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  2. Lmao the thread is reminding me of the shark days. I can't believe we are so close to wook ending his service.
  3. I know right? Fans of some other actors/actresses occasionally complain about the drought of news from their idols. Since Arthur only posts when he has events or to mark things he deems important, okay sometimes random photos lolol, we can only celebrate it when he does, hahahahhah! We even have to rely it on fans of his co-stars to locate his whereabout or his next projects :))). Anytime, dear! Don't need to thank me -- instead we have to thank YOU! Oh, is the sequel confirmed? Is it going to be a movie or a drama? Arthur's hair in MBS looks like super short, military cut. Wasn't he sporting a similar hairstyle in EN press con more like the one in the MBS presscon? That could be the case as well. I hope they'll also do some promotional tour to a few other cities, maybe their interactions will get better as they spend more time together. But more importantly I hope the movie turns out as good as the trailer, and so is their chemistry :). Oh please check out the trailer, I'm sure you'll love it! Any news on the Legend of the Awakening? Will it air this year? Well, Arthur may be not too active on social media, but he sure is busy and quite productive! Glad that we're going to see him in a number of productions this year!
  4. Wouldn't it be great if they won't get back together? SJ kind of ran away from it all, not like anything changed since she was in the US.
  5. I remember you asking about the Manila FM... I'm glad to hear that you're fine. I hope you can attend the June 22 FM Stay safe everyone Japanese fans are receiving their Polaroid photo (lottery) giveaways from the Bloomin' pop up store @lover37829732 Cr: Logo Cr: @ku_min88
  6. On April 25, IZ*ONE appeared as guests on Mnet’s “TMI News.” They exposed various things about each other, including their sleeping habits. It was revealed that Miyawaki Sakura sleeps with her eyes open. Choi Ye Na shared, “These days, she even talks in her sleep with her eyes open.” Miyawaki Sakura squealed, “Don’t lie,” but Honda […] The post IZ*ONE Reveals Each Other’s Sleeping Habits And More appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. It would be better i think if they cut out scenes early on instead of later. But who knows. Guess we'll have to see.
  8. I can’t wait to watch Ep6! Glad to see a recap of it. Thanks for the link. I hope people won’t deprive themselves from enjoying the current episodes by worrying too much on what will happen with the plot. I understand the worry but we won’t really know until we see it. If we start setting high expectations, we might end up being more disappointed. In summary, let’s just have fun for now and be excited for what’s to come. Btw, this is not to criticise anyone here. I’m all ok with the discussions on what some are hoping to see and not to see in the future ep. It’s good to have diff theories we can talk about while waiting for another week!
  9. I was going to check here to see if anyone has see eps 9 and if there any cut scene. I think if TVB cut it probably here and there but not completely 4 eps out of 10 but through out the drama.
  10. here.. listen to his sexy voice.. he's the driver. he is with hyung sik, woo shik and peakboy.. (taken recently) listen to when he did a sighing voice (deep breath) pretty sure that's one of PMYs habitual reactions..
  11. All i can do is ROLF while reading upir posts bahahaha Your are jjang unnie!!! Please keep them coming dearie We are so glad so to have you back too dearie!! Lmao I'll never recover from that bomb Hyunie dropped on us! You are so cute dearie hahaha Lmao lets just accept that we shippers can't let it go kekeke And wee are more like.....
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  13. IN2IT – Shining Star (Her Private Life OST Part 3) Oh Shining Star Be my star In This Life And shine so bright POPGASA
  14. I watched the TVB's version today ep. 9 and looks to me the cut are identical to the Mainland version. I'm becoming less and less optimistic on how are they going to have MM appear on episode 19. How are they going to cut 4 episodes out of the 10 episodes? scratch head
  15. 5 more days to Baeksang Art Awards!! Credit all the above to author
  16. Mr. Kwak, the man who was sentenced to life imprisonment for charges of contracting the murder of actress Song Sun Mi’s husband, has been ordered to pay a large sum in compensation. Judge Go Jong Young of the 30th panel for civil procedures at the Seoul Central District Court ruled that Mr. Kwak is to pay a total of 1.3 billion […] The post Man Found Guilty Of Contracting Song Sun Mi’s Husband’s Murder Ordered To Pay Compensation To The Deceased’s Family appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. While watching the show, I was experiencing deja vu in a lot of scenes. I was also wondering if I had seen the show already. This show is a remake of this one -
  18. i know some dramas can be found on both, but i don't know... the way this was announced makes it seem like it's a netflix-only deal... it's being announced as a netflix original, so i think they own the full rights. but i guess we can still try requesting it on viki, maybe? just fill this form: https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/ i hope at least fan subbers (or sub rippers ) will come through because netflix sometimes literally change the audio or even delete scenes just because of copyright issues with background music, images on tv screens, etc and that's a bummer.
