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  2. Kim Jae-wook really shone in this week's episodes because of the emotional toll involved in finding out the reason for his being abandoned. I thought he was excellent when he realised who Shi-an's mum was, and in his handful of meetings with her (especially his pain in the opening of ep 14, and also when he struggled to digest what she was telling him and had to walk away). It felt right that Ryan found it hard to believe about the accident and all, and @jd50 raised a good point of whether Ryan's mum really searched for him. Did the adoption happen that fast? Was she out of action and lost her memory for years or something? Why didn't she report her child as missing to the police? Isn't that what she should have done if she was so worried about Yoon-jae? Frankly, and this is an unpopular opinion, there is a lot about the mother story that I don't care about. I'm happy for Ryan he resolved a knot in his heart, but that is really about it. I care only because Ryan was in so much pain over his mum and the damn bubbles. I really liked the sketching scene in ep 14. I thought it was good that Deok-mi got Ryan to start painting again by sketching her outline. Kim Jae-wook delivered a really nuanced portrayal of Ryan's inner struggle that was beautiful to watch (the other instances I liked of this were ep 12's hand tracing, and when he struggled with a paintbrush in an earlier episode). The kiss felt like more of a release for Ryan, and hence more emotional, like something is wrenched deep from his heart. And Deok-mi realises what it has taken for him to reach this point, which is why she sheds a tear when he tells her he loves her. Shout-out to Deok-mi for being just wonderful in Ryan's time of need. I loved how she came storming to find him at the museum and gave him grief for making her worry after he abruptly hung up on her. Their heartfelt exchange, and Ryan finally telling her about his adoptive parents, were much needed. I'm glad the drama shone a positive light on adoption in this case - other than the mum bugbear, Ryan has grown up well and it is really thanks to his adoptive parents who have been honest from the start and have shown him much love and care. I wish they could have avoided entirely the childhood link, it's the one trope I can't stand and that the drama doesn't need. /end rant!
  3. Jang Ki Yong And Im Soo Jung Talk About Their Romantic Chemistry In tvN’s Upcoming Drama “WWW” by E. Cha “WWW” stars Jang Ki Yong and Im Soo Jung dished on their chemistry in the upcoming drama! tvN’s “WWW” is a new romance drama that will follow the realistic love lives of three career women who work at Korea’s top search engine companies. Im Soo Jung will star as Bae Ta Mi, a strategic manager at Korea’s No. 1 portal site Unicorn, while Jang Ki Yong will star as Park Mo Gun, a genius composer who sweeps the career-oriented Bae Ta Mi off her feet. The two co-stars both spoke highly of each other, with Jang Ki Yong remarking, “[Im Soo Jung] is an actor that I liked so much that I always made sure to watch her [films and dramas]. I was excited when I heard that I’d be working with her, and I’m still amazed by the fact that I’m acting together with her.” Meanwhile, Im Soo Jung recalled, “My first impression of Jang Ki Yong was, ‘It’s Mo Gun!’ Even in real life, his vibe is very similar to Mo Gun’s.” She added, “Our acting teamwork on set is great, and we get along very well.” more https://www.soompi.com/article/1326931wpp/jang-ki-yong-and-im-soo-jung-talk-about-their-romantic-chemistry-in-tvns-upcoming-drama-www
  4. Guys, I just noticed something at the beginning of Episode 49 - when WJ led his Ming brothers to fight the Yuan soldiers in their own camp. There wasn't any shots of WJ himself fighting - there were of everyone else. I wonder if there is a deleted scene of him in the camp. I was kinda hoping that he would try to avenge MinMin's death.
