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  2. I really loved the whole moment of ryan drawing deokmi and the way they said "I love you" to each it was heartwarming and emotional Pmy is looking soo beautiful here! Her tears falling down !!!!! they are so in love with each other Kiss was gentle yet raw and passionate .Their chemistry is just explosive
  3. I had to rewatched again KJW's bed scene in his movie just to check his ears. LOL. He definitely had red ears during his bed scene but not as red as in HPL.
  4. My eyes..my eyes Sorry God.. Tomorow I will early wake up for fasting. Yeah I need to wait tomorow for watch episode 14.Thank uolls for live recap in here.
  5. Don't know what is going to happen this week... 3 days more to go.
  6. Thank you for the pics ! It was disappointing because the bed scene was too discreet and warm ㅠㅠ
  7. Good for the other ParkPark shippers lol I think PBY said if she has someone special but she will be keeping it secret. I wonder if it is PSH. She is also close to JIS.
  8. Omo, omo, omo... how sexy is that gesture, in slow motion too.... Looks like they've been keeping an eye on you @cenching no number
  9. I spilled my drink because of this. and serious question here.. HOW CAN HE FELL ASLEEP IN THAT POSITION? If it were me, I definitely won't be able to breathe in my sleep. I'd probably be passed out instead of falling asleep and also, in that position, did something not distract you, Lion ssi~??
  10. If RG show his abs.. OMG! I dont know what would happen to me. too much to handle! He is a man that already look sexy with a thick coat! Okaayy..i should control my imagination.
  11. We can just discuss here I love it so far, although there are some directing/editing stuff that bothered me a bit, but I'm willing to overlook them... it's always a challenge when acting as a blind person. 760
  12. They will give continuation on next week episode 756
  13. I have yet to watch the W drama. I got the idea from Marriage Contract drama but I see that it's quite a common move of girlfriends. We can say that it is a realistic one.
  14. I can accept this bed scene because when its Ryan shows abs or sexy movement then my country will cut that scene...
  15. I agree, so warm sensual and gentle was the episode! And I am very happy that they finished the story with mother and so perfectly finished! I cried for joy. And the end ... this couple is so adult and moving that they do not need scenes with nude bodies, he finally finally managed to keep the pencil again able to draw ... and he opened his heart to her when he said I LOVE YOU and that is it! do not need anything else an incredibly great scene!
  16. KJW and PMY in HPL My Glorious Bun +2
  17. That drawing scene is beautifully done. And PMY unnie..even her shadow so pretty I think I heard/saw it somewhere that KJW is ambidextrous? Cmiiw Oh God..one mistery waiting to unfold..I hope it's not the saddest one bcoz involved DM mom For the "bed scene" hopefully we can get a full version on ep.15? Just like kiss scene in the workshop?
  18. I would say all of them because each characters seem to have their own charm and goal . I always like female characters who can fight and stand on their own so am glad to see both the females are.
  19. Kinda disappointed with the “bed scene” but let’s hope for more snippet of them next week for their “good morning sweet time” or maybe “bathroom scene” if i’m allowed to be more delulu I mean i understand they try to make it look beautiful and sincere, not all about the lust thing but a little bit sexiness will not kill nobody aye?
  20. I agree he should be topless since DM is wearing his shirt. Why would he bother getting another
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