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  2. Omo, this is adorable! And it really looks like them! Awww. And yes, the stuffed lion should be official merch, I'm sure many people will buy. It'd be even cuter if the lion comes in a set with the rabbit, haha.
  3. 生ヒョンジュン! 早く来い来いキム(金)曜日♪ by apricotgrace
  4. Guys, I just watched Battle Trip, a travel show with invited celebrities and there's a special episode with married couples. And there's one couple married for 8 years already and her husband keeps praising her beauty and thank her for being his wife. So lovable throughout the trip. I just wish someday , PPC will appear on the show and we can see them lovey dovey (if they got married) We surely know that both LOVE TRAVEL. haha. And PSJ once said that the important part of a trip is with who you travel with compare to the place you want to go.
  5. Thanks for the updates guys... I have not watched ep3 and 4 yet.. Hopefully will watch it later once ep4 got eng sub.
  6. Posting this here in case anybody wishes to have more peace while shipping. I already did this to some users and it works for my sanity lol How to hide negatrons aka how to hide/ignore certain users: 1. Go to Account 2. Go to Ignored Users 3. Add the username of the user you wish whose posts you no longer wish to see 4. Thank me later Disclaimer: It does not prevent you to see your ignored users' posts if someone who you are not ignoring has quoted the ignored user.
  7. hello lovelies.... My latest poll is so entertaining!! Oh gosh, so many thoughts by Daniel's fans about his love acts! I still have 2 friends left out of 10 to vote in! And here are the results as for now!!.... Thanks a lot for your love support lovelies!!!! And we already have the winner... @parkeunbinchoidaniel @Pyar @gladys0710 @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 for @triplem @Ameera Ali for And for the very first time in my polls, I am adding an extra item for one of my best chingus here.... You are so sweet!!! @Lawyerh for
  8. Kim Jae-wook seems like a pretty level-headed guy, so I don't think he will change just because he is more popular now. I think he'll take it all in his stride. From his previous projects, he seems like the type who likes to try new things and challenge himself, so it's safe to say he won't be content with being typecast and will want to do what he can to improve his acting. That can only be a good thing. I just hope people don't leave mean comments on his IG just because they're jealous of his acting skills and his current popularity. Though I have to say the shippers in this thread are pretty nice and mature, are happy for both Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young to be enjoying such great chemistry, and don't go around dissing other shipper threads. That is a good thing and it shows we can be supportive of the stars we like without behaving like kids. I wouldn't mind at all though if he posts more photos of his cat, that baby is adorable!
  9. @aprincessofmars I don't think you can find any TV version without subs as Chinese subs are a requirement for the benefit of the hearing impaired. The closest version you can find without cuts and subs is the DVD version as it is the one usually licensed to regions outside China. I would be interested in your re-edits of the last few episodes as well.
  10. Extract from soompi Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Are Lost In The Search For Love In “One Spring Night” May 19, 2019 by S. Park New stills have been released for MBC’s upcoming series “One Spring Night”! “One String Night” is a drama about the romance between two ordinary people. It tells the story of librarian Lee Jung In (played by Han Ji Min) who values the life she wants, and pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho (played by Jung Hae In) who is warm and sweet but has a fiercely competitive side. In the stills, Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min stand outside in a flurry of snow right before the start of spring. Jung Hae In looks as if he’s just run out looking for someone as longing and desperation fill his eyes. Han Ji Min, meanwhile, stands in the middle of the street as she’s lost in thought. Will the hearts of these two people meet to come together as one? Find out when “One Spring Night” premieres on May 22 at 9 p.m. KST.
  11. ............I'm squealing!!!!!! I wonder what those to were up to all the way on the other side
  12. Yeah, I really think this is her fear, for me it's the reason that makes sense, but It can be other thing for sure. Something we don't know yet.
  13. Eagle eyes, well spotted! For embedding images, click on the "Insert Image from URL" button at the bottom of the text box, and enter the url: https://i.imgur.com/wTy6pV0.jpg (sometimes they will auto-embed for you. but you need to link to the picture and not the imgur page) Screenshot below courtesy of @MandelBrot
  14. Our girl is sooooo smart ! I like all her interviews. Extremely clever woman! ELLE HONG KONG K-POP Park Shin Hye’s Top Priority Now – To Be Happy By Danica | July 26, 2017 FacebookTwitter WISHING FOR YOUR HAPPINESS, PARK SHIN HYE. South Korean actress Park Shin Hye lands on the cover of the Hong Kong edition of Elle Magazine and talks about her priorities and image. (Photo by Elle Hong Kong) According to Park, she used to be cautious of her actions and worried about other people’s opinions of her because of her quiet-and-polite-girl image. “Now as I look back, it seems that I didn’t really need to be afraid of others and I can enjoy my life more freely. I also often think maybe I can be more of myself,” she said. (Photo by Elle Hong Kong) The 27-year-old actress has been in the limelight since 2003 when she starred as the younger version of Choi Ji Woo’s character in Stairway to Heaven. Since then, she acted without much break and took roles both in films and dramas. However, after 14 years in the industry, Park is setting her priorities right, putting her happiness first. She also aims to have a sense of achievement, which is not necessarily from work. (Photo by Elle Hong Kong) The actress recently wrapped up filming for her upcoming crime-thriller film with a tentative title of Silent Witness. Aside from her upcoming movie, Park is currently on her Asian fan meeting tour, with the proceeds to be donated to Korea Food for the Hungry International. lever
  15. Very articulately put, i just wanted to highlight the point above out of your insightful response. I feel the same way, and I would be hugely disappointed not to see Somin shining in varieties and in acting if she retires after getting married. It seems to me that she's living her best life at this stage, and her work is very much a big part of that. However, she's not getting any younger and has been talking about wanting to get married, so she may still need to take a break to start a family - but I do hope it won't be a permanent break! I do wonder how that would affect RM dynamics if they end up official, and getting married and starting a family - but I'm hopeful somehow or other things will work out for Somin and there will be opportunities in future. Her being part of the Yu line should help!
  16. http://i.imgur.com/a/jHYKVpg i don't know how to put images
  17. Yeah.... I still don`t get it. If he wants to be the woman behind Tae Joo it wouldn`t be more easier to accept the relationship, to keep close both Tae Joo and Mi Ri and not antagonised them? In Sook looks like a desperate woman. She wants Mi Ri out of the company(out of her life) at any cost. Chairman Han knows that she abandoned her daughter. Let say that he will find out that Mi Ri is her daughter. So what? I don`t get the logic. If she is afraid that Tae Joo will reject her if he knew that she abandoned Mi Ri.... it could be but still I don`t think he will do that. I still feel she makes it out of proportion.
  18. Sky Castle is getting gripping and gripping.... I have to recharge for tomorrow last 4 episodes....This is definitely one of the best K drama. One of the rare dramas that I watch without FF button. I put it up there with Money Flower. @staygold You should watch it... +2
  19. An edit from ep450 just for fun, and referencing/playing on Jongkook's "Ha....." teasing Somin on Instagram. The words above are my actual translation. He said "ah uri aga. Aga" which wasn't translated in full in the subs. Haha looking like a 3rd wheel hehe.
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