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  2. Anneyeong!!! A bit busy today and I'm a wreck and trying to distract myself from a very important meeting later after lunch but here's an encouragement from our dear Yoo In na to keep the positive vibes of our thread
  3. Ive been seeing this bracelet often lately. Hahaha. I wish this was their gifts to each other. because why not? Im really wondering what dongwook gave inna this time. Im pretty sure he gave her a drama gift this time. If he gave her vitamins for her not to be sick, i bet he gave her give drama gift.
  4. The stars of JTBC’s hit drama “SKY Castle” are giving viewers all the feels with their super-cute friendship! On April 23, Yoon Se Ah shared a photo from a recent hangout with her former co-stars Yum Jung Ah, Oh Na Ra, Kim Seo Hyung, and Kim Byung Chul. The actress also shared that the cast […] The post “SKY Castle” Stars Show Off Their Adorable Friendship appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. Omg RSY is Killing it ! . I have never seen evil played so intensely. He has definitely stolen the Show in this drama. Not to take anything away from JHW he is one of my Favorite actors , When hes on screen it's hard to get unglued from the TV lol. PHB I wasnt to fond of her acting, I felt from early on that they should have stayed with PHN . But even with all the craziness it has been a great drama. Im looking forward to the Finale this weekend.
  6. Translation to my best ability… Although I do feel that , after translating, it feels funny LOL Title: Reunion in Grassland, from this moment on, We shall wander the world together. - Ji Min Finale. “I thought you are not coming” Leaning on his shoulder, Minmin raised her head and started to speak. “Minmin, I told you, no matter where I am, no matter how difficult it is, I will still come back to you……… how have you been doing all these years? There isn’t a moment I stop thinking of you, missing you badly. I can’t wait to fulfill my promise to the country and come back to you. I searched frantically for you . I wanted to come back to you so badly, even if it means losing my life” Wuji’s eyes filled with love, touched Minmin. “After Burying Father, I had been staying with my Granny. She dotes on me a lot and is very happy to have my accompaniment. After returning to Mongol, I started living the life I yearned for. But I am not happy at all” “Because you missed me, you are worried for me. I know” Wuji Smiled, beaming with happiness. Minmin didn’t answer. She asked, “Wuji, What if I was dead, Or What if I fell in love with someone else? What if I was not in Mongolia at all? And you never get to find me for the rest of your life? What would you do?” Hearing what she said, Wuji suddenly frowned and look despondent. He ever thought of all these possibilities but did not have the courage to face his fear. “If you are really dead, I will follow you. When I thought you were killed by your dad, I promised you upon your grave that, Once I fulfilled my mission, I will not let you be lonely again.” “ If you fell in love with someone else, I will still stay by your side to protect you, I would not let you be bullied by anyone.” Upon finishing his sentence, his eyes filled with tears uncontrollably. Suddenly, Minmin laughed and said: “Who else would bully me, except you?” But the moment she saw Wuji’s tormented face, she stopped laughing and look at him lovingly. She ask, “Then, What if you can’t find me for the rest of your life?” “I don’t know, I dare not even think of that. I will keep searching for you, till the day I died.” Minmin is very touched to hear that. Suddenly, She shyly and playfully asked, “Is my hairpin still with you? “ Facing her, Wuji look into her eyes and was mersmerized by her beauty. He replied, “Yes, the hairpin and handkerchief are still with me, They represent my promise to you and They give me strength to live and move on. How can I lose them? Shall I put on the hairpin for you? “Yes” , Minmin smiled. Minmin finally feel a deep sense of relief. She hugged him tightly after he put on the hairpin for her. Her Wuji has come back to her safely. He is still the innocent boy with a Pure heart. There is nothing she could ever ask for than this. From this moment onwards, they can finally hold hands and wander the world together.
  7. the tweet about HJW mention Yejin as the female lead in his fm.. Not sure its true or not.. But the other guy that will be in this movie too (Im Siwan? - sorry,not familiar with him),currently in talk to be in the same drama with lee dong wook.. What i mean is,even if this project is true,it will not affect yejin’s schedule right..
