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  2. Some actors have the power to suggest or insist on script changes if they don't think the story or the characters are working well, but otherwise, in most cases, it's up to the scriptwriters and the director. PSJ, for example, is known to ad-lib and improviser quite a bit and to suggest changes that benefit both him and his co-stars. Since his suggestions, improvisations, and ad-libs are known to be really good, the writers and the directors listen to him. Same with Jisung, as another examples. However, not all actors have that confidence, the skills nor the professional power to do that.
  3. yep, agreed! they are just looking forward to their sweet scenes.. not really much the whole story itself. yes they did.. they mentioned it on their interviews..
  4. well well!!!! has been a while but am here i Absolutely love this Drama Am always PMY fan and KJW have alot to say but will skip for now HLP is the best drama. I don't have high expectation over this drama when I watch the first episode. I thought it will be just another rom-com. I'm just glad I get to see KJW playing his first male lead on rom-com and think I could get to see his various expression of joy and silliness, not a sad face of unrequited love again or a serious face in heavy drama the drama really surprises me every episodes. As it comes with interesting scenes after scenes. Hyojin vs SASAENG SINDY! I really LOVE Hyojin's character development. I LOVE how she transformed from just a sasaeng to a dependable coworker and part of the Cheum family. Hyojin has been a surprisingly refreshing character that at first, we thought would hate.BUT can we talk about Cindy's mom again, what a QUEEN I LOVE HER ACTING ! Especially when she goes 'Oh my god'
  5. ..and..the last off topic..today... satanicvaginas2: he outhttps://forursmiles.tumblr.com/post/185094589339/free-lil-cuh-he-out and....high recommandations.....for...the banker..... .. ....and...Chernobyl 2019...
  6. 190524 NCT 127 @ WE ARE SUPERHUMAN album press conference
  7. Stills from last night ShenZhen roadshow Credit as tagged.
  8. This drama turns out to be pretty good. I can't wait to watch ep 12. Ep 11 ends with a very satisfying cliff hanger. Hahaha ... dying to see how Lin Meiya daddy's long legs going to make her ex boyfriend suffer. What a horrible guy. Dump his girlfriend to climb corporate ladder to be with Chairman's stepdaughter and scheming with her to take over the co. Can't wait to see noth of them fall flat on their face. Lin Meiya has 3 guardian angels with her: Ou Lin/yan, her daddy's long legs as well as her best friend in France. All happens to be from wealthy family.
  9. I’ve seen him shirtless in every drama he played, but I swear this is my first time seeing his ARMPIT, OMG I can’t believe my heart is racing like crazy because of this. first time in my life ,fluttering because of an armpit... sorry off topic
  10. Oh wow! Thanks for this info! I can't wait for the Wolf song to release. That'll definitely be my next ringtone lmao. @DramageekGreat point about CYS being a tomboy, and DM being feminine. Love the nuances in her acting, I (think) should know because I watch and re-watch her dramas lol (namely, City Hunter, SKKS, Healer, WWWSK and HPL). I should probably watch 7 Days too, but I don't like sad endings :p I'll probably get to Glory Jane next after HPL, I dunno. Or re-watch HPL all over again. I don't mind the KJW praise here because I'm also damn impressed with his acting, and I think he's my favorite male lead PMY has had. And I know most everyone here are fangirls so undoubtedly he will command the most attention. But PMY needs some love too so I'm here to shower her with some I'm sad the drama is ending soon... I seriously need a new actress to latch on to, I literally prefer to re-watch a PMY drama than watch any new show, no matter how supposedly good, if PMY isn't in it. (And I've tried to watch Legend of the Blue Sea, Love from the Star, Because this is my First Life, Suspicious Partner, etc. etc. And all I end up with is a re-watch Healer and WWWSK). There's no one else like her. Lol. I guess I should be thankful I can add another drama to my re-watch list.
  11. ...off topic for today... https://www.soompi.com/article/1325355wpp/like-a-girl-boss-12-ways-to-incorporate-park-min-youngs-k-drama-style-into-your-wardrobe and.... ha-art-turquoise: ....the perfect outfit, park ming young...!!!!!!