  19. Inna is his dream girl!! hahahah get it boy!! go get her!!! hahahah did u notice when they asked him to do aegyo he just brushed it off? hahahahah but when inna asked on kakaolive he couldn’t say nooo hahahahahah he even dare to sulk to inna being a baby hahahaha omg i just love them they make me happy
  20. So I have been stewing on this idea for a while and wanted to write a fanfic of my own version/interpretation of the ending after Wuji left Ming Sect. Takes place 2.5 years into Wuji's search (because I wanted to see him suffer? A lot?) More chapters to come. This is the first fanfic I've written in almost 15 years (also the first time in 6 years I've touched Photoshop to create fanart), so I am open to hearing your thoughts. I just hope someone can enjoy Wuji's suffering as much as me /grins evilly Title: Fortunately Summary: 妳便是我 命運安排的人 You are the one fate has arranged for me. -- Sometimes, on the most discouraging of nights when the endless roads and vast horizons tire him to his core, Wu Ji wonders if the pain will ever end. He wonders if two years or even two more years or even two more years after that will yield anything at all. Then he remembers his Tai Shi Fu’s words, and he optimistically bargains that he is young, that he has many years and even decades ahead of him to find her. Just the slightest anticipation of seeing her again wills him forward onto a path of renewed hope because that is how Wu Ji will always be. The fear of giving up and living with regret scares him more than an endless journey without hope. Without her. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/44083420
  21. I think it's for SJ but I want him to give it MR. From the Herald pop article above... " Hong Jong-hyun is bringing up the romance gauge with Kim So-yeon in "Mother of Mine". He said, "Kim So-yeon is very kind, and she's like an angel. She scolds me and pressures me in some scenes of the drama but knowing her real personality, I can't be scared of her".  Cute. Kim So Yeon is good actress and it's good so you good deliver good doing scenes which he does. And what makes them look good and their chemistry is that he's got that look and well built physically of man. Very manly so he matches evenly with Kim So Yeon. Seems me and most everyone that watches, was also surprised he's 10 years younger than her in real life.
  22. After the last Busan International Film Festival event that we saw them appeared and walking the same red carpet with different people, now we will be able to see them again in Baeksang award nominated in different category. Credit to author
  23. @cherrinekimoh thanks chingu! i really enjoyed it hahaha i never really felt anything other than friendships between them (for what i saw/watched from bts or other, tho im sure they enjoyed filming together too. they just really seems good friends. but towards inna it really feels different on many levels. thats why i really think, many fans, even others who doesn’t really knows them love them together. you know what’s interesting too? when i watch pichicouple’s vid on yt and ig, most fans (in section comments) are saying that dongwook really likes inna. but some of them dont get that feel on inna. i mean, they are not sure if inna likes dongwook. on ig too there was this ldk’s fan account who, i assume is a dongwook fan, and she/he likes pichicouple too. and she/he thinks lee dong wook likes inna too, but not sure if inna likes dongwook. she/he even said that who knows maybe inna has boyfriend(like ofc i understand whats her/his point too, because there is no confirmation) but IMO i dont think dongwook would do all those things to inna, like idk? all of his efforts to take care of inna? if she does have boyfriend? and i really dont think inna would be super close or comfortable with dongwook if she really does have? this. this too. ‘she even said in her interview such as "ldw is d only one" or "ldw is know everything, i never meet an actor like him" or "ldw is like superman".. hey, if he is just a friend, she would never said those highly praise like that right?‘ aaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! IDK ANYMOREEEEEEE!! IF THEY DONT GET TOGETHER IDK ANYMOREEEEEEEE!! IT WOULD BE SUPER WEIRD LIKE WHYYYYY? IT WONT MAKE SENSE HUHU
  24. Hahahahha yeah i dont know why with this activity, i was just so enthusiastic uploading these photos and videos of him, maybe because i have waited too long to enjoy any new projects from him after ever night, and also he is not a social media active person, so when he does online, i am so excited LOL. Thank you for your encourage @caranita, it means a lot My Best Summer (MBS) was shot after EN, dont know exactly which month, but if you remember the launching press con EN on October 2018, he attended it with the same hairstyle when in MBS. So yes they are finally reunited after quite a while, maybe almost a year. The author August Chang An, expressed her satisfaction about the cast on her weibo when she visited the set back then. Hopefully she satisfied with the result and approve the next two sequel! Yeah i feel it too, i havent watched all the videos, but from the photos, their interactions is not that close, maybe they both are shy people, need someone else first to do the trigger, not like YiRen n Nana who is more active and cheerful. Oh well I was just too busy uploading but dont have time to watch them, too many of them LOL!
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