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  2. I think that KJW is on the leaner side. He is well toned and all that, but maybe, his body type (actually I prefer leaner, well toned men vs men with big muscles, e.g. Eun Gi) is not the ideal type to show on screen in K dramas?
  3. Ok I'm definitely going to watch this one . MY favourite - ❤Joe cheng (CP5 , Legend of heavenly tears phoenix warrior ) ❤Zhang Ming En (Tomb of the sea / Sand sea) ❤Xiao Yan (The legends, Legend of white snake ) Praying for subs
  4. The guy is so straightforward towards the girl. I love how he knows what he wants from the get-go. THAT'S HOT!!
  5. lol! I am storing my driftwood, pipes, and fertilizers, anti algae etc in it! Spices for the aquarium! 764
  6. May 23, 2019 Parasite is met with praise at Cannes Source: The DONG-A Ilbo A standing ovation continued for seven minutes at the Lumiere Theatre in Cannes, France that was filled with some 2,000 viewers. Korean director Bong Jun-ho’s movie “Parasite,” which was selected for the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival and aired on 10 p.m. on Tuesday (local time), won rapturous applause from the audience. Leading media, such as Guardian and Variety, reported that when the ending credit appeared and the lights came on, the audience erupted with applause. When the applause continued, Bong spoke into a microphone to say “Thank you everyone. Let’s go home” in both Korean and English, but the applause went on. “Parasite” is Bong’s seventh movie. A wealthy family lives on a house made of marble on a hill, while a poor family lives in a basement infested with bugs. Bong reveals the gap between the rich and the poor by displaying a stark contrast of the two families. The two families become involved as the eldest son Ki-woo (played by Choi Woo-sik) of Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho), whose entire family is jobless, is interviewed by Park (Lee Sun-gyun) for a high-paying personal tutor position. In a press conference held last month after the movie was invited to the Cannes Festival, Bong said that “Non-Koreans might not be 100 percent familiar with the details,” but it appears that the message came across. BBC chose “Parasite” as the first must-see movie for the “Top 10 films not to be missed at Cannes.” After the movie was aired, foreign media responded with praise. Guardian gave four stars out of five, praising the movie as “Parasite is a bizarre black comedy about social status, aspiration, materialism and the patriarchal family unit. Parasite gets its tendrils into you.” The Telegraph also gave it four stars saying that “Parasite, a raucous and blood-splattered social satire, will torment you.” Parasite is generally gripping and finely crafted, standing up well as Bong’s most mature state-of-the-nation statement since Memories of Murder in 2003.” Indiewire commented that “under the pall of late capitalism, Bong’s latest offers another compassionate parable that is giddy, brilliant and contrasting. Bong Joon-ho has become a genre unto himself.” On the other hand, director Bong introduced a letter asking him to refrain from spoilers in Korean, English and French through the materials distributed to the media gathered in the Cannes prior to the screening. He said in a letter, "Nowadays, audiences are waiting for the release of anticipated films, and they are moving away from the usual favorite movie sites, and in many theater lounges, people use headsets to increase the volume of their music," said the audience. It is said that the creators are eager to fall into the movies with emotions. " Seo-Hyun Lee baltika7@donga.com
  7. @kimdaehwi, from the preview it looks like OSH's Dad eye surgery did not work and he may really get NJ's cornea. I think Chairman Park will help AR by lending her money to pay Gold Asset. NJ/OHY will be released and AR will find out about NJ illness. At least the jewelries are in the Park's household. Wondering who will discover it? Do Ri/Ester? OSH/PSH? we know that PSH's Dad and Gun saw it and set aside without knowing the value of these items their reactions when Gun dropped it on the floor.
  8. So you wouldn’t be targeted by lion -2
  9. Oh...Reading your post @titania1000 I'm so sorry. I may not know you in person and I'm not good at cheering up skill. But I just wish you will recover soon and next time I hope it will be your day to get good interview result like Dan in this clip. May the angel bless you. Good night. (credit to twitter owners) The past hour I checked I still couldn't play the video. This pic I just saved from a twitter. Really want to know to where the owner got this screenshot from, because the quality is quite good.
