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  2. i dun mind if its that Miss Wang from China who is poaching MR over.. haha but if she is really going US to study, hopefully its a short course or maybe she is going to China for a new overseas branch office? i dun think they will do a time travel kind for MR TJ.. family dramas are likely to continue progress as if day by daily to continue build up the plots for MS and MH.. lets see if Kim So Yeon takes a break and we will know lolol and, why is Mi Ok inside the car with that creepy master again?!?! the thought of her wanting to wear a red bikini (without her hubs presence) was already a turn off.. is she really craving for new love and excitement at this phase of her life?? omg seriously.
  3. Hi there too. Yup, I've watched Confidential Assignment 2x to be exact) and I super love HB there. I just hope it wouldn't be too cutesy though. Just enough to not make the drama too serious, but not too much that makes it silly already.
  4. we hope that 80% came true more Lion x Rabbit scene please... gwangjangnim??? i'm on standby mode (LS Recapper) ready for another action... by our leads... hopefully PDNim will feed us mouthful of sweetness between our OTP's
  5. That could be quite funny to say the least ! I think a HCTM2 is in order ( to finish the novel of course ). Ohm and Singto are under the gmmtv house so it's possible - they do have a nice connection and flow. LOL...although that seems to be the norm in a lot of Thai instrumentation . Not sure sometimes if its the actual instrument ( non western ) or just too much top. Not every vocalist can have BTS's flawless falsetto, so I think they use the instruments in lieu of...there are times I think, could ya add a bass line riff to that ? LOL I listen to quite a bit of Korean, Chinese and Thai performers ( including Kpop). However, I do give credit where credit is due - it seems of late that there is a trend for ML's to do OST covers; actors expanding their repertoire and since gmm has music division - why not !
  6. I guess its time to flip the tables Like everyone else here I'm disappointed. This is going to be his third romcom if he accepts. Moreover it has all the clichés : rich guy vs. poor girl. Even romcoms aired on cable tv struggle to get high ratings. I'm going to pass his drama again if he accepts, unless I hear positive critical reviews.
  7. Okay now i need translations to this vlive interview. Just Hyesun related parts will do What did Hyesun write for that last part? L wrote teamwork and LDG im not sure. I know KBM wrote Chance. I know how desperate she is for a chance to lead and breakout. I hope she will get her chance one day too. Her scenes are mostly ballet thats why to her this is a ballet drama, whereas for Hyesun, ALML and Lee Yeon Seo is more than just ballet. Nothing against KBM but still she's repeating the 23%. Why do i feel Hyesun was more comfortable with just L alone? Maybe it's just me. I love that radio interview this afternoon
  8. On May 22, a video of singer Lee Hyun bringing snacks to his Big Hit Entertainment labelmates BTS and TXT was uploaded to the agency’s official YouTube channel. In the clip, Lee Hyun entered the Sangam MBC building carrying bags full of soft pretzels to share with his juniors. On this day, BTS and TXT had performed at […] The post Watch: BTS, TXT, And Lee Hyun Enjoy Snacks Together In New Behind-The-Scenes Video appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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    @nohamahamoud2002@LmanglaThanks you two
  10. Are you referring to "Legend of the Blue Sea"? Because I didn't like that drama either and that's why I was hoping Binnie wouldn't take the role. But, oh well. I will still try to watch the drama.
  11. Yaayyyy!!! No wonder he's been singing it in all the universities & colleges that they have visited! The song and the music arrangement really suits his vocal character. I know why hahahaha! (Psst... me too!)
  12. Miss Shin Hye so much . When is she going to announce her coming drama . There’s so many good dramas coming out written and directed by good writers and directors . I remembered last time she said after her graduation she’ll do drama every year but it seems it’s not happening. The last drama she did . Her screen time is not that much . After doing so well in doctors I thought she’ll pick up more challenging and matured drama but MOA is not to the expectation . Sometimes it comes to my mind whether having lady CEO is good when it comes to this kind of business. I also think the company should have not force her to admit her relationship after all she clearly said before she’ll announce her relationship when she gets married. I hope call will not disappoint me coz all her fast movies which I looked forward to only to have her twice in screen time. But the way they promote is like she’s the main actress but to appear twice. I hope CALL won’t disappoint me. Shin Hye pls announce your next drama.
  13. This is finally confirmed! I am so excited about it!! I hope we have a date real soon!!! https://www.soompi.com/article/1326375wpp/hyun-bin-and-son-ye-jin-confirm-for-new-drama-from-writer-of-the-legend-of-the-blue-sea
  14. My hope 80 percent just romance scene with Ryan and Deokmi 10 percent Ryan with others 5 percentt Ohers scene 3 percent commercial product scene 2 percent conflict... Ops
  15. Great news about the drama...Although not unexpected! I am a believer too. Their interactions during the promotion of their movie, the comments from their movie director, the IG pictures (how could no nonsense shy HB agree to have these cheesy animated selfies been published if he is not smitten by her? ), their vacation in US, SYJ total silence the last months (last picture on IG from Feb.26th) and now a project together (which allows them to be legitimally and publicly together). Looking forward to this drama. HB as a serious officer and SYJ as a goofy heiress?
  16. HJ uploaded a preview clip for his upcoming YT video on HJ Channel on 24May (Friday) - 절대 미각 (supposed to be super tasty ramen version)! (Don’t forget to check out the preview clip & full version on YT this Friday) https://www.instagram.com/ by Mich Lui
  17. Black pizza? With charcoal in it? I didn't particularly like the bun, it had a gritty taste. I think it was bamboo charcoal. Maybe black pizza is the in thing in Korea? The owner of ox bone soup eaterie ate Italian food, I think that was supposed to sound stylish, commensurating with SJ's suit and made-up face. I felt sad for SJ, the manipulative witch IS made her feel as if she was keeping MR down. The clothes and the place IS met her were all worked out to put her down. Good thing MR blew her off. I hope she made good her threat to expose IS' big secret.
  18. From the preview, why will the family be surprised if NJ calls SH? he has partial amnesia and calls her Gemma
  19. I've finally finished episode 14 and I am up to date now! Cried tears of joy and not complaining at all! JS's dad is just beyond redemption. Hopefully JS and Dahee will tell the truth in next episode!
  20. 'Park Shin Hye ... 'phone call to LG, it started.... ‘저 박신혜인데요…’ LG에 걸려온 전화 1통, 그게 시작이었다 | 1boon https://1boon.daum.net/jobsN/5ce351576a8e5100013c8c8a …
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