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  2. I want to hear your out the box analysis . I know you well enough to know you won’t give me the usual heart squealing type analysis. 692
  3. I finally watched it with subs and I'm loving it. But I have to admit, (I almost dropped my phone when I saw who the mother is lol ). @richelle You made a good point chingu. The pace of the drama is too fast that I'm worried. Hopefully they have enough material to cover until the end. I love the sisters' relationship. They have each other's backs which is good cuz the parents are gonna be so pissed off when they find out what their daughters are up to lol. First daughter wants to get divorce, second daughter is about to break up with her arranged boyfriend and will date a single father while the third daughter is in Korea when she was supposed to be abroad. Not to mention, according to her, she got charged for stalking in Paris lol. Let the trouble and screaming begin. I felt bad when YJI was like "I have a son" like it's something he feels guilty about. However LJI surprised me with her "So what attitude". I glad she didn't judge him just like what his friends are doing now. From the preview, they are broadcasting his family situation to the current boyfriend which as friends, shame on you. He needs someone to tell him not to be ashamed of himself and that it's ok to be a single father.
  4. Yes, to all you said. It's such an honor to be part of a team invited to Cannes. But a lovescene? Where did you read that? I just hope there's some kissing because I think LSK needs to get over his fear of kissing his co-star already
  5. do you notice, eversince being in relationship, Deok Mi starts to wear skirts to work and off work.... like she is more confident to show skin to her boyfriend. hihihi
  6. NOW WE ARE GETTING DEOKMILISA - BY RYAN GOLD. Tbh, I don't really know much about art. But whatever outcome of Ryan's painting, it come from his art after all. Since it is subjective, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Ryan is a famous painter. He have his own fans that love his masterpiece. He always creates art but did he ever received one himself? Call me delulu. But I can see how much he treasure DM's and the girl at the orphanage painting which they gifted to him. He mostly and based only on my observation is a Giver and not much of a Receiver. And if ever he still can't paint (not that I want to jinxed him) it may be painful to him and I do understand if he can't paint DM no matter how he tried. I'm not really know how to relate this but he was in pain but never ever DM take pity. She shows compassion and supports that he need. Like let's ride or die to moon and back. HANG ON TIGHT HUN CAUSE I GOT YOU. DM will never be just a sideline or used as tool for the ML conflicts. HPL you can't let me down ya' hear me. I am counting on you. Ryan and DM is so sync with each other that it get me goosebumps. They completed each other. They got each other back. They understand each other. They are the ultimate symbol of how healthy relationships should be. They make me choose my next drama wisely cause they simply raised my expectations. It's nice to see a FL that takes leads and ML who put his trust with his other half to actually leads them on. They were equal. That's it. That level is one is hella hard to get from other drama.
  7. You can tell the hubby is not all in on the adoption idea. His mother coming back and stirring up trouble is a problem as well as she continues to be rude and butting in yelling about continuing the blood line and not take in someone else blood. He is slowly falling in the web that Sang Mi is weaving and he will cheat we all can see its coming. Once this marriage is done I hope he does not end up living well. It is ok to not want to adopt and he should have told his wife that he would prefer not to adopt and give him time. He did the worst thing possible and ran away and ended up betraying his wife. You could tell that his mom will be part of why he betrays his wife and ultimately leaves her. His mother is all about money and a rich daughter in law is going to be up her alley especially if she thinks the woman can have a baby too. The sad part is I bet Sang Mi is doing partly based on some misunderstanding from the past and the fact she is a spoiled rich girl who has no respect for the sanctity of marriage. He best punishment is to not get the perfect marriage she wanted since she stole a man and to have the same thing happen to her. (What goes around does end up coming back around. ) The man she stole ends up cheating on her is perfect punishment or he is not happy with her after he ends up with her. A good twist will be for them to find out it was never his ex wife who had the problem but him who did and he gets to see his ex living well and happy with her new man , the adopted kid and a baby on the way. I am hoping they are done with all the busting and betrayal by episode 45 and they are divorcing so we can see the lead female start over.
