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  2. @cheerkoo sis...If you find any fan accounts of KOO's seminar on 26th April in KOO dc gallery.. Please bring that account and do translate here... Thankyou in advance.
  3. Omo I am very excited for the upcoming 55th Baeksang Arts Awards. I really hope ji min wins Thank you neih212
  4. @Lawyerh have you completed LUTYN ? Imagine him riding a motorcycle so cooly in FP. Then you see this... 506
  5. 4/23/19 - Park Shin Hye style·cap&trench coat: #burberry https://www.instagram.com/p/BwkEA70lOwU/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=4vqks8pshvlm …
  6. KIM HYUN JOONG Official Weibo Update 2019.4.23 金贤重 kim huyn joong 김현중 https://m.weibo.cn/u/2792518661
  7. Kim Jae Hwan is gearing up for his solo debut! On April 23, reports emerged that the former Wanna One member had begun full preparations for his solo debut, taking photos for his album. Swing Entertainment responded to the reports by stating, “It is true that we are taking photos for Kim Jae Hwan’s upcoming […] The post Swing Entertainment Responds To Reports Of Kim Jae Hwan’s Solo Debut Preparations appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. Glad that even though the ratings are not that high, but still Haechi holds the highest rating amongst all the dramas airing at the same spot..
  9. Today's News / Brands Schumer Bonnie, sales boosted by weekly product strategy...Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2019 | Kang Ji-soo reporter, kangji@fashionbiz.co.kr, Kolon Industries FnC division (hereinafter referred to as Kolon FnC) women's footwear brand 'Schumma Bonnie' is showing strong sales as a state-of-the-art product strategy. Schumma Bonnie, who introduced Song Hye-kyo as a new museum from the spring and summer seasons, is subdividing strategic products into weekly segments and is gradually releasing Song Hye-kyo pictorials accordingly. We intend to communicate with our customers more often. Since the implementation of the state-based strategy, the volume of initials has been exhausted three to five weeks earlier than expected. In the spring and summer photos, Song Hye Kyo's Full Moon sneakers (Pink) is currently undergoing a fifth-order reorder, while Diary sneakers (White) continued to the fourth-order reorder. Song Hye-kyo made the concept of "My Little Sunshine" on April 22, and she highlighted the elegant atmosphere of the actress, which emphasizes the beauty of women. An official of Shukma Bonnie said, "Song Hye-kyo is a model that makes us feel calm but hard, and I think that this is shared with customers. Schumma Bonnie will work with Song Hye-kyo to create a variety of content and strive to show customers a new look every time. " Source Credit @https://m.fashionbiz.co.kr:6001/nindex.asp?idx=171959
  10. 'Goddess of Spring' Song Hye-kyo, an aura that can not be tolerated [pictorial] Enter Article at 9:21 am... Choose a lan Share your SView original [Expo News News reporter] The actress Song Hye-gyo boasted elegant beauty through pictorial. In the May issue of fashion magazine 'Baja', a pictorial depicting the brilliant beauty of actor Song Hye Kyo was revealed. Song Hye-kyo stood in front of the camera in May to meet the early summer, full of spring sunshine. Song, Hye - kyo 's unbearable aurora, which is tough but quiet and powerful, shines even more in the camera angle. She also said that many of the staff who were in the scene against her seductive beauty set off her soul. The appearance of her glittering spring sunshine can be seen in the May issue of 'Baja' and some of the 'Elle' booklets. winter@xportsnews.com / Photos = Harpers Bazaar...▶ If you are an idol fan ... [Exports News Naver TV] ▶ Celebrity Hot Issue Collection [Issue Queen]- Copyrightsⓒ Exporters News ( http://www.xportsnews.com ) Unauthorized Prohibition of reproduction and redistribution...credit @https://m.entertain.naver.com/photo/read?oid=311&aid=0000982051
  11. Hi lingkoo, thanks for sharing this. In case, he'll decide to take this offer, will he play the support role here, just like "Goblin? As far as I know he hasn't made any confirmation yet. Siwan has been cast for this drama as early as this year even he was still in the military. If LDW will be in it, this will make the drama MORE anticipating. I'm curious of his decision soon.....
  12. Yes, I have notice this! I always thought he is quite sad! His latest Instagram.. he said he is 'Healing'! His eyes always look deep and sad to me! He mention about 'Shower' quite a few times.. he want a robot can help him to take shower! he look most handsome when he is in his shower.. Umm.. YSH, what you trying to tell us! hur?? @onioncube Go watch it! It's worth it! It's a good drama! get ready for a lots of tissues!! you may need it!
  13. Omg!!! @themarchioness, yes, there are so many sweet scenes coming in the future episodes. I watched one of the m/v and super lovey dovey scenes are coming. Their wedding is also there. @epinklyn you are watching this. Welcome to the thread.
  14. Comments about "Switch" drama: 1/ This show is a surprise hit! I didn’t have any expectations when I decided to watch this show. I was just looking for something to kill time but this show surprised me. I was expecting a very simple show about swapping identities. The typical misunderstood thief being chased by the law, specifically a confused lawyer/prosecutor but the story was complex, yet funny and easy to follow. The writers managed to weave a story with a variety of twists & turns into something the viewers easily understood. Every episode revealed another tantalizing secret about the lead character’s past and his relationship with the bad guy. I was drawn into the closeness of the Team Conman and became more & more curious about the relationship between the lead prosecutors and how they’ll eventually become a part of Team Conman. The actors did a phenomenal job playing their characters. All of the team spirit, loyalty and relationships were believable. I was hooked from the very beginning all the way till the very very end. I found myself wishing it wouldn’t end. This show has wit, charm, intelligence, human, friendship, loyalty ... so many elements that made it addictive to watch. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you actors, film crew & staff and Viki subbers. This was a great show! 2/ Jang Keun Suk is so handsome I couldn't stop watching! As for the show, it's light hearted and full of action entertaining. Fun to watch for sure. There's not much romance but that's never bothered me. The female lead she's not the best and I found her beautiful but just okay character wise. I liked the swindlers more Ig I loved their antics. Most of the plot was clever and well written. The antagonists were also interesting and as for the double role I think the actor did a great job.
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