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  2. @mrsj3n at one point I was the wannabe chow Yun fat too! I messed up my own gif. Well... forgot to cut away the last part lolll
  3. 181007 Shinhwa 20th Anniversary Concert, Heart Tour in Seoul - Dongwan fancam/fanpic. Link: shinhwarm
  4. I was about to say don’t be too negative before it airs but then again I just remembered I tend to do the same. Sometimes you get sense out of the teasers and you don’t feel like watching ... Though I loved the first teaser that’s why I’m kinda nervous about the second.
  5. I'm glad we are normal too. I'm half chinese/viet i can understand both mandarin/cantonese but I found the dub isn't as good as mandarin. But i'll watch the cantonese also just to see if there any uncut scene that i can pick up. Love all your post Lauren. I still can't find a way to download this on youtube.
  6. Even if they are not 100% accurate ... you still get a sense out of it. You get to know about their personality. Their fun side. If there’s any. (Say for an example ... Dam Bi & SH during the sit/up quiz in Village Survival ... they used to get really quiet during personal questions but you would get answers even out of that ...made you curious like hell. You can chose to be mum but it’s impossible to avoid.) In the end it’s all for fun though. .And it’s not just that ... I feel it’s time for Hae Sun to socialize more with other actors/colleagues ... widen her circle ... somebody needs to push her to be more active on Insta as well!
  7. @mrsj3n lol me plastic bag and bushman. Triplem also become fatty guy for a while muahahaha. Ameera also become yellow dog.. iconic scene. I laugh the loudest on that part in the whole FP series
  8. Four episodes only and 25 pages already! The last time I noticed something like this was Hwarang. There were a dozen or so young good looking faces. Well this guy is good looking too but I saw him as a priest in The guest. I cannot get that picture out of my mind. This actress is so lucky, she was in secretary Kim with a great looking guy too. I have to leave and get that priest image out of my head. Meanwhile anyone who feels like recapping gets my eternal gratitude.
  9. Article in Weibo about low ratings for TYH and HPL. https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/66830933.html?weibo_id=4362921901840262 As discussed here recently, HPL has limited audience - for the young fangirls who prefer watching online so, it will not count as ratings. Love story drama itself is limited mostly for female audience and having sub genre romcom - fangirling topic makes the drama audience more limited. Family dramas that are relatable to all ages are the ones which usually become blockbuster. While WWWSK is a romcom lovestory, it has family drama story too. I still remember the discussion here in this thread before when WWWSK ratings dropped after the kidnapping issue has been resolved. Probably because the male viewers interested only on the suspense part had stopped watching.
  10. Thank you so much for uploading this video on youtube. This is my favourite MV so far of this series. The song has a strong Wuxia feel, the tune is catchy and blends so well with most of the best WJ-MM scenes. I think of all the HSDS adaptations, Yukee and Joseph make the best MM and WJ. It is the first time I watch Joseph Zheng in a series. I truly feel the initial criticism of his acting is unfair. Of all the WJ's in HSDS adaptations, he is the most suited in age, look and has conveyed successfully the naivety, sense of righteousness and the various struggles and conflicts in WJ. Like all of you HSDS fans in this forum, I too am suffering from withdrawal from this series.
