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  2. HJ also updated his official weibo account with the same 2 photos taken at Jeju island by MichLui
  3. @triplem LUTYH have infected Lawyerh. She is officially a KNG lightbulb now lol. but at the same time it’s sad that lawyerh dump me with Doctor Prisoner lol and went to my raccoon’s drama lol. Those who enter this thread and read through about me saying My raccon, they must be like... Raccoon? What is this sushi talking about lollll. 510
  4. I found the other thread while WWWSK still playing and i'm really curious to know more about this handsome guy hahaha and i've been lurking and stalking and searching through the internet about this guy and then boom i came across this thread when WWWSK just ended and stick around since hihihi
  5. Hyun Joong Facebook & Instagram Update • • • • • 제주도에서 #KIMHYUNJOONG #김현중 #キムヒョンジュン IG: https://www.instagram.com Facebook: https://m.facebook.com
  6. Han ji Min selected dramas that evolve around real life stories....and i'm glad she did that. Familiar Wife was just awesome and that hugs with Ji Sung were the most comfortable scenes i've seen so far. Been hoping she'll find another Ji Sung for her life doesn't really matter if he is famous or not. hahaha....
  7. 508. Going to ep 9 lol. @sushilicious. I just have a feeling will have withdrawal. Btw i lost interest on all other running drama haha... except well kim jae wook. Watch for his hair.
  8. @cheerkoo sis...If you find any fan accounts of KOO's seminar on 26th April in KOO dc gallery.. Please bring that account and do translate here... Thankyou in advance.
  9. Omo I am very excited for the upcoming 55th Baeksang Arts Awards. I really hope ji min wins Thank you neih212
  10. @Lawyerh have you completed LUTYN ? Imagine him riding a motorcycle so cooly in FP. Then you see this... 506
  11. 4/23/19 - Park Shin Hye style·cap&trench coat: #burberry https://www.instagram.com/p/BwkEA70lOwU/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=4vqks8pshvlm …
  12. KIM HYUN JOONG Official Weibo Update 2019.4.23 金贤重 kim huyn joong 김현중 https://m.weibo.cn/u/2792518661
  13. Kim Jae Hwan is gearing up for his solo debut! On April 23, reports emerged that the former Wanna One member had begun full preparations for his solo debut, taking photos for his album. Swing Entertainment responded to the reports by stating, “It is true that we are taking photos for Kim Jae Hwan’s upcoming […] The post Swing Entertainment Responds To Reports Of Kim Jae Hwan’s Solo Debut Preparations appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. Glad that even though the ratings are not that high, but still Haechi holds the highest rating amongst all the dramas airing at the same spot..
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