  10. I am sorry I should not have mentioned it. I am blunt and tactless
  11. Yeah...but KJW never admit that he ambidextrous but he definitely can use both hands almost equally.. he can play guitar with both right and left side... writing with right hand, drawing with left hand.. using chopsticks with left hands..wearing watch at right wrist...wearing watch at right wrist normally shows that the person is left handed... I'm so confused wether he is ambidextrous or left handed...because when the scene he play judo with EG, it's so obvious he is left handed because EG mentioned "Ah, you're left handed", but I'm pretty sure that he can use both hands almost equally...which means ambidextrous...so sexyyyy rightt?? cc. @sillygal He shouldn't wear clothes in that bed scene... I'm a bit disappointed with the bed scene...i try to understand what is in the writer's mind for not doing a proper bed scene in this episode... could be so many reasons that lead to this RG and DM wearing full clothes during the bed scene.. Probably they gonna give us a proper bed scene maybe in ep 15 or 16...Keep on praying..
  12. Well she is flat and empty. Flat as in poor girl has lost so much weight. Empty as in she is doing a great job portraying LYS’s tragedy/pain. Writer doesn’t realize but is actually praising her!
  13. @nohamahamoud2002 my apologies... forgot that it was posted fairly recently...... sometimes my brain is like that of a goldfish's because I tend to forget a lot of stuff quite often... hehehe I think the video above is part of a Japanese video travel guide dvd that Ji Hwan filmed a few years ago and was released for sale for the Japanese fanbase...unfortunately, no English subtitle... this reminds me that in all of my travels to Korea, I have never set foot in Jeju-do...
  14. May 23 2019 Teaser poster & teaser trailer #4 for MBC drama series “Partners for Justice Season 2” Teaser poster & teaser trailer #4 added for upcoming MBC drama series “Partners for Justice Season 2” starring Jung Jae-Young and Jung Yoo-Mi. The teaser poster has an English tag line that states “People Are Flowers, Be Gentle.” In teaser trailer #4, caption at the 14 second mark states in Korean “The dead’s trace” and at the 21 second mark “Find the fabricated evidence.” “Partners for Justice Season 2” first airs June 3, 2019 in South Korea.
  15. Source: Mrs. Eugene Choi @KdramaAddict14 Just finished watching #HarmoniumInMyMemory story is fresh & simple #JeonDoYeon & #LeeByungHun were very cute even they were at late 20s when this was shot. It will remind u of your teacher crush. Highly recommended. Good story though unrealistic. It is also the reunion of #JeonDoYeon and LBH. Liked the angst of KGE's role but LBH & JDY brought the drama to higher level. Their chemistry is really good. Must watch for sunshiners.
  16. You damn lucky guy! You smelled her precious GOLD! What the heck you were doin' ? I thought you were practicing from (.)(.) feeding ! Ryan -----> <----- Me You're indeed a GOLDen hungry Lion... Spare some a little smell for me Lion-shhiii ...
  17. Finally, next weeks, pmy' Will has more time with her bf. At least they should get more time to get together. Oh my delulu
  18. I got the worst job interview today which could be perfectly summarized by this famous quote of Montesquieu that i can only paraphrasing since i have bad memory: saying that it's in the human being's nature to abuse a power to which they felt entitled. That made me thought about how perseverant our overtalented queen must have been to endure all those rejections all those years. She knew her worth and yet had to suffer people pretending she wasn't cut for the job while people without talent but with connections get to work more than her. There's nothing similar in our experience in term of age, degrees and fields and yet the same unfairness applied to both of us though for different reasons.. It's really a sad world in which we live. But a least i can take some comfort from her current success. Will post pretty gifs to cheer myself but you have chocolate and hugs to send my way, i'm taking it too. Credit: moonlit_gif Credit: moonlit_gif Credit: OAO3017
  19. The Japanese got their DVD set with translation and all? Wow! And they were wondering if they had enough order to include English translation? How many orders did they receive from Japan exactly?
  20. @nuttyz no need all,just that you think interesting thank youuuu Cr.uploader
  21. Example of love across the horizon Love Beyond Frontier EP.3 When we have to be together, how busy are 4 people? Who is like this? #The real story of many people #this is alsoWatch the accident, love across the horizon EP. 2: https://tv.line.me/v/8387185
  22. just finished epi. 2 (Different Dreams). I'm a guy so not into other guys. I think I watch for the historical value of the drama. korean jeoson kingdom collaborated with richard simmons and there are relationships that could develop and thats this movie.
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