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  2. Aww, they play and vibe (and laugh) so well together! I love the entire thing, but some notable bits: 1:36 Playing around with ad libs at the end of the breakfast scene so Ryan and Deokmi could make out sans coffee 2:16 Turning hand-holding into a "Fighting!" cheer 3:14 KJW looked so impressed when PMY did her hair up. I was very impressed too. 4:07 @mmac80 I agree, the kiss scene was a lot hotter in the bts. Seems to be the usual case with this couple. 4:00 KJW's habit of wiping her tears away 4:12 PMY's habit of wiping her lipstick from his face
  3. Actually I watched only two or three long dramas, there is little logic in dailies @cherriesblue one viewer was saying if you want to commit a crime and not get punished go to Korea
  4. Hello everyone! I just got back here on Soompi from being MIA. There are a few who posts MBF contents on YSY thread. You can copy-paste maybe. Haven't watched the drama, been away from K-ent for a while. Screencaps http://www.jjan.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=2045212&sc_section_code=S1N36&sc_sub_section_code=S2N71
  5. I learnt by chance that FL was in my golden life with Park Si Hoo. I watched him in lovely horribly. I don't like him very much although they chose him as the most handsome Korean actor -2
  6. Shin Hye Sun Leaves Viewers Shook With Her Acting In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” https://www.soompi.com/article/1327198wpp/shin-hye-sun-leaves-viewers-shook-with-her-acting-in-angels-last-mission-love
  7. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000734228&lfrom=twitter
  8. Whoaah the BTS angle is always better you know the kissing game is on when KJW’s hands are in PMY’s waist. His kisses were more calm when he put his hands on her neck. But when the hands go to her waist, it’s more I can’t imagine the bts of woodshop kiss. OMO him giving her milk to wash her mouth from coffee so he can kiss her was an ad-lib. It’s quite easy now to distinguish script and ad-lib from these two And KJW, I can’t believe someone like him who laughed a lot during bts could play serial killer like Mo Tae Goo.
  9. You are my angel. You're by my side, always, always. Stay here forever. And Dramabeans recap of episode 1-2 http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/angels-last-mission-love-episodes-1-2/
  10. While people may think that the villains right now are paying for what they did, i was hoping that this is a series where thr villains receive what is due them. Unfortunately, it seems that Aera and NJ having the chance to go to the US to have the surgery or whatnot seems like business as usual for the bad guys. Esther still carousing around like a socialite at the house of her in laws. These three having brought so much suffering, like death, loss of identity through lying for the family and company. No civil penalties, no anything. The Aura family is rich and influential, but they can't provide a just penalty for those guys.
  11. [News] 2019.05.24 Jang Ki Yong And Im Soo Jung Talk About Their Romantic Chemistry In tvN’s Upcoming Drama “WWW” Is this a deliberate parody of Go Back Couple? Hahaha... “WWW” stars Jang Ki Yong and Im Soo Jung dished on their chemistry in the upcoming drama! tvN’s “WWW” is a new romance drama that will follow the realistic love lives of three career women who work at Korea’s top search engine companies. Im Soo Jung will star as Bae Ta Mi, a strategic manager at Korea’s No. 1 portal site Unicorn, while Jang Ki Yong will star as Park Mo Gun, a genius composer who sweeps the career-oriented Bae Ta Mi off her feet. The two co-stars both spoke highly of each other, with Jang Ki Yong remarking, “[Im Soo Jung] is an actor that I liked so much that I always made sure to watch her [films and dramas]. I was excited when I heard that I’d be working with her, and I’m still amazed by the fact that I’m acting together with her.” Meanwhile, Im Soo Jung recalled, “My first impression of Jang Ki Yong was, ‘It’s Mo Gun!’ Even in real life, his vibe is very similar to Mo Gun’s.” She added, “Our acting teamwork on set is great, and we get along very well.” Im Soo Jung also expressed her excitement for the romantic chemistry that their characters would display in the upcoming drama. “Park Mo Gun brings warmth and emotion to Ta Mi’s brutal daily life,” she commented. “Ta Mi is bothered by the fact that she showed Mo Gun her flows, but Mo Gun, who suddenly appears in her life, finds that side of Ta Mi cute and endearing.” She went on, “By watching the two of them, viewers will be able to feel their own hearts flutter and absorb [the characters’] bright energy.” Jang Ki Yong added, “Because the two of them aren’t typical characters, they present an unending array of new charms. They switch back and forth between bickering and sweetness, and they also occasionally deliver unexpected laughs.” He concluded, “They’re a couple with refreshing charms, so please show them a lot of anticipation and love.” tvN’s “WWW” is scheduled to premiere on June 5 at 9:30 p.m. KST. In the meantime, you can check out the latest teasers for the drama here! Source (1) via soompi
  12. Agreed on 4:07, they should've used that angle, then maybe there'll be a little bit less complaints about the scene being too pedestrian. Lol. Who knows maybe we'll get that angle in the beginning of ep 15 (I wish lol).
