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  2. I'm missing some due to crummy stream. I think SA said something to Ryan over there chicken meal that made him contemplate some stuff. He was looking up the pics of him and DM again on his computer. Maybe SA saw them and said ya'll make a good couple I dunno lol. DM is at home looking at their photos together too. Okay, DM found something online that is shocking her. Sindy did something I think cuz she said that crazy girl or something. Sindy meanwhile is waiting for her equally crazy mother to drive with her to work and lamenting cuz her reputation was ruined. In the car, her mother is probably scolding her like you've given up that crazy idol stuff now, right. My stream is so bad. It's on like continuous skip. I will try and make it through though it's annoying me to no end lol.
  3. @triplem what have we doneeee to @Lawyerh?? She is addicted to his stache. 576
  4. @newyee Apparently the whole thing was staged lol. VC wanted to find out what type of painting they got so VC called AR and she heard San Ha mom talking in the background on purpose. They needed AR and NJ out of the Park's house lol so that Esther can take a picture of the painting and send it to LSH. It worked out with the police being useless and the Oh family acting dump lol.
  5. @Lawyerh he so adorable @triplem U would love it , there is a side character I liked already , friend of our fangirl , she one of our Pervy club -2
  6. Hello, does anyone have the time to translate what does yang zhen zhen's ringtone is saying including the secondary voice ? https://youtu.be/4j8XBq9xljs?t=15
  7. Everyone, this is my first fanfic. Feel free to comment and criticize me. Need much feedback from you guys and for the novel purist just ignore my fanfic if it tainted ZM image.
  8. DM's bff is at the studio now. She just realized Ryan was the guy from the hotel. And Ryan just realized that her and DM are "just friends" lol. His face is pretty funny as he's realizing all these things. I think he is also realizing that EG is not really DM's real brother. He bowed and apologized to EG. Okay, maybe he thought EG was someone completely different. I'm not sure what, though, now I want to know! Bff SJ and EG are telling DM all this now. She's quite surprised too. SJ's hubby is there too. Ryan is reflecting on his embarrassment over assuming SJ and DM were girlfriends. His new little brother SA just showed up at his door to hang out and eat chicken.
  9. Thanks @turtlegirl for providing live recaps! I’m at work but I can’t wait to read about what’s going to happen...lol.
  10. You’re right , I won’t claim to be a hardcore fan but really enjoyed his recent dramas . I have a Long list of oppas I like , and quite a few on the my bias list . So I move on very fast @Dhakra what’s happening with Kill it ? I don’t plan to watch , you can tell me . @Ameera Ali Haha . I’m not a fan of cotton candy . But don’t worry when time permits I’ll definitely start HPL . I need to catch up on all my current ones . I feel like I’m running a marathon! 576
  11. You're such an expert in KNG's anatomy
  12. @lu09 @Ameera Ali I have to reach for my tissue box after reading all the posts. The first clip is also very funny . Why didn't this family learn their lessons to first secure their gate & door? I saw the blind man only using his mouth to stop the stream of MIB, the sis looked like she only cared about pizzar & SH was the only one working hard. I was more surprised to find the two cops inside the house. Oops! I was enjoying all the discussions that I forgot about the preview....
  13. @jinkzzmec the photos from the movie A lister fallen from sky my cafe daum friends, plz don't share. because they seem rare (cafe daum is very strict chingus, I worry that they may kick us out of the cafe daum, so I just shared the link there, @phoenix24 @Lawyerh and others , so don't upload on cafe daum, because many of the Koreans say that it is against cafe daum rules to upload copyrighted material, the moderator might remove us from cafe daum)
  14. Haha well my stream is all messed up today. Buut I think Ryan is really good at Judo lol. EG finally pinned him down. I think Ryan is trash talking EG. I'm not sure if he saw EG harassing DM earlier. Maybe he did and that's why he got angry. Oooh, they showed a flashback, yes he did see him harassing her. I think he got a little upset about it and went there to stand his ground as her "boyfriend" lol. He's telling off EG again. EG looks a little shocked.
  15. 574. @sushilicious my sis same with ur mom. Said KNG not that handsome. But last time i also think hes not that handsome too lol... @Ameera Ali @Sejabincotton candy day tommorow. So now ameera love him already? Haha
  16. I guessed is that the production crew didn’t really want to expose too much. But let’s just wait and see how it goes welcome @biskuitlemon
  17. So I finished watching the raw, and today's episode theme was to stop AR and NJ from their evil plans lol. Instead of Snow White, it was the police today who were useless. Esther is stuck being LSH spy all day in the house lol. LSH gave her some note to hand it over to the chairman and the note said something about VC being with LSH. Guess this stopped the chairman from thinking of signing that paper even though he got threatened with Granny's safety. Esther is trying to sweet talk the chairman about her current good deeds and that she is helping her Oppa LSH despite the risk. The chairman is thinking way too deep that he doesn't even hear a thing she said at all lol. So they switched the painting. The guy they were trying to please is pissed off lol. Now that the house is empty, they better take the chairman and grandma out. And it looks like they are planning that considering the fact that Esther sent AR a photo of granny lying in bed. Esther and Dori better pack their bags as well cuz AR won't be believing a word from Esther's mouth after she helped LSH get the painting lol.
  18. I started the stream late and it's freezing on me, but I believe Sindy is the daughter of the annoying ex-director. Remember, she had a fan girl daughter? Haha. Not much else so far, I think the co-workers were reading online about the relationship. EG came to the gallery and bugged DM. Then Ryan came and asked to learn Judo. Now they're at EG's studio....
  19. An article about NEW ALBUM of KIM JAEJOONG : Kim Jae-joong drops a new album Apr 11,2019 이미지뷰 Kim Jae-joong, a member of boy band JYJ, released his first Japanese full-length album, “Flawless Love,” on Wednesday. Since his Japanese debut 14 years ago, Jae-joong has released a number of digital singles, but the release is his first full-length Japanese solo album in Japan. The album, with two CDs, carries a total of 15 tracks, including seven new songs and four of his previously released Japanese singles, as well as some of his old Korean songs that were newly recorded with lyrics in Japanese, according to his management agency, C-JeS Entertainment. The singer is set to launch a Japanese arena tour, starting in the city of Nagoya. Including Nagoya, he will hold 12 concerts in six cities, including the capital, in April and May. “The latest album and the live tour will help keep up Kim Jae-joong’s wild popularity [in Japan],” his agency said. Yonhap http://mengnews.joins.com/view.aspx?aid=3061696
  20. BTS won their third trophy for “Boy With Luv”! On the April 24 episode of “Show Champion,” the nominees for first place were BTS’s “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey, BOL4’s “Bom,” BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love,” IZ*ONE’s “Violeta,” and EXO member Chen’s “Beautiful Goodbye.” BTS was announced as the winner! BTS thanked fans through a video clip, […] The post BTS Scores 3rd Win For “Boy With Luv” On “Show Champion” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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