  5. This article should make all of us smile and happy http://m.news.zum.com/articles/52645053 (google translation - I cut the part that mentioned SHS) "Except CG, Perfect" .. 'Dan, One Love' Shin Hye Sun X Kim Myung Soo, Mesmerized Fantasy Magic Shin Hye Sun has made a strong impression from the first time. As a visually impaired person, Lee Yeon Seo played a perfect role in the invisible smoke. The acting power to control the pupil only made the admiration come out. Her appearance in anger raged in the world because he was blinded by an unexpected accident. Shin Hye Sun, who always played a lucid and pure role, tried to transform the smoke into a cynical and negative character, and the result was successful. Also, because of the role of the ballerina, I needed scenes to show the ballet. Shin Hye Sun proved her acting ability in three settings, one for cold images, one for ballet and one for blind people. I felt a tremendous effort. Nevertheless, 'Dan, one love' was totally perfect. The story of Shin Hye Sun and Kim Myung Soo about the amazing acting power and development, and the fantasy genre that I could not find nowadays were all interesting. The ballet performance was also the point of watching the ballet show centerpiece intermediate. Except for CG, the first start was a perfect drama, which was good. As a matter of fact, "Dan, one love" will be able to sit on the throne of the drama beyond the rival opponent MBC "spring night". I think it would be enough if a rapid development and solid story about one time keeps going. I am looking forward to what kind of fantasy world Shin Hye Sun and Kim Myung Soo will show in the future.
  6. @richelle, I too really enjoyed early episodes of something in rain, but haven't gotten the drive to finish the second half. So far Jeong In is very expressive and not afraid to speak her mind. This is a plus point compared to how the pretty noona's character was written.
  7. Hahaha I remembered when she posted this on her SNS ,we created a new term for this couple "SUSFISHY COUPLE " credit to the owner
  8. Glad you're here posting with us. I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot going on with the sub characters in Spring Night. If you skip now, you might miss something!
  9. I actually love this drama too! This is one of the few dramas where I find that the cold-hearted boss' character is nicely done! It doesn't irk me at all! I love his character and his acting here! Other cold-hearted bosses in other dramas are too annoying and unreasonable and sometimes even straight up rude! But Nam Chi Won is different! He still cares for his employee, which I found very very endearing! What do y'all think? @gm4queen @Pyar @parkeunbinchoidaniel ? and the rest?
  10. Not related to SA directly but I just want to share it. I'm sure some of you had already read about this too. Credit as indicated. After reading this article, my mind just can't imagine how hurt JH and JK felt when the "firing incident" came. All of RM members really threw their whole bodies for RM, they even abandoned their own health. Oh c'mon disk injuries is really painful. It's getting worse when you're about to sit or stand up, they even continue to run with those painful back. Gosh, it really sad to imagine our SA and other members had to suffer like that. Hence, being a part of RM was also a gamble to their own careers too, I guess, especially them whose their professions were not comedian in the first place. They had to split their attention between their main priorities and RM. It's true that they gain popularity through RM, however they had to paid it with those bruises all over their bodies. The thought came to my mind, so maybe this is one of the reason why JK had never held a solo concert these past 9 years? I could be wrong, perhaps there is also another reason behind that. But, seeing JK who gave his all to this program, I think it might be correlate to that. Without disrespecting anyone or other programs, I really feel honoured that I can watch RM and be a fan of it. It's really one of the best variety show. They indeed deserved what they have achieved and what they are going to achieve next. No wonder that some RM members still being in the top board of Hallyu representatives even though RM ratings itself had dropped. And... Wow. It's amazing seeing our SA still doing their best until now for RM after all of that 'firing incident' happened. The reason why SA being fired is still a mystery for me. Some may have theories upon that, some may believe what SBS had told us. Idk, it's just way too cruel the way SBS treated our SA back then. I remembered that I dislike RM production team from that day onwards for mistreating our SA. I'm so thankful that the members are supporting them like a true family would do. After all these years, finally they would hold a fanmeeting in their own country. Well, they surely would prepare it well. I think they would have gather a lot for discussing the concept and for rehearsing whenever they can. I don't know where this will lead to. Since early this year, I think RM would end soon (I'm sorry, it's just my opinion). Once again, of course I could be wrong, but if this happen to be true, I just pray hard that it would come along with good news from SA. It's the best ending possible (especially for us) to wrap up this wonderful show. Well, it's only a wish from me, as a SA fan, who grow up watching RM. P.S. for those immature fans (especially those who easily got hurt when there's lack of SA moment in some episodes) please, read this article! Their bonds, all these 9 years is unbreakable, they don't need to interact on screen to make an impression that they're close. I'm sorry if I sounded too harsh, 'cause it's tiring me to read all those negative comments (at IG mostly, lol). And I'm wondering, would SA be paired up at the dance couple segment in the fan meeting? Hmm... it will be interesting if they are paired up together. Well, haters gonna hate, and shippers gonna ship, so... I will enjoy shipping these two...
