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  2. I remember PMY standing up and/or getting far away from PSJ after their kiss scenes, but she's wiping her lipstick off KJW's lips. The contrast is stark lol
  3. Probably exactly same dress (designer) but different pattern. You have good memory! I haven't watched HPL for many episodes already... can't stand seeing my lion being chummy and kissing another girl. Yes, I am a petty jealous fangirl 824
  4. Loving all her pics . PSH' all grown up, classy and immaculate. With her current hairstyle I remember Lee Gyu-won of Heartstrings, only slimmer!
  5. hhaaha ‘it’s wild’ is jst a figure a speech.. i use it with everything lol.. what i meant to say is it’s wild that tvN showed that much in bts.. see i use them again lol... meanwhile they dont look shy or embarrased at all after that scene.. which is completely different from wwwsk 1st kiss where PSJ said i ate it all and PMY gave him that look..
  6. The same style of dress but different material?? +2
  7. Their stylists and make up crews must be having the easiest job here. They don’t have to take care of them everytime the scene ended because KJW and PMY will take care of each other by themselves PMY wiping her lipstick stain on KJW’s lips.. it’s rare to see something like that in drama. And one thing I love to see in their kissing scene is their bodies just so close to each other while kissing. You can see some of the dramas when the leads doing kissing scene but their bodies just far away from each other. This feels more real
  8. Awww, I love them so much! There needs to be a season 3 at least so it can be a trilogy. "HPL fighting, Minyoung noona fighting!"
  9. yep saw it too.. but i dont think it's wild..lol! I mean, if thats wild how would you describe the bts of their kissing scenes in wwwsk?? they should have shown that version of the kiss on the broadcast though.. it was more intimate that they wrapped their arms to each other. But yeah, since they showed that in the bts.. I think thats the most of what happened behind the scenes. It was good to see that they are having fun on set even with the long hours of shooting. Wishing them the best until the end!
  10. Hi everyone, have been following this thread but could not catch up the episodes yet. Still i m looking forward to reading the reviews and spoilers. Please keep this thread moving Up to episode 8, i enjoyed the story and the pace of the drama. On the leads performances, both Sophie and Aarif are not bad (for me) and i enjoyed all the Wuyou +Manyao moments. As contrary to most here, i do not know Leo before this. So i am more incline to Sophie, Aarif and Jing Chao story. Hope to catch up more over the weekends. Happy weekends!
  11. Wow thanks. You guys really have the locations. Thank God that Naver map is now in English after the Olympics. Previously I had to struggle in Korean when navigating. Yeah I am one of those people who follow food bloggers. I think I knew at least half the places we went to. So we hardly had any bad meals when out. I have tried to avoid Italian or Western food there. If only I was there whenever an IncheonIncheon airport or Cheongyecheon stream scenes is being filmed. I have had acquaintances be there when dramas are done. Thanks again. Found Hanchon checking the menu out since a branch is near where we are staying.
  12. Thanks, @lanieqp. It wasn't hard to photoshop out the pen marks, but I cannot access that cool app that turns photos into HD from my country. (I wish! It looks amazing!) It's good to have fans in every country. We can do a lot together. He was a little cutie, wasn't he?
  13. they must be super duper comfortable with each other to the extent that pmy wipes her lipstick off kjw's lips? correct me if i'm wrong because maybe i just don't watch enough behind-the-scenes videos of dramas but it seems so rare that actors/actresses are This Comfortable with each other after doing a kiss/intimate scene? anyway, i giffed some of my fave parts from the bts! (i died and resurrected many times watching the making video)
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