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  2. Dear @triplem chingu!! I just saw in a korean site that Daniel & others are gonna appear in My Dear Citizens in this month! Do you know any other info on this one???!! Feel free to drop by here any time!!!! And dear @RPM chingu!!! Long time no see here! Hope you are safe & sound!! See you again!!!
  3. Lol didnt know so easy to trigger u. Eh watch HPL first de.. lol. But Lyan Gold havent take any of his clothes off yet I should ask him to expedite. If no triplem not interested haha.... Btw quite cute its my first love. But my ship will go drown i think 654
  4. Then wait let me clip my hair currying the sword not easy ... let her learn from the best , No more tomboy for her .. @Lawyerh , @triplem clips on his hair
  5. When crazy girl fans are intended to make a move on him literally..Jealousy InNa be like : " Why you are so handsome.. Dont use this handsome face for stealing women's heart " And after a tight hug InNa's jealousy will go away.. How i wonder their domestic life be so sweet and tender.
  6. The April 20 episode of KBS’s “Immortal Songs” was set in Japan as part of the show’s 400th episode special. Covering the songs of Kim Yeon Ja, a Korean singer who has also released many hit songs in Japan, singers BEN, PENTAGON, Min Woo Hyuk, Jung Dong Ha, IZ*ONE, and Son Seung Yeon appeared as guest performers. In […] The post Watch: PENTAGON Covers Kim Yeon Ja’s Ode To Korea In “Immortal Songs” Special In Japan appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. 652 to cheer @Ameera Ali and @nohamahamoud2002 NB: this a real human body without plastic surgery ^_* .. this was an Amazing combination of her sexy mature body that she got from her exercises and her pretty innocent face. I am not a fan btw. #britneyspearsisasagittariusgirl
  8. Close-up of beautiful spotless face of U40 beauty Song Hye Kyo Saturday, April 20, 2011 14:01... Nearly 40 years old, Song Hye Kyo still maintains smooth skin and youthful sweet beauty. On the afternoon of April 20, Song Hye Kyo had a chance to attend a promotional event for Vedi Vero, the eye-branding brand she was represented in Seoul. Unlike the old- fashioned style on Kim Tuong red carpet a few days ago, this time Song Hye Kyo attracted with short, youthful hair and simple and elegant fashion style. The beautiful Descendants of the sun also received much admiration because the skin was smooth, the ball was spotless. Although nearly 40 years old, Song Hye Kyo still affirms the top class beauty of Korean showbiz. Close-up of Song Hye Kyo's beautiful appearance She chose a simple outfit and hair Song Joong Ki expressed her comfort after the rumors of a marriage break Recently, Song Hye Kyo signed a contract with well-known director Vuong Gia Ve to develop his career in the Chinese market However many fans expressed hope that she will soon have a baby, instead of working hard to pursue artistic activities.source credit @https://2sao.vn/can-canh-guong-mat-dep-khong-ti-vet-cua-song-hye-kyo-n-181693.html
  9. If it comes to it, i volunteer to be Seo in the revenge team! She's my current girl crush! She's cute, at times girlish despite her tomboyish outfit, and a very good fighter. Hahaha
  10. Problem is, the bulk of Kyo’s fans are aged 30+ It’s millions of em but they’re not even aware of this voting. I hope that SHK page in FB posted this. Let me go message. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• love her look here: Is it just me? Why dont I know about this Vedi vero event?
  11. Kmy doesn't need to prove herself infront of a junior and much less experienced one like mj. It's mj snobbery which makes her think that kmy is good for nothing doctor
  12. Oh ya! I also heard it when i rewatched goblin...interesting..fate
  13. I laugh all the time, but judging objectively, the first season was much better! And yes, I looked 8 ep. Now I can say with confidence that this season I love most of all Nuna and KB. The most touching couple. And KB has such a wave of tenderness in me, all the time I want to hug him and press him to my chest.
  14. No offense to this drama and its supporters..but im biased already whether the drunken state falling scene' or the 'trip and OJS falls into KJR's embrace along the alley'...they are to me the most natural..again..my own bias
  15. It may even be. The headmistress was freaking out that her daughter was a fan ... So it turns out later that Cindy became so because mother spent little time with her.
  16. The April 20 episode of KBS’s “Immortal Songs” was set in Japan as part of the show’s 400th episode special. Covering the songs of Kim Yeon Ja, singers BEN, PENTAGON, Min Woo Hyuk, Jung Dong Ha, IZ*ONE, and Son Seung Yeon appeared as guest performers. IZ*ONE covered the well-known song “Amor Fati,” combining the genres of […] The post Watch: IZ*ONE Performs “Amor Fati” In Special “Immortal Songs” Episode Set In Japan appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. They should tell us their T Shirts group , I wouldn’t mind spend £ 2 on cheap one * for everyone one
  18. 7 K-Dramas About North And South Korea To Binge-Watch Now City Hunter (2011) Betrayal, politics, spies, and a forbidden romance. City Hunter checks all of these with its complicated but thrilling plot that will keep you hooked until the last episode. Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) is a Blue House employee secretly trained by his foster father to exact revenge on high-ranking soldiers who betrayed him during a mission in North Korea. Despite Yoon Sung being set on his goal, he gets tested a couple of times after he falls for Kim Nana (Park Min Young), a loyal bodyguard who is also working for the Blue House. Kilig moments and thrilling scenes aside, City Hunter also does a good job in reversing the usual narrative between North and South Korea by showing that sometimes, the real enemies are the ones we least expect to be. FYI: Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young ended up dating for some time after the drama! https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/k-dramas-north-south-korea-a989-20190420-lfrm *skipped unrelated
  19. @larusThank you for sharing, I must say even the BTS are hot and show sizzle chemistry. I love how KJW takes care of PMY putting the coat on her. Even though I said the priming of DM by RG at the wall before the kiss scenes were hotter than the kiss itself, the holding of DM's waste and pulling her for a whole body contact, putting his hand on the wall to protect her head, nuzzling of her forehead with his nose, after watching the private life making video and their chemistry on and off cameras, now I can't wait to see both the priming and the kiss scene. Guess have to have my fan ready ohhhh la la la
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