  11. but the gifts indicated a fan or fans, so I think he got himself a real stalker with dangerous degree of stalking, which reminds me of someone that claimed to be HJH's fans that know all about him even who he is secretly dating, where they go their "secret date" and later bash him after HJH finally blocked him from his IG because he kept harshly bashing HJH's friends and co-stars in his IG and his friends IG
  12. From the preview, it seems the operation would fail. I will stick by my prediction that NJ would end up being the donor of the cornea. He needs something "big" as that to redeem himself somehow. I also think having another villain is a bit off being too late into the game. With just a few more episodes left, it's not the best story-telling style to introduce new twists.
  13. One thing I'm a little concerned about is the huge gaps in this drama: those vast canyons between the very silly comedic and the very threateningly dramatic. There needs to be more meshing between the two somehow because, as much as I enjoyed the first episodes, I still thought it was a bit of a bumpy ride because it was uneven. Good catch, @larrysouth I noticed the major chemistry going on, too. But I'm also kinda getting a bad guy vibe from KW, and I don't exactly trust him. But, to be fair, there's a whole bunch of untrustworthy and potentially dangerous people (like that horrible aunt!) in the background. I'm gonna be interested to see how all this plays out. We have great actors to watch so I'm hoping it will be fun. And I really hope that in the next episode YS remembers that she saw KD's angel wings.
  14. sorry guys! I was away for a short vacation! @gm4queen you're absolutely right!! and @Pyar this girl, is possibly one of my favourite gif of him! He's smoking hot!!
  15. You’re really a good artist! Thank you for sharing your art with us. Hoping to see more! Perhaps you can finish Ryan’s painting of DM? Lol @TheRoadtoPMY I love your spazzing/rave at PMY! I feel the same sentiments and I’m a girl Everything from her looks, fashion, acting, speech, intonations are just so spot on. I fully agree about her gorgeous silhouette. I would’ve liked to see the complete painting and have it hang on RG’s room.
  16. Yes, Dan's just doing his job, following his guardian-Angelic nature, but how we need this assurance that someone's looking out for us, especially when we feel all alone in the world. Beautiful gifs @briseis how do you make them sparkle so? @immorethant I like to say, "sparkle sparkle" - I actually cried at that moment, when Dan said at the interview - that he can help Yeon-Seo sparkle again. I was disappointed when Dan was frustrated watching her try and smile for her loving deceased guardian Jo Seung-Hwan (played by wonderful actor Jang Hyun-Sung) at the funeral, but whether becoz Dan knew all along from when he heard in the car ride to the gala when secretary JSH told Yeon-Seo how he wishes he could see her happy again like how she used to be, and see her sparkle just once more, it just hit me when Dan remembered somehow at the interview, and I cried watching that subtle surprised look of hope and delight on Yeon-Seo's face at the mysterious young man's simple but beautiful healing words. Dan may be clueless about many things, but he instinctively seems to know what makes her (and humans) tick - what prima ballerina wouldn't want to sparkle again? She has seen her first death (end of ballet for a ballerina), then the second death at suicide attempt into the water, another near death that Dan saved her from, and now the chandelier could have been the end of her, but the predictable grand entrance of Dan, the new Guardian to save her, ... well. Of course I cried again. I can't get enough of Dan. It's like I am become Yeon-Seo inside watching this drama. Great to have IMMORTALS on any thread, of course! Feels like it's been a long while since I've been on a thread with @titania1000 and immortals. But great insights for sure from @bebebisous33 already! (sorry I cut you short to make a point)... Yes, I think mystery dramas are great, but it's hard to do it well for someone as picky as me. So I prefer dramas like this one, where the mystery is not in the plot prediction details, but in