  13. That's what happens when there is a big fanbase of the leads. Both ML and FL have their own fanbase and every single picture of them shooting or BTS will usually be uploaded to the thread. It gets tiring I agree when we want to focus on the story. 806
  14. THE WATER(FALLS) When it comes to symbolism, kdrama writers usually go for the moon, the sun, stars or flowers; however, in the case of One and Only Love, it’s water. Not merely rain, but the actual element of water with everything it entails and including much more than its symbolism in the Christian faith because while the drama uses the themes and motives of Catholicism and Christianity, the god depicted here merely represents the almighty deity which can be found in many religions. Basically, something higher than us. (It’s a concept similar to the one found in Goblin.) Water symbolizes life, purity, purification and rebirth, but just as there is no light without darkness, there is no life without death. Water can give life just as much as it can take it. Humans can’t breathe under water and they can easily drown in it, yet they need it to sustain them. Without water, there would be no life, even human bodies are made of water. The element of water in the drama represents all these conflicting aspects of life and death. Dan’s and YS’s childhood memories feature heavily the element of water. There are actually two separate flashbacks – the one time when YS saves Dan and the one time when she doesn’t and each time it isn’t merely raining but a large body of water is present. Furthermore notice, how on both these occasions Dan is falling, possibly to his death, and then fastfoward 20 years later to the two moments when Dan saves YS – IT IS ONCE AGAIN RAINING AND DAN CATCHES YS WHEN SHE FALLS. Dan almost drowned and then probably really drowned in a body of water in his childhood, 20 years later, YS wanted to kill herself in a river and then, when she was falling in her car, it was once again river in which she would have fallen and drowned. Was it her fate or her punishment for trying to take her own life to almost die the same way she previously tried to? Was it fate that Dan saved her or did he prevent her fate? As if the there were not enough parallels with water already, the first time Dan’s approaches YS and talks to her, even though she can’t hear him, happens on the bridge across the river. And when he comes to her later and sits with her on the bench, it is once again the element of water which beckons him to her, this time rain. My guess is that water serves as a kind of trigger to restart memories and emotions for Dan and YS. It reminds me of the “deep waters” trigger in the season 4 of Sherlock. Moreover, one more water tidbit, the very first scene of the entire drama is the ballet Swan LAKE, with a giant picture of lake in the background and YS as the tormented swan princess who is a victim of a spell cast by an evil sorcerer and FALLS FROM THE SKY after being hit by an arrow. So water and the fall (either the fall(ing) of water, a person or objects) play an important role in the whole story. Even Dan himself is in one way or another a fallen angel or on his way to becoming one if he fails his mission. Well, if this isn’t symbolism and parallelism at its finest, I don’t know what else is. Of course, all this might turn out to be just a mere coincidence but there is no way the PD would let his two lead actors and child actors get drenched so much on regular basis in the span of two episodes for no obvious reason. The kdrama universe is rarely so lazy.
  15. Shin Hye Sun awed viewers with her acting on the latest episode of her new drama! The actress is currently starring in KBS 2TV’s new fantasy romance drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” as Lee Yeon Seo, a privileged heiress who is forced to give up her dreams of becoming a ballet dancer after losing her […] The post Shin Hye Sun Leaves Viewers Shook With Her Acting In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. On relationship between Sian and Ryan. When did Sian know that Ryan is his real hyung (half brother)? I think when Sian told Ryan that Lee Sol is his own mom, he did not know for sure, yet. The reason he told Ryan, simply because Sian was aware that his mom will ask Ryan to cancel the exhibition, and wanted Ryan to convince her to continue. We must note that Sian couldn't possibly knew that Ryan knew that Lee Sol could be his bio mom, so he wasn't trying to drop the bomb or something. But as a sensitive person Sian could sense Ryan strong reaction to the fact. He thought he was angry because he hide that Lee Sol was his mom, so he waited in front of his door that night to explain. Ryan's reaction did confirm that he was angry. That's lead him to ask DM, was Ryan angry because the lie behind the exhibition (him not telling the truth that Lee Sol is his mom from the beginning)? When DM said no than he must be trying to think of other reason, could it be that...? He knows that his mom will try to talk to Ryan secretly about the exhibition. So when he found her mom break down in the hallway, he knew that it must have something to do with Ryan. That's when he put the two and two together: that Ryan is indeed his mother missing son, even though he doesn't ask her anything that night. He knows his mom secret for sometimes. I think that the reason why he try to collect all of her painting back. He began his interests in Ryan after finding out that Ryan bought one of Lee Sol painting. After agreeing to the exhibition, i do think Sian also did try to research Ryan background. It is no secret that Ryan is an korean adoptee, so I do think Sian_ after finding out this fact_ did wonder about Ryan. Age and background wise, Ryan fitted the profile of his missing hyung. That's why he tries to befriend him and listing facts that their meeting was fate. I think Sian also suspected that Ryan bought Lee Sol painting for himself not for his client. When Sian asked Ryan to meet afterwards, I do think he did it well. He emphasized "hyung" warmly to an awkward Ryan, implying that he knew. Telling him there is something special and fated in their relationship and simply ask him a chance for their mother to explain by giving him her number (so he can call her wen he's ready).
  17. I'm sorry but if PPC don't end up together, I'm gonna hurt Park PD for making such a good drama! and got all of us ducked up (not a typo, trying to keep profanity out of it) lol
  18. 4:07 The make out session from this angle looks so much hotter than in the episode. 4:14 PMY wiping the lipstick off KJW is just aww-worthy. 3:24 Wow, I thought her hairstylist did her bun. I didn't expect PMY to do it herself without a mirror because it looks perfect. 3:33: Awww... PMY showing how to draw like an artist. 2:15 So playful! Too bad they didn't show the part where they got caught sleeping by their co-workers .
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