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  2. @quietobserver while I appreciate that you just wanted to keep peace. and please dont take this the wrong way.. you're last post is way overanalyzing. we need check and balance. yin and yang. we will never be able to figure out whats right or wrong or fact or fiction if we would totally control what should be posted. We cant control everyone. thats why if we feel like someone is obviously posting here things that we clearly know by now is incorrect.. Someone is already corrrcting it. As not to prolong any mishandled info. theres a reason why this forum is already almost 800 pages... open talk. good example is whats been talked about the lasf few days.. its clear which are fantasies, facts and opinions. we already know the things on your list...thats how it is since this is a public forum. I will not make this post longer... just my point is.. there were already guidelines made. as for the reports made. dont worry too much about it. As you can see.. yhere were users here that made a fuss and twisted things.. maybe they were reported instead of being dealt here. Again, dont take this the wrong way. I do apprecuatr your post.. but I hope yoi understand that everyone here has their freedom. We all just asked for a few things right? --- Dont say bad things, dont spread hate and stick wit FACTs. peace out! PPC love!
  3. Thank you for taking interest! I'm halfway done. And thank you for the info. I should have specified about the subs. I meant without the English subs already embedded into the video. I would be interested in finding the original videos subbers used, preferably HQ ones, if they exist. I did some searching last night and ended up at xiazai001.com where I found you can bulk-download all the episodes. Who knows if it's the cut I need but at least I would have a HQ back-up. Perhaps I can tweak the existing subs by rockfella to work? I also came across http://www.2tu.cc which has the episodes in their original state but they have three versions! Each one was cut a little different. My head is spinning. lol. I could only download one of the versions (I used episode 49-50 for a frame of reference) and my downloaded subs didn't match. I think they would only match the particular cut, shown in the screencap above. Are the talked about missing scenes in some cuts, egregious? Or are they removable? I don't even known what I've missed, if I have at all, when I first watched. The drama flowed fine for the most part. I just wasn't enthusiastic about misplaced preview-teaser scenes before the intro. Anyways, sorry this is long. I wish there was a definitive version.
  4. Marathoned this drama over the past couple of days. I have to say that it was a pleasant change to see Namgoong Min in a different role--other the silly lead male. However, I have to say that the drama is over the top and every "doctor" in this drama should have their license revoked. They exploited their knowledge of medicine for their own selfish needs whether it was for greed or revenge. The drama needed some balance.....a reality check now and then. Side note: It was interesting to see the use of oversized SUVs. I think this is a first for me in my k-drama watching.
  5. Lee Seung Gi showed off his flawless sword fighting skills on SBS’s “Master in the House“! On the May 19 episode of the show, the cast traveled to an action school in Paju and met their latest master, the renowned martial arts director Jung Doo Hong. The action director and stuntman boasts a 20-year friendship […] The post Watch: Lee Seung Gi Impresses With His Sword Fighting Skills On “Master In The House” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. #ParkShinHye#MemoriesOfTheAlhambra #알함브라궁전의추억 https://blog.naver.com/yeowoo_byul2/221425393841
  7. I also think that the woman pushing RG away is DM's mother. In my opinion, DM's mother was rushing because of an accident. LS didn't abandon RG, she was too busy with her paintings and neglected her children which explains why she decided to sell all her paintings and she stopped painting because she blamed herself for the tragedy. Since CSA seems to know all the paintings of his mother, this means, he saw her paintings as a child too. From my point of view, CSA is one of the 4 children playing: SDM, RG, EG and CSA. SDM might have been holding CSA's hand back then... and her fangirling could be connected to her unconsciousness: deep down, her brain recognized the child from her childhood. Moreover, I have the impression that Heo Yoon Tae might not be his real name. Notice that DM looked for HYT's name in the missing children list and nothing happened. What if Heo yoon Tae is the real name of his brother, CSA? Many think that CSA is RG's half-brother but what if he is his real brother? My theory is that CSA was one of the children from SDM's memories. In my opinion, SDM could have been hurt in an accident, just like CSA... therefore DM's mother pushed RG away. Furthermore RG doesn't really remember his past, he has even forgotten his mother's face. So he definitely had a trauma. Maybe he witnessed the car accident and felt guilty.
  8. Agree with you but what about the pinoy tv replays which are the most famous one now in these days. Any review about these ones
  9. .off topic for tonight... Blossoming Taleen 6 hours ago from Suk❥iPhone client @ I was shocked at the time : Violin Shuangjie played the theme song of "Game of Thrones" at the Sydney Opera House. It started to burn from 1 minute and 18 seconds! When the main melody of the title song sounded, it was so full of blood, it was really shocking! I was shocked by the Weibo video. 698068 views 5:05
  10. They did a pretty good summary in the first ep. of season 3, but since this is a continuation of season 2 I'd advise to watch that one first. The first season was brilliant so you're missing out not watching it but the storyline is not directly connected with the next seasons so it's not mandatory to watch. Either way, welcome on board but this one's such a contrast to Fiery Priest, just saying
  11. Fish memory WS At 15:22 on May 13 last comment from Samsung A8s Heitong Full Screen 李钟硕玩偶 sleep well you
  12. WJ told ZZR he will protect her but instead on the wedding day he fight with her and many more times after that. He only keep his promises to MinMin that he really protected her since the LXD.
  13. Fan little yellow duck At 19:59 on May 18 from the ultra-words  Lee Jong-suk  because it is waiting for Lee 2015 년 5 월 18 일 GIF GIF GIF
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  15. Blossoming Taleen May 19 at 15:28 Last comment from Suk❥iPhone client  Lee Jong-suk dolls me and my son look like Desire May 17 at 07:46 Last comment  Li Zhongshuo doll "Tourist Lee's Macau Street Turn" appeared: Li Yuanyuan wear: pc hand made baby clothes (Thank you for the mother @_浅殇淡淡影影寒 ) Sponsored by : Yeon
  16. JTBC’s “Stage K” has teased an exciting episode for next week! For the dance competition’s upcoming “K-Leaders Special,” members of g.o.d, SECHSKIES, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 gathered as panelists to judge groups from all over the world covering their songs. Not only will the cover groups battle against each other, but the panelists themselves can also be […] The post Watch: Members Of Legendary Groups 2NE1, Wonder Girls, g.o.d, And SECHSKIES Come Together In “Stage K” Preview appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. https://storgram.com/post/BxprRl8BUUn https://storgram.com/post/BxprD1vlytS
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