  8. Former staff members and group members who worked with Migyo have revealed their sides of the story regarding her past behavior. In November 2018, Migyo sent a certification of contents to terminate her exclusive contract with JG Star Entertainment. The agency responded with a lawsuit for damages in February 2019, Migyo posted a statement on […] The post Staff Members Speak About Migyo’s Past Behavior + Former Group Members Defend Her appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Jung Joon Young may owe his former agency MAKEUS Entertainment over 300 hundred million won (approximately $263,247) in damages. Last March, just two months after Jung Joon Young first signed with MAKEUS Entertainment in January, the agency terminated his contract after it came to light that he had illegally filmed and shared footage of sexual […] The post Jung Joon Young Reportedly Owes Agency More Than 300 Million Won In Damages; Agency Responds appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Weki Meki is gearing up for a comeback! On April 23, a source from Fantagio Entertainment revealed, “Weki Meki is releasing a new album in May. We ask that you show a lot of interest and look forward to [the group’s comeback].” Since their debut in August 2017 with album “WEME,” Weki Meki became known for their confident […] The post Weki Meki Announces May Comeback appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. And here I just now realized they released this song. I love it so much but it makes me cry too Also just watched the episode with subs cuz I felt like crying and being sad right before bed. Not really of course but I needed to watch before ep 14. In case anyone was wondering, well I was, so I asked my friend to explain, the reason the bad guy said stab on the right side of his abdomen and the reason I guess he stabbed JS on the right side is cause that's where your liver is. Well, that's what my friend said at least lol. Now watch some doctor or nurse on here correct me... I really really think bad guy is lying about the apartment fire and SM's involvement cuz he also said SM was responsible for the murders...I don't buy it one bit. Why would SM murder those women? I think I need to go back and re watch some older episodes. Was Gab being paid by someone to murder those women to get the fake IDs for SM's mom? I had this terrible thought that what if SM was paying him to do it. But I couldn't remember how much of that was explained earlier. Anyways, clearly, Gab and SM had a connection since SM was at the nursing home that night and drove off with his mother. This part is bugging me. I think there was more I had to say but it's late here and I have to sleep so it shall wait till tomorrow.
  12. OYS: Ttalgi! Ttalgi! *then made KJR smell the strawberries* KJR: Smells good! Smells like air freshener YIN: *broke out of character and laughed then scene got cut*
  13. Let analyze MinMin fall head over heels for WJ. 1. Handsome 2. Ming's Leader 3. Good doctor 4. Cook meal for Minmin and special delivered to her room 5. Shy 6. Love to stared at MinMin 7. Good heart and like to help people 8. Handcraft the hairpin & wooden box for MinMin 9. don't like to touch but love to carry MinMin 10. Beautiful eyes 11. Protect MinMin when he see her in trouble 12. Feed MinMin with the medicine, clean and blow the fruits I'm sure more than what I list above.
  14. Alright. I might as well just wait for the rest to end then watch lol 974 The FP special teaser look cooooll
  15. Yup two eps a week. It’s eps 14 today . Next week ends 972
  16. *** Ticket Prices of RAIN FM in Vancouver : $390, $250, $180, $120, $90 (plus applicable taxes and fees) Ticket Inquiries & Purchase: * CBM Press + Entertainment at 604.401.1144 or 778.840.8356 * online at Ticketmaster → https://www.ticketmaster.ca/search?q=RAIN+2019:+Vancouver+Fan+Meeting&fbclid=IwAR37Q-krldTaXkyaHFjjDyV6w29ozfMcuLA-JPKYpKG54Ohpgzsi-f-trhE
  17. Hi hnfragile, CBM Press + Entertainment and UVanU are the groups coordinating his FM in Vancouver. CMB Press Entertainment is an Advertising Agency in Vancouver. Ticket Prices: $390, $250, $180, $120, $90 (plus applicable taxes and fees) Ticket Inquiries & Purchase: * CBM Press + Entertainment at 604.401.1144 or 778.840.8356 * online at Ticketmaster → https://www.ticketmaster.ca/search?q=RAIN+2019:+Vancouver+Fan+Meeting&fbclid=IwAR37Q-krldTaXkyaHFjjDyV6w29ozfMcuLA-JPKYpKG54Ohpgzsi-f-trhE
  18. @triplem when do they update the psychom's episodes every week? Just saying. I might watch it. But if there are anything that i feel better to watch. Then i will watch that. 970 Thanks for deleting it for me lol
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