star power. I dont think MOA will have a good rating based on HB acting only. Just my 2cent. HB need a dependable female lead cause after secret garden, his drama is not doing so well and considered flop until MOA. Back to this HB-SYJ drama, i just dont feel the hype because of the script writer, dating news, deny, dating news again and casting news. Just to much rumorsssssss -.- Moreover, people are so hype and their casting news got overshadowed with LMH-KGE casting news.
  3. They are still setting up the story since he has not cheated yet and the main leads only talk a few times to each other
  4. I'm still holding back to watch it... and can't wait for weekend to come.
  5. The members of WINNER have shed some light on their personal dating styles! On May 22, WINNER appeared as guests on the SBS Power FM radio show “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” where they talked about their new title track “Ah Yeah.” During the show, DJ Kim Tae Gyun remarked, “I heard that [Kang] Seung […] The post WINNER Dishes On Their Individual Dating Styles appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. Lee Min Ho is a top star and veritable global Hallyu king for 10 years. It's rare that an actor have been organized against continuously. Whatever it's done by personal or other actors' fandom or hired by other agency companies, sue it and file it.
  7. 190523 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update “thank you for the wonderful memories”
  8. K-drama friendships are always a little extra compared to real life. In real life, friends hang out, grab food, and watch movies. In K-dramas, friends hang out, save the world, and solve mysteries. In real life, we make friends with like-minded people at work or school, and we only rarely have real fights. In K-dramas, […] The post 9 K-Drama BFFs Who Both Love And Hate Each Other appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Where can I watch this with Eng sub, currently I watch with no sub at all! In my perspective from what I saw (with zero chinese understanding) the male lead is pretty good at express emotion thought. He looks soft when he wish to yet very arrogant at the same time. The story line are making me want to watch another episode on and on too even I don't understand chinese at all.
  10. Lots of comments in Youtube said they are sure this was ad-lib from both PMY and KJW. If this was really an ad-lib, smooth KJW asking for another kiss. (pardon me being delulu again)
  11. @Ni Wen you didn't share this here (only in DOL thread) so I am taking liberty. Love this Mike guy. Our ballerina-queen looks so.... so very beautiful here, too. LoL, good way to put it, @titania1000 - you are right! The 1st episode on the bridge, turns out L (angel Dan) was 'breathing' some of his spirit into the down-trodden Yeon-Seo, who was crying so helplessly - perhaps his presence and his breath was felt as an 'ASMR moment' and suddenly she was comforted by this 'presence', and she wasn't inconsolably sad anymore. Thanks for all your beautiful thoughts and posts, @immorethant. I love her earrings (or are they called ear clips?)
  12. Ahhh l can recall 1 recent incident: Ep 433 (ski resort) - when jsm was trying to 'shoot' the life buoy but failed. Kjk's initial reaction was to complain and started doing so but seconds later turned around and said that it was at least funny. Heheh, funny guy
  13. I hoped it was a belated April's fool.... The news being leaked with a writer's name means there is high possibility YSH will accept it and he is in advanced talks. I'm starting to get really worried about his future, and even an agency change doesn't make it better. It is the same. He should ditch dramas and focus solely on movies, even doing smaller roles. We know he has no problems taking non leads as long as his role is good. Some actors had flopped dramas and decided to film only movies. He will not be the first one. Many actors don't bother doing dramas, I dont blame them since a lot of dramas are shallow and offer no meat to grab on.
  14. Thanks! There'll be fluff and soft-smut and some funny ZhouDian (who is rapidly becoming my favorite POV character!) But yes, it's mostly silly fun with a hint of reincarnation angst!
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