  12. They cut away! they actually just kissed and then woke up. That is not how babies are made They owe us a lovemaking scene. I hope the next episode fills in what they took out. The writer of this show really do understand what it’s like to admired an artist in an exciting, slightly time consuming, healthy way.
  13. Videos from last night ShenZhen roadshow Credit as tagged. 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375431898675842/4375439381964731 2.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375437552333081/4375438383726012 3.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375429747045466/4375435612107821
  14. Kwon Hyun Bin has shown his support for “Produce X 101” trainee Yoo Geun Min in quite a sweet way. During the agency evaluation performances, Yoo Geun Min performed JBJ’s debut track “Fantasy.” Yoo Geun Min is currently a trainee under Million Market, the agency that managed project group JBJ, which Kwon Hyun Min had been […] The post Kwon Hyun Bin Surprises With Show Of Support For “Produce X 101” Trainee Yoo Geun Min appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Denisefen48 17 hours ago from Super Word Li Zhongshuo waits for the second shot of Ce& 2019 spring Making Filmdenisefen48 because he is Li. 1188 views 0:24 Denisefen48 17 hours ago from Super Word Li Zhongshuo waits for the second shot of Ce& 2019 spring Trenchdenisefen48 because he is Li. 1861 views 0:25 Denisefen48 17 hours ago from Super Word Li Zhongshuo waits for the second shot of Ce& 2019 spring Knitdenisefen48 because he is Li. 1648 views 0:34 Denisefen48 17 hours ago from Super Word Li Zhongshuo waits for the second shot of Ce& 2019 summer Making filmdenisefen48 because he is Li. 1320 views 0:25 Denisefen48 17 hours ago from Super Word Li Zhongshuo waits for the second shot of Ce& 2019 summer Fashion Film denisefen48 because he is Li. 2846 views 0:15
  16. Agree with you completely. And yes, I had never expected that any other dramas can be better than WWWSK until HPL happened!
  17. It's probably me then. It was obvious once Shi-an and Ryan connected via the paintings, as early as ep 3, that I knew they had to be related. Shi-an was inordinately interested when Ryan mentioned the painting, and his expression suggested he knew Ryan was lying about having bought the painting for a client. All his advances were tactics to get close to Ryan so that he could suss out this person and also help reconcile Ryan with his mum later down the road. The more I think about Shi-an doing this, the less I like it. Ryan had no clue until it was all sprung on him in the gallery office. The realisation was devastating. His reaction time was virtually zero. In the space of an episode (and maybe a half), he was expected to come to terms with suddenly having a mother again and now a brother as well. Shi-an had all the time in the world to decide if this man who was curious about Lee Sol's paintings was his brother (if at that point in time he did not know or only had an inkling), suss out his character and get to know him. If Ryan turned out to be a jerk, Shi-an could forget about it and move on. But Ryan turned out to be a sweetheart. Also, imagine if Ryan was purely curious about the painting from an artistic point of view, and not because he was related or had a resulting condition that affected his ability to paint... I'm glad Ryan slammed the door on Shi-an in ep 13 because how else does one expect him to react? The nice idol that Deok-mi is nuts over just pulled the rug from under him, rather cruelly, in fact. Regardless of whether Shi-an knew, it was not a good move.
  18. which drama is this? where were the photos from? left handed wife? 764
  19. Fan little yellow duck At 18:51 on May 23 from the ultra-words  Lee Jong-suk  because Lee is so wait cr.dc. Fan little yellow duck 35 minutes ago from ultra-words  Lee Jong-suk  because it is waiting for Lee so black and white shotscr.dc
  20. Yook Sungjae talked about his variety show “Master in the House,” his maknae image, how he works with people of all ages, and his fellow BTOB members in an interview and photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Korea. The 25-year-old (by Korean reckoning) is currently the youngest cast member of SBS variety show “Master in the House.” […] The post BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Talks About Always Being The Youngest, “Master In The House,” And More appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  21. Yes!! Super cute and easy to watch. No crazy plot lines or evil second leads. Just a very chill cute campus romance. Love them so much!
  22. just let them be. deluu is all shippers' privilege(?). we also said like that ppc is real. though we have fact, evidence, rumor, official dating news and coincidences unlike them.
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