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  2. since i'm always in delulu mode related to PPC, notice kinda same smile after he said he preferred americano and used mask pack for skincare. as i know those are also someone's fav and habit.
  3. Hi dukesa, hahaha - shame on me but I still haven't visited his drama thread - But, I’m excited for this, for his comeback. I hope the pairing will work. Well, I'm one that thinks she is amazing. Kim Go Eun can act and perform a decent role. Although, Goblin was the first thing I saw her in! And I think for my man’s comeback project he needs a good director, which I hope she is! At least he'll have something solid to work with like this PD maybe. And the drama the writer wrote that I could sit through was Mr Sunshine, which I quite appreciated. I hope this turns out to be another hit for LMH's sake.
  4. Hello. Joining everyone here, one day to go. New stills. Source: http://enews.imbc.com/News/RetrieveNewsInfo/260435
  5. Quoting from @immorethant post in the SHS thread. https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/허은 A very young looking 1994 born new actress. Giving some spotlight to her since you never know what good actresses might do with tiny little roles. Especially ones who have SHS for role models and work hard and stay humble.
  6. Can tomorrow come faster. I am so excited for this Watch: Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In Have An Awkward But Promising First Encounter In “One Spring Night” May 21, 2019 by C. Hong MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” has revealed the teaser of Han Ji Minand Jung Hae In’s fateful first encounter. “One Spring Night” is a romance melodrama about an ordinary man and an ordinary woman who fall in love. Jung Hae In plays a pharmacist named Yoo Ji Ho and Han Ji Min plays a librarian named Lee Jung In. In the newly released teaser, Han Ji Min’s character heads to the local pharmacy after a night out drinking. She asks for medicine to help cure a hangover, as well as an elastic to take care of her messy hair. However, Han Ji Min realizes too late that she left her wallet at her friend’s house. Since her friend isn’t picking up the phone, she asks if she can come back later to pay. Jung Hae In looks doubtful, but agrees. Han Ji Min then asks him for his phone number, “just in case.” Jung Hae In later follows her out the door of the pharmacy and offers her cash until she can get her wallet back from her friend. In the taxi, Han Ji Min’s friend calls her back to let her know that she does indeed have the wallet. Han Ji Min inputs Jung Hae In’s phone number into her contacts list and realizes that she has memorized the number even though he only said it once. The rest of the video then shares various scenes from later in the drama as the two characters come to know each other and fall in love. Check out the teaser below! “One Spring Night” premieres on May 22 at 9 p.m. KST.
  7. @sn2111a you know what’s so cute , JKJ calls themselves “ Gah - Ik “ couple , which is a play of their names . Sounds like Garlic couple — strong odour alert ! She posted on her IG pictures which KYK took for her
  8. link : http://m.sportschosun.com/news.htm?id=201905220100157720010582&ServiceDate=20190521&f_url=Fire#_enliple
  9. Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing this. Does it mean that he just recently came back from his Europe vacation. We see him once again in his candid moment.
  10. The post on DC LMH Gallery. There were 762 Minoz from 41 different countries participated LMH 13th debut anniversary worldwide same banner event. (Don't know why the links of Weibo are not worked here anymore.) https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/mw690/006eA78Fgy1g38rs8rnudj30u018dn5q.jpg https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/mw690/006eA78Fgy1g38rs6wfc7j30kw0fqjte.jpg https://wx4.sinaimg.cn/mw690/006eA78Fgy1g38rs7nf05j30nm0eowfn.jpg https://wx1.sinaimg.cn/mw690/006eA78Fgy1g38rsywycpj30i329ancn.jpg https://wx4.sinaimg.cn/mw690/006eA78Fgy1g38rsjyvt4j30u04kyu13.jpg https://wx1.sinaimg.cn/mw690/006eA78Fgy1g38rswebk3j30u04kyu13.jpg https://wx2.sinaimg.cn/mw690/006eA78Fgy1g38rsa7qwcj30nm0hogou.jpg This old lady from Japan is 96-year-old, when she was 86, she lost her husband, but Gu Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers gave her lots of consolations and cheers, she became a Minoz at that time and it's the first time she had the courage to stand out to LMH's event. God bless her !! https://wx2.sinaimg.cn/mw690/006eA78Fgy1g38rs9e5clj30nm0boabs.jpg This father had participated the same event last year, but he have almost been at hospital this year. He still would like to keep a good memory with his daughter, so he participated the event again. God bless him too !!
  11. Event for Lotte Yukimi. Tao's look here reminds me of Setoka in yukata. New cm
  12. Stills of Kim Jae-wook from Her Private Life. Ryan Gold is an absolute sweetheart.
  13. Moon So Ri Describes The Adorable Way Her Daughter Thinks Of Song Hye Kyo May 21, 2019 by C. Hong On May 20, Moon So Ri and Park Hyung Sikappeared on the SBS Power FM radio show “Park Sun Young’s CineTown” to promote their new movie, “Juror 8.” During the show, Moon So Ri revealed that she had first met Park Hyung Sik at Song Hye Kyoand Song Joong Ki‘s wedding. She said, “When I saw him in person for the first time, he looked very handsome and cool. He didn’t seem like someone who would be just the eighth juror on the jury. He stood out so much that I didn’t know what to do.” Park Hyung Sik responded, “It was a wedding ceremony, so I dressed up for the occasion.” Moon So Ri also shared that her daughter looks up to Song Hye Kyo in a specific and sweet way. “Song Hye Kyo once came to my house with a Rapunzel doll for my daughter. My daughter now thinks of her as the world’s prettiest ‘Rapunzel aunt.'” “Juror 8” premiered in South Korea on May 15....source credit @https://www.soompi.com/article/1326035wpp/moon-so-ri-describes-the-adorable-way-her-daughter-thinks-of-song-hye-kyo
  14. His movie, Brothers in Heaven, which I think was filmed in 2016, is being shown in the movie theaters in Japan July 26
  15. Good for him. I'm just surprised that he did the typical thing men his age do getting a younger woman with such a large age gap. I'm sure he'll get married soon since there is a picture of him ring shopping a Tiffany & Co.
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