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  2. Given that there are only 195 countries in the world, chances are your country will be included.
  3. If only she was there... we got to see something like Cosmo event she must be sad too couldn't come to the wedding..
  6. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    makes sense. maybe thats why we never see rain dances in club scenes in kdramas.... #43 - you run into someone at the grocery store that you wish to avoid.
  7. I was thinking about what the guy said during Mr. Jo’s funeral - How Mr. Jo was wronged. Mystery #1. Was he, Mr. Jo, related to LYS somehow? Then a thought occurred to me - Was he related to Dan instead? Dan & YS knew each other in childhood, Mr. Jo became her driver way before the glimpses of their childhood we see. Was he Dan’s father, I wonder? Dan seemed like an abused child. By his parents? Or ... It’s impossible for Dan not to be related to anyone in the show. Sounds quite lonely. I feel he probably has a connection to Mr. Jo or ... the Director? Now, that’s an other mystery. Mystery #2. I think, his is only to do with LYS. When he went home, he greeted a freezed-out picture. Was it YS’s? Questions, questions!
  8. I agree with everyone about how this show wraps up nicely. It is after all a warm and fuzzy show, focusing on forgiveness and redemption instead of cold blooded revenge. My MVP of the show are the guys: PHS-PMJ, OMS-OJP and ???-OJS. I thought their performances were really top notch. Honourable mentions are the girls ???-PSH and ???-HDH. The moms would have been ok too if it weren't for their annoying waterpipes. I'm satisfied that there is something behind DH's response to the whole situation. While sexual assault is not something one should wish for anyone, at least she wasn't some entitled brat who lied about things due to a rejection. I liked the scene at the police station when JS talked back to OJP when he IRONICALLY tells JS to tell the truth. What DH told JS definitely broke the boy. First, the realisation that his father is an evil rapist. Second, is probably the most painful of all as whatever concern OJP was showing was not actually because he cares for his son, but because OJP is more interested in protecting himself, by making use of his own son! I've always watched Oh Man Seok in good, positive characters so I never thought he can play a disgusting character so well. Yea, EJ was left off the hook which is so unfair but I suppose she's all JS has now. As much as I love the peace between SH-JS at the end, I really, really wished that SH would apologise to JS too, since he accused him of assaulting DH. Even though the misunderstanding was not SH's fault, even if JS was cruel to begin with, I wish that SH would apologise too. I mean, as much as MJ-IN is portrayed as the best/ perfect parents, we see them apologising quite a lot especially to youngsters on behalf of idiotic adults, so I wished that SH would take responsibility of his action too. But the show wanted a perfect golden boy... Anyhow, one of the things I loved about this show is how whenever there is a positive/ hopeful turnaround of events, they started playing the title track "Over the Moon" which is such a lovely song. I'm so gonna miss that.
  9. Hyolyn’s agency has spoken up about the recent claims about Hyolyn’s alleged past as a school bully. Recently, someone uploaded a post on an online community claiming to be the victim of school violence perpetrated by Hyolyn. The alleged victim explained that during the three years of middle school, Hyolyn had habitually taken her clothes […] The post Hyolyn’s Agency Responds To Accusations Of School Bullying appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. “Beautiful World” Finale Achieves Its Highest Ratings Yet by E. Cha JTBC’s “Beautiful World” has ended with a bang! The suspenseful and emotional drama aired its final episode on May 25, and according to Nielsen Korea, it managed to break its own personal viewership record. The finale of “Beautiful World” scored an average viewership rating of 5.8 percent nationwide and 7.1 percent in the Seoul metropolitan area, marking the drama’s highest ratings yet. Over the course of its run, “Beautiful World” continued to draw more and more viewers as it tackled the difficult subject of school violence in a way that was both intriguing and moving. The drama also kept viewers on the edge of their seats with nonstop plot twists and turns, making it hard to predict where the story was heading next. https://www.soompi.com/article/1327399wpp/beautiful-world-finale-achieves-its-highest-ratings-yet ***** A Beautiful World: Episode 14 by lovepark Our heroes put the pieces of the puzzle together and get closer to the truth concerning their son’s accident. As they uncover more secrets, their opponents work harder to conceal them, and it becomes a game of perseverance. Though the tragic event may have brought despair to one family, the aftermath may have ruined more lives than one. EPISODE 14 RECAP: Law of the Circle http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/a-beautiful-world-episode-14/
  11. 894 @sushilicious btw really surprise V3 is so exciting. I really dont know why V2 not working for me. I watched ep 1,2 and give up. Dont know was it pick up after ep 2 or something? Do u know? They were busy with BJS i remember, but it was not fun.
  12. BLACKPINK has reached another milestone! At approximately 2:12 p.m. KST on May 26, BLACKPINK’s music video for “As If It’s Your Last” officially surpassed 600 million views on YouTube. BLACKPINK also currently holds the record for the fastest K-pop group music video to hit the 600 million mark (their music video for “DDU-DU DDU-DU” took […] The post BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” Becomes Their 3rd MV To Reach 600 Million Views appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. Lawyerh

    drama tropes 2019

    #40 Jump to water you won't die This is so common, normally after being chased. They will jump to water. Most of the time not die one Which is go to next number #41 Body not found, don't conclude he / she die Wait until you found the body before hastily make report. #42 Run away from prison, pretend faint or suicide Ok if im police i will just ignore fainting prisoner. They always wake up and run away at the end. ALL INSPIRED FROM Voice 3, in just one episode they have all this common tropes @sushilicious @ktcjdrama
  14. IKR? I just yelled as my parents were talking , like "IT'S A DREAM!" Laughing all the way hahah..I'm sad inside haha 892
  15. New still updates from the drama producer. #waiting for the day the drama's official weibo awakes up from slumber#
  16. I didn't think OJP would have done that to DH too. But given that he was drunk as shown in this episode, anything is possible, even murder. As for EJ, I agree that I wished to see a clearer consequences for her to bear. But I guess she established herself with the police that she did it out of impulse, so I wouldn't say that what she did was based on informed and calculated decision. As for repenting, I see that she's been eaten by guilt throughout the time and she has also made a point to apologize to In Ha by kneeling down. And most importanly for me, she genuinely felt relieved and happy that SH regained consciousness.
  17. staygold

    drama tropes 2019

    I think the rain in a cold weather country is a different devil altogether! Must be miserable.
  18. Well, there is a huge difference between Gu Jun Pyo and Lee Yeon Seo, despite their rude and cold behavior. Right from the start, the beholder knows about LYS's tragedies (loss of her parents, loss of her sight) therefore we can understand why she acts like that. No viewer can really hate LYS, while it was not really the same for GJP. In the beginning, we know nothing about GJP and only see a rude and spoiled man. Furthermore, I would like to add that the writer often uses other characters acting as rude, cold and hypocrite. We have the aunt, the jerks from the park, the workers from Fantasia and the people who attended Mr. Jo's funeral which makes LYS's coldness soften. The gossips, the smile of the aunt while hugging LYS and the harsh comments behind LYS's back illustrate how cold LYS's world has always been from the start. LYS became cold due to her tragedies but she was already surrounded by this harsh and cold world. I am quite sure that LYS must have heard comments about herself from the staff too, talking behind her back, while thinking that since she was blind, she couldn't do much.
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