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  3. I also do believe she is disappointed with Do Hyon decision.And because she is emotional hurt she wants to hurt him emotional too.Do Hyon had no idea who was his heart donor so I believe Madame Jin should not be so hard with him but I understand she is a mother who lost her son and for her Do Hyon is someone precious thinking that through him her son's heart is keep beating.We want to hurt someone emotionally and make him feel guilty only when he means a lot to us. Tough days are coming for Do Hyun , when he will learn why his father accepted to admit a murder that he never did and how he ended up to be the receiver of the heart transplant. Junho is one of the examples that prove that idols can act also whey they work on their skills. BTW I have long time to post in soompi so I dont know what this trophies and medals mean under my username.Hope its for a good reason. He got my attention in "Just between lovers" where he was playing very well the young melancholic young man with the painful past . I was loving his role in Chief Kim .My face was smiling every time I saw him playing the bad guy who always was one step behind chiel Kim. : )
  4. thats why I said "could have" (given on where she was running from) and "PMY seemed to be very ok with it ( the position)" and sorry, my fault.. was supposed to say "and remember the LINE was PSJs idea"
  5. SF9, ATEEZ, and EVERGLOW have joined the performer lineup for KCON 2019 NY! The groups join TXT and NU’EST, who were previously announced as performers for the event, which will run from July 6 to 7 at the Javits Center and Madison Square Garden. SF9 released their sixth mini album, “Narcissus,” in February this year, […] The post SF9, ATEEZ, And Everglow Join KCON 2019 NY Performer Lineup appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. WUJI AH WHERE ARE YOU? SHE'S WAITING T____T God I hope we get to see cut/deleted scenes.
  7. [INFO] 190425 #NCT127 will be guesting on Univision’s Spanish language morning show ¡Despierta América! on April 29th 190425 NCT DREAM is appointed as a honorary ambassador for a cultural fest 'C Festival 2019' in hopes of delivering positive energy to young people in Korea. They'll attend the opening ceremony on 190502 11AM KST @ COEX Plaza.
  8. I have no idea about this, but if it is true then it is a very good thing and i think it is a common that PD Yang Yang brought along her artists into the production she lead. I thought i read GMP as in Good Bye My Princess LOL, turns out it is GPM .
  9. In most versions had that line just after when MinMin clash the wedding. When on their way to Shaolin.
  10. I hate that im watching this show now because waiting for new episodes every week is sooo torturing omg. I'm glad he realized he was being mean to her and went to tell her right away :') I love that even tho he found out about her fangirl life, he didnt judge her or anything, he just likes to tease her. I'm glad he didnt look at her as some weird crazy fangirl.
  11. The Real Ghosts , New Sonyuke Movie, on 29 Jun on Cinemas
  12. I absolutely adore Ryan when he is petty or jealous,like the bickering scene in the restaurant that he started after he got all jealous seeing DM all sunshine over Shi An,this side of his is freaking hilarious...Also,for me,the most charming scene was when he smiled at DM all drunk,that smile that was just for her was soooo heartflattering for me...I also can say i like how mostly both of them talk directly and say what they want without the usual Kdrama cliche troupe of misunderstanding over non comunication we see in way too many dramas(acting like little kids)...Quite curious how both of them will handle DM secret as i'm pretty sure DM will struggle a lot with the consequence of her lies that became bigger and bigger even more when it's clear she is afraid of disappointing him or making him freak out as aside from her best friend pretty much everyone told her all her life her passion is a very bad thing and shouldn't be said while maybe Ryan will just address it directly or wait for her to take the step...From the preview it already looks like things will go crazy when he goes visit her apartament and she blindfolds him to prevent from seeing the Shi An lair...
  13. Ya not working lol. Theres a time when salesman need to accept defeat and move on I still cant really imagine tangerine kaya taste haha. LUTYN i only left ep 15-16 but triplem his mustache didnt come back I prefer first half of drama for that reason alone, haha kidding. 710
  14. https://www.soompi.com/article/1319936wpp/the-secret-life-of-my-secretary-starring-kim-young-kwang-and-jin-ki-joo-reveals-main-poster Upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “The Secret Life of My Secretary,” starring Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo, has dropped its main poster. “The Secret Life of My Secretary is a romantic comedy about a problematic boss named Do Min Ik (played by Kim Young Kwang) and his secretary Jung Gal Hee (played by Jin Ki Joo), who starts to lead a double life when she gets mistaken for someone else. In addition to Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo, the main poster features actors Kim Jaekyung (playing Veronica Park) and Goo Ja Sung (playing Ki Dae Joo). Above their heads, the poster reads, “The moment I met the real you.” A source from the drama production said, “The four actors all have a positive energy, and their chemistry is great, so the energy on set is always bright and vibrant.” “The Secret Life of My Secretary” airs on May 6 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki
  15. I wanted to start a petition earlier on too but not sure where to start. May need support as a whole group. Like email contact of the company. Even if they said the dvd will contain all 70 episodes i will definitely buy it. I remembered in the novel. Wuji know the crown Prince wanna marry minmin. And he said something like, "he must have done alot of good deeds to be able to have such good fortune to marry you." Something like that And minmin replied, "it's not too late for you to start accumulating good karma now"
  16. Lee Yo Won with So Ji Sub (The first youth sitcom in Korea, Three Guys and Three Girls 1996-1999) ---------- How come this one is not included in the list of LYW's TV shows?
  17. Thinking about it, the sofa kiss must have been shot numerous times, because of the different angles. Am I right or NAH??? It makes me feel giddy if it was
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