  8. Aahh..if the plot is like this, maybe 'bed scene' can happen. Psj u should marry pmy' earlier to get 'real bed scene'
  9. Gahhh...this gives me warm fuzzy feelings~ Vagabond team seems really close *SSR uploaded the first pic before but deleted it soon after.
  10. Anyone tell me, did Lee El supported anything for KJW? If not, that's problem. Maybe have something between our OTP. Hahaaha. That's a joke. I just think Lee El and KJW are best friends, she even sent coffee truck for him when filmed "temperature of love".
  11. credit to uploader ep 13 was too emotional. Kudos to KJW for delivering such feelings perfectly (no doubt though). the OTP is getting stronger and sweeter despite not many fluffy scenes but them just being each other side and holding hands already romantic and their chemistry is already off the charts. now it's sort of easy to spot which one KJW-PMY or RG-DM
  12. Heard info on twitter that this drama will air this May 27. Here's the character Poster I've seen Joe Cheng as Yin Chen Zhang Ming En as Qi Ling Maggie Huang as Shen Yin Xiong Nai Jin as Lian Quan And the rest of the supporting role... sadly I only know Shane xiao yan, so I'm sorry If I can help much about them lols.. I'm sure once everyone watch the drama, we'll have everyone figured out by then From this site :http://www.chinesedrama.info/2019/05/drama-lord-critical-world.html, I gather that the drama is only 30 episode.. with air Time from Sunday-Thursday, but the entire series will available for VIP member... (so jealous T_T) Synopsis and Plot Summary
  13. True it does nothing for the ratings but the YT clicks pays. I think it went over 1M just imagine the extra payout for the TV station.
  14. With the kidnapping of SH's dad coming up. I see him totally missing his chance at those cornea's that are coming from abroad and the setup is for NJ to donate. We can see that NJ is starting to forget things and he has pain due to his headaches. With him taking the man and they being chased in the next episode I see the potential for NJ to either cause a crash getting hurt and dying which means his cornea's end up with the father or he dies from the metal in his head shifting and his time is up and he ends up with his cornea's donated to SH's father. Either way there will be a bad end for NJ.
  15. are they gonna put some titanic scene in HPL lol? ya know the one where Leonardo Dicaprio painted a picture of naked Kate Winslet and then they slept together?? if so im gonna watch it hahaha. btw i saw HPL rating dropped from 3.5 % to 3 % in seoul area and remains 2.7 % nationally.. i think it was bcoz of the new shin hye sun’s KBS drama.. the pilot ep of that drama was really good..... oh well i think PMY dont really care about the rating as long as she’s happy.. and i dont think the low rating is gonna affect her career coz now she’s really famous..
  16. I just watched the first episode because you know, I had to wait for it to come out with subs lol and OH MY WORD, she's a rude and arrogant chaebol, and she's perfect at it. LOL In terms of dancing, well I must say the director did a pretty good job at playing with the angles. I know SHS did some of the dancing except probably for the complicated ones but you really can't tell. Okay, maybe I'm being biased. HA! But, I'm really looking forward to the next episodes. Totally shipping the leads! Their chemistry is Daebak!
  17. Welcome new shipper! I'm sorry I am late in greeting you! But welcome! I hope you are enjoying all the spazz in between all of the pages my dear! There have been so much little trinkets to enjoy along the way. I too should begin reading from the beginning, because two years is a long time and we forget little moments along the way. Anyhow, enjoy! Here is a picture collage that I love very much. Two years later and I will say, NamJi are definitely worth the wait. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxLEBRQJa_C/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  18. I doubt Will be there' bed scene'. 2 eps left, the conflict is still going. I think the ending Will be there' wedding scene or engagement scene
  19. Hhaa. I'm fine with it if you don't want to watch. because this drama is heavy. Hahaha 694
  20. ooh love that hair updo...and love her skirt....they are just lovely! @Ondine I’m sure you aren’t the only one and yes hoping for no hallmark-card painting...but why a pencil though...oh she probably getting him to start with his left hand like she did.. thank you lovely chingus for sharing — live-recappers, gif-makers, clip-sharers, theory/interpretation/twitter-posters! you are all so lovely like our OTP!
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