the ways that the characters might behave in the challenging situations the story presents. The moral dilemmas and the philosophical implications - of which Dan will give us plenty to talk about, I think. And I do have a slightly different take on Ni-Na than what others may have concluded. I think she is not evil like her mother or her sister, and I hope she doesn't go to the dark side. She's clearly smitten by her new artistic director JGW's foot massage - can't fault the poor girl for that, can we? Her mother (CYJ) was lamenting just how such a nice (but weak) Ni-Na came from her womb at the hospital after visiting with Yeon-Seo, and her husband (KKC) did say she's just like her father (incompetent at business but has genuine sympathy for Yeon-Seo without a family, and at least not a murderer like his wife?) Also I think that JGW being the great artistic director and coach, will elevate everyone to a new artistic level, not just Yeon-Seo from her pity-party; and who knows? Ni-Na might just become the thing that even her family didn't predict - at least I think Dan would want that for her, too. Sparkle Sparkle And welcome again to the thread, @tamachon @mylovekge @blademan @Dramanoona (the original crazy long gifs lady) @thistle @Wendy123 and noob @lafiguzaf with beautiful screen grabs, @larrysouth @chdom @uglypearl @selen4everand the you immortals, @0ly40 (didn't know your an L fan), @bebebisous33 and @briseis, and all you lurkers and likers! So happy to share this thread with you Angelic creatures.
  17. So Kim Dan died early in his life and his first love is YeonSeo. As an angel, all his memories when he was alive got erased. When he became human (almost) his feelings for YeonSeo are coming back.
  18. *** Rain has just signed a contract to become a representative model for a line of collagen nutritional drinks that beautifies the skin. He appeared in China's Magic Show on May 13, 2019 in Beijing. The current representative models of the brand are Chinese actress Yang Mich, HK Wan Bik-ha , Huynh Thuy Nhu (Priscilla Wong) and Duong Thi Vinh (Natalie Tong).
  19. Everyone spazzing about KJW, allow me to rave about PMY xD Hearing her speak in English just boosted my crush that much more, I mean I've heard her speak, but not more than 1 sentence. Her accent is damn cute. I mentioned this before, what the hell is with her shadow/silhouette?? it's just as gorgeous as her . Also love the scene where she was hitting RG for worrying her, don't blame him one bit for smiling at her, she makes nagging look adorable. Was also a pleasant surprise to seeing her home clothes when she met EG, the ponytail is messily done yet still cute af, and she's showing off her legs too. The look she gave SA upon hearing that White Ocean has a new single was precious. Settle down girl, you'll blow your cover lmao. I'm still waiting for a scene where she tells RG "I'm the luckiest fan alive, I'm dating my idol's big brother!" END RANT, please continue with your KJW musings Edit: So I rewatched the final scene, and I double down on saying that the scene was perfect as it is. Anything more explicit would have distracted from the intimacy of the moment. The first kiss was "hotter" in comparison because it represented 9 episodes-worth of sexual tension, bursting at the seams and exploding after a mutual confirmation of feelings. In contrast, the bed scene represented the next step in their relationship, the peak of their intimacy, as RG let his guard down to draw despite himself, letting himself melt into DM's arms, and DM herself brought to tears seeing RG give himself to her and declaring his love for her. The skinship was also par for course compared to other dramas of the genre as well as the other bed scenes in PMY shows. I will say this though: the scene is incomplete at the moment; we need a good post-bed scene (which both Healer and WWWSK had). This is probably why at this time, I don't feel like the moment is "whole" yet, since I binged watched the other 2 dramas and so didn't suffer from waiting another week for the next episodes lmao. PD has failed my expectations yet, so I feel like we would be getting a good scene there at the beginning of ep15.
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