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  2. I missed you gurl!! Where were you?!!!!! Hahahaha. But they are both on it though! The moment the drama ended, they were practically friendzoning each other on every interviews. Too savage. Even on bts, they were just on super friendly terms. Haha. That's why I got too confused during the RM ep. They were so sweeeet and all over each other esp during the tango dance.
  3. I haven't watched the ep with subs after watching it live on saturday Glad the maim cast joined the reward trip~ they all look good amd well rested
  4. Kdrama fashion *** Fan Made posters
  5. the teaser was posted in other plataforms, please spare a like if you can: (thanks for the help, @lightbringer06)
  6. 20190422 Beautiful Son Ye Jin Attended L&P Cosmetics 10th Anniversary Ceremony I went ahead and posted her picture here for this thread I wonder why they invited Son Ye Jin. Was she ever modeled for them? I know Hyun Bin and Kim Ji Won are models for this cosmetics so that's why they attended the event.
  7. tvn updated the official website with the new stills: http://program.tving.com/tvn/abyss/8/Board/View?b_seq=10 http://program.tving.com/tvn/abyss/8/Board/View?b_seq=9
  8. hello... it's my first time posting in this thread.. i really need to share this with you guys here.. in the bts, if you guys look closely, you can see PMY lips touched KJW lips..LOL i made this gif for you guys to look closely..let me know what do you guys think? my heart is deugund deugundeugun
  9. Seo In Guk and Jung So Min from the director's previous Drama 'Hundred Million Stars From The Sky' are making a cameo for the drama
  10. PURMIL, a dairy product company, held the 'Irish Coffee DJ Festival' with Irish Coffee on the 18th at The Riverside Maid. At the Irish Coffee DJ Festival, top DJs in the country performed enthusiastic performances, and the Ha Ji Won (exclusive model of Pourmill) appearance led them to an explosive response. http://www.etoday.co.kr/news/section/newsview.php?idxno=1746894
  11. @tok-soompi The previous dramas shown in netflix, are the interviews and teasers for these dramas subtitled by them in english? I don't know since i was not yet subscribed but i am planning to as my brother said there are a lot of korean dramas there so i don't need to download anymore. Are you subscribed to netflix? Is it worth it?
  12. Ah. If you don't want the english song you just download separate if not 900
  13. 898 @sushilicious yes, I will put together the upbeat songs from FP for exercising , lol....
  14. the grandparents got their DNA tested compered to NJ, it is zero match, LSH manages to "smuggle" his uncle by faking a fire, so he got him transferred after discovering that Aera was drugging him
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