  11. BTS’s “Map of the Soul: Persona” has debuted at the top of the United Kingdom’s Official Albums Chart! On April 20 KST, it was announced that BTS has taken No. 1 on the United Kingdom’s Official Albums Chart with their new mini album “Map of the Soul: Persona.” They achieved this with 26,500 combined sales, and […] The post BTS Becomes 1st Korean Artist To Top UK’s Official Albums Chart appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Well.... I couldn't keep myself from Doctor Prisoner & watched yesterday's eps right away! And another action packed, block baster eps they were!! I am pretty stunned by this plot! So Han Bit discovered that LJJ injected his own father & Han Bit himself ended up in jail to escape from LJJ! And just wow! LJJ's father himself doesn't want his son to be the heir of their company! And when they showed that Han Bit is with NYJ's sis, I at once had a thought that "Yes, now LJJ will soon go after NYJ's sis!" & unfortunately the same would happen next week! And what an outstanding act by Namggong MIn! I never thought that he could be this fierce! His facial expressions are so on point! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtWAwDyv9Xw And another salute for Kwon Nara!! I was so touched when she chased her bro crying all the way!!! She is a great actress!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvfACZfy350 And I still think that NYJ has some other major target rather than breaking down LJJ & director Seon! By chance, is that haeun hospital that his mother died without proper treatments..???!! Then it's all natural that he can go to the extend to get revenge from them!! What do you think, dear @bebebisous33 chingu..???!! Tagging @mrsj3n & @philosophie chingus as well!!!! And this is a Fantastic ride!! I got my 1st k-drama addiction for 2019!!! I don't know why this thread is so quite even though the series is a super hit but I JUST LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! All the cast is greatly chosen for their respective roles!!!! JUST GREAT!!!!! Can't wait to see next week's eps!!!!
  13. Yes, point well taken and there's a great chinese fanfic that deals with this. In the fanfic ZWJ confronts RYW about ZM's 'death' and RYW counters that it is ZWJ not him who let down ZM the most. ZM gave up everything for him, but RYW easily snatched her away, giving lie to ZWJ's claim that he would protect her. (I thought it was a great smack-down coming particularly from a parent who ultimately shielded ZM from both the Ming sect's and the Yuan dynasty's wrath!)
  14. @lu09, yup; once the truth comes out, the grandparents will not let them out of their sight . @chrissydiva, concur; LSH should return being a doctor, but; we know that Grandpa will keep him in the company. Waiting for sub
  15. For past few days. I read some criticism from Cfans but i also read many many Cfans positive feedback about this drama. Many said that they totally sink in deep into the series and could not get out of it. Some are drowning of sadness as they can't bear to part with this series especially WJ minmin. Many said that this series fulfilled their wishes of having devoted WJ minmin pairing, many said that this series is the best and they will not be looking forward to next remake as they have found the perfect WJ minmin. Sounds like our predicament over here in this forum, isn't it? Conclusion : WE ARE NORMAL HAHA I am even more amazed by the love coming from Vietnamese and Indonesian fans.
  16. 190419 LUCAS’ Weibo update “I’m in tonight’s episode of #TrumpCard! Hope you guys enjoy it! You guys must definitely come and cheer for me! ✌️✌️✌️” Translated by meltIips - SM_NCT
  17. ^^ @greezlybee Thank you for the gifs. They're already sizzling hot, and they haven't even kissed yet.
  18. Ugh, I was disgusted with what grandma did today. Indeed, this family brought snakes into their own household and the innocent ones are paying the price. As much as I want LSH to move into his own house, this pair of grandparents of his will not let him be. @newyee I was wondering where were you lol. Thanks for the preview as always. Indeed, it's a long weekend, enjoy it.
  19. The secret of that night has been revealed in ep 5 Preview for ep 6 Soo Ho posted an article in website telling about the incident of Seon Ho's assault. She told that it was unfair for her brother and family. The culprit got away with 3 days of punishment. Police and school ruled that it was finished but her family won't stay until they get the truth. She asked netizen to support them. And slowly the number of people who read the article grew from 5 to 153 Another problem to solve after the shoes. The diary and hand phone...
  20. Love 'em- particularly the one of ZM/ZWJ going round and round in a big hug. Funny that Joseph and Yukee referenced that too... Joseph mentioned "Jiayou, meet you out in the plains!" on her Weibo(?) and Yukee said "Yes! We'll go around and around!" Thanks, I'm struck again how good riders they look, I wonder if they have some equestrian training? Or maybe just great posture! HILARIOUS! Totally true... in the end he wasn't screwed over by beautiful women but ugly guys! His mom should have warned him differently! Ok, I was going to quote you Jackieus for the MV's but I don't want to take up too much space repeating the MVs, just to say "Thank you!" for sharing! So much HSDS love!
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