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  2. I saw him two days ago... I was dark, so admittedly it wasn't as clear as I wished for... but god he was so handsome and tall. His voice is the most impressive thing about him that day... For me, his voice leaves me the deepest impression lyke akdjsaldsdsadsladks;lkdsaldjsadsads. More than his face, he has this commanding and charismatic aura around him, too...so even if I didn't see his face THAT clearly, he still left me stunned for some seconds (I was standing at the opposite of the road when he was walking to his van...I was too stunned to move only by seeing him /walking/ from afar... LOL. Luckily I gained enough consciousness to approach him right before he entered his van and left after returning fans' greetings).
  3. <‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’> Memories#34 in Hokkaido
  4. Hi, i'm sorry to disturb you. but may I know what did sugeun actually told yoona in knowing brothers? I'm a silent shipper of them too. I also heard some people said yoona is currently dating Hong jonghyun. Both of them frequently hangs out with a group of friends. Thank you
  5. I'd be in delulu if they repost their BTS from sofa kissing scene, hahaha! I won't be surprised if they did another cryptic post. It excites us shippers when they are in ninja mode
  6. WOAH! How did you noticed all of these?! Anyways, I LOVE EVERY BIT OF WHAT WAS WRITTEN HERE! Okay "June 14" MARKED!
  7. Poor you guys dont get to see kim jae wook from close. I just want to know if in real life also without makeup is he annoyingly god like handsome
  8. He is holding a knife. Because they blur out the hands i kinda think of it as in a dream. Like it's not real. It must be a fake. He is wearing a mask even. 568
  9. the teaser for tomorrow makes me feel bad for se young already
  10. Jo In Sung just returned from a short trip to Japan with Kim Woo Bin, Lee Kwang Soo, Bae Seong Woo, Kim Ki Bang, and EXO's D.O. The friends were spotted all wearing masks and caps as they make their way through Gimpo International Airport on May 18. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/kim-woo-bin-spotted-returning-from-japan-trip-with-lee-kwang-soo-jo-in-sung-and-exos-do
  11. Thank you so much, chingu-deuls, for the stills and recaps! Trying not to spoil myself too much though...lol. @Oksana Sutra Agree, we also need some romance, and enough with the killings..ha ha..YC needs to go to pave way for the romance . But then, it's like the plot revolves around YC. And it is actually romcom too, albeit until now, we have yet to see the development.
  12. I have been in same situation every time i found good dramas (wuxia, korean, thai,japanese) . TMOPB...NIF I...NIF 2, AOL ...some korean dramas etc. you should find another good drama to move on. LOL. Just let if flow, in time you will finally move on.
  13. Maybe Wookie passed it on to our ship captain Kim Go Eun to deliver it to our special girl In Na so that we won't notice. Until she secretly confessed to us fans thru this pic today at 520
  14. Finally a thread in English for this series! So excited to have found this discussion forum! That being said, my post might be all over the place because of excitement, haha. I originally started this series because of Leo Luo and Sophie Zhang, but now I have newfound appreciation for Aarif. I blame it on the solo song he wrote for this series. It blew me away the first time I heard it and I can’t remember the last time I counted down to a song’s release. Lol. Anyway, I have watched about 18 episodes and can say that this series doesn’t get enough attention anywhere. This is my second time watching Sophie Zhang. I’ve managed to skip her works since her guest appearance(?) in Whirlwind Girl where she played Bai Jingting’s sister. I remember her being a very sweet girl there and that was it, so I consider this as my first real look at her acting. She’s doing great so far and I’m definitely feeling her heartaches. I also admire her grit. I am actually quite enjoying Aarif’s portrayal of Wu You. In the novel, which I’ve just started reading, he’s as stoic as he is in the series if not more. I’ve started to notice his micro expressions and the subtle changes in his eyes. At least for me, it’s easy to differentiate when he’s in pain or hurt and when he’s just heads over heels in love with Man Yao. Meanwhile Cnetizens have been criticizing his looks, saying his face is too long but they mostly agree, at least from the comments I’ve seen, that he can act. Jing Chao’s portrayal of General Fu Chou is spot on. This is my second time watching this actor and I feel like he does the second male lead roles quite well. Not good enough for me to develop second male lead syndrome, but he fits the bill. However, since I skipped around in the novel and read the last few chapters of it, I have to say I have absolutely no sympathy for his character. What he committed was an unspeakable act and I’m glad he suffered the consequences for it. It’s absolutely sickening. From the looks of the theme MV, they decided to keep this scene? Yikes. Leo Luo Yunxi hasn’t appeared enough in the story for me to grow attached to him yet. All I know is that he’s super easy on the eyes and I really want to see his character development.
  15. He looks exactly like he is on TV... He's even slightly awkward...like he was surprised when I greeted him... He was already half-entered the van when I did, so kinda peeked outside to return the greeting...so cute =))
  16. You're right about the people around him!!..... but then, maybe he has just arrived at the scene? I'm still trying to think towards the positive... 566
  17. I tried to watch other Cdrama and nothing can get through my head. I’m also watching the Viet dub beside the Mandaand the Cantonese version. There someone on FB Viet Fans post there another TVN version didn’t cut the sense where MinMin smile before WJ pull her down in the trap. So I’m not sure is there 2 versions of the TVB.
  18. Thank you for the link!! Gotta find a guy like Ryan Gold who can admit his mistake and never had any strong pride in him.
  19. there will be a special broadcast on sunday, may 26 at 21:00 (kst) 21:00 arthdal chronicles : the beginning of all legends of the world https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=asdal&no=282
  20. Park Hyung Sik talked about his friendship with BTS’s V! The two stars got to know each other while filming the KBS drama “Hwarang,” and their friendship has stayed strong ever since. They also remain close friends with other cast members including Park Seo Joon. On May 20, Park Hyung Sik appeared on the radio […] The post Park Hyung Sik Says He’s So Close With BTS’s V Even Their Parents Are Friends appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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