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  2. Wahhhour psychopath apprentice is learning the ropes good job! Hahaha
  3. Well, since we've already established this thread's psychos how 'bout an idea that fits with the mood: we cut them up and everyone one of us gets a piece? P.S. What has this thread done to me?
  4. Honestly I don't think that it's only us whom will have withdrawal. Our OTP will have a big withdrawal too. I heard that after each drama the actors have to take time off to collect their feelings and go back to reality to distinguish what real and acting and here they are bumping of each other with their ad lip. Everything is real PMY always goes for a holiday after each drama with her mom. I am really going to miss them when it ends. Till their next project
  5. I did not think he looked exhausted in this scene. I thought he looked peaceful, the nightmare is over. She is safely and permanently in my arms now. Thank god, that is a relief. He hugged her and closed his eyes,
  6. I’m a little special I take all of them. I jump from one to another to learn their thoughts haha
  7. [예능연구소 직캠] 엔시티 127 Superhuman @쇼!음악중심_20190525 Superhuman NCT 127 in 4K
  8. these kind of fans are really ‘classy’.. how dare they said KJW made HPL popular and she should hv posted pic with him instead!!! scuse meh but if anybody made HPL famous, it’s PMY and nobody else.. jst stop being crazy and give credits where it’s due.. and PMY can do anything she wants it’s her instagram.. if they like their oppa so much they should post his pic instead.. y ask PMY to do it.. i swear to god these trolls exist in all ships.. u do guys remember some wwwsk/PPC fans also did the same thing bfore and PMY deleted some pic coz some ppl were bothering her.. i tell ya it’s the same thing again.. PMY cant win with these trolls so y bother..
  9. @Ni Wen @thistle @Dramanoona @sassylove @2handsintertwined In one of my former posts, I had written that the writer had embedded the story of the ballet Swan Lake in the K-drama. First, LYS was still called Odette. Another parallel with the ballet is that due to the terrible accident, LYS's temper had changed so much that she was no longer seen as an angel, rather as a spoiled, ill-mannered and cold-hearted woman. The huge change in her personality could be perceived as the curse in the ballet. Odette is cursed to turn into a swan indicating that she is no longer a human but an animal. Therefore in the drama, LYS's lack of empathy and coldness embody perfectly her "inhumanity". She is definitely too rough with her emotions. What caught my attention is that the new director wants to present a new ballet: Giselle. After reading the summary of this ballet, I started thinking about possible parallels between Giselle and Angel's last mission: Love. I also came to realize that the writer is already giving us clues about the evolution of this K-drama. The male lead disguises his true identity from Giselle. He is a prince and she doesn't know it. Here, KD is an angel but he is hiding his true identity from her. So this real identity will be the reason for the heartbreak of LYS. Secondly, the male lead in the ballet is forced to dance until his death, only thanks to Giselle's true love, the male lead is saved. So in my opinion, LYS will come to love KD so deeply that she will do anything for him. While in the ballet, Giselle and the prince are separated by death, I have the impression that in the K-drama, the opposite will happen. KD might become a real human, since LYS personifying Giselle is not dead but belong to the living world.
  10. I'm sorry. I'm not ignoring you @Lj. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I wish I could answer. I hope someone answers. And you rewatched the last episode? I haven't rewatched it yet. So you saw some things you didn't see before? I think that's what you are saying. I hope someone comes up with something better. Edit: I just realized I repeated myself! So dumb.
  11. Surprised, Dramabeans didn't recap HPL regularly. It's a rom com and has PMY in it! Why not?
  12. We will consider them as our sonbaenim? Then, may I choose Kouske? He is cute
  13. If she doesn't, I guess people also start to think pmy n kjw have 'something'. I think most of people who hate pmy' (because she posted with abh) are immature shipper.
  14. @liemmeciau Yes, I think Tao started to like wine because of Ryota too. Mini magazine April issue 2019 Q: What kind of things that a girl say to you would make your heart flutter and make you happy? Ryota: "You are amusing." Perhaps it is because I have the soul of Osaka. If I'm being told that I'm amusing I would be very happy. So it is when she says to me that she is very happy when she is together with me and that she finds it amusing. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4373961641379401 Credit: 片寄凉太应援博
  15. Haha V3 thread, all of us suddenly become some blood thirty psychopaths. Our nature have awaken even our ‘purest’ minded people suddenly is like “I want to see him turn bad!” I can’t hahaha we used a lot of this emoji too Edit now they call all of the psychopaths on voice series as their sunbae haha. I dips Moo Tae Gu haha 888
  16. I hope so too. That’s true. Channel tends to interfere and ruin most of the times. But personally, I have my feet in both boats this time because of the writer. I’m anxious and nervous about the writer. I hope they do whatever’s best. @immorethant What’s non-televised video release? Cuts that didn’t make it to the episodes?
  17. So the father is the real monster. He really is a complex person and the mother did her part into asuming everything. They are the one that need to be at jail.
  18. I was rewatching the last episode and I had a hunch that DM’s mom and family is YJ foster family for a while, when he was left in the playground he was wearing the brown shirt and that the first time they met in childhood, I saw a post and I apologize because I didn’t remember who was it. Anyway, maybe they took him for a while and DM’s mom can’t afford to have another child so she has no choice but to leave him in the orphanage. But I don’t understand why she left him like that, at least she should explain the situation. I’m working with children for a long time and never underestimate the child, sometimes we treat them like that because we taught it’s good for them; that’s why we are there to support them and let them understand if we talk to them honestly they will understand us, even though they will ask question that’s difficult to answer we can always find a way to find the best answer for them. Do I make sense? Anyway that’s My thought.
  19. Hes pretty good at sweeping the floor lol 886
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