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  2. Your Sugarlicious only appears once in a blue moon....So you aren’t part of Sexy Brethren... 500
  3. Hello there Oppa! Long time no see. Glad to see you here, finally joining the discussions (and perhaps the rising cult too. Hahahah ) Btw, thanks for pointing out about the naming of those different masks. I am not well-versed with the associated name in Japanese for these masks, nor the culture unique to Japanese, so, I just named it based on each feature - plain white mask (Noh mask), vampire mask (Hannya mask) and black mask (BJS's Tarantula mask). I guess, we can settle for Noh and Hannya when discussing about those killers henceforth. The speculation is just to hype up the fun of anticipating for the next episode. Doesn't matter if the guess will be correct or wrong. Starting a poll seems fun to me. But, how to do that? hahahahahah The moment this happens, it will be the death of my shipper's heart.
  4. kim sea jun styles hong jong hyun cool for arena homme… styles yoona too for special album May 27, 2019 Hong Jong Hyun is playful and sexy for Arena Homme Korea, styled by his long-time stylist, Kim Sea Jun. Coincidentally, Kim Sea Jun promoted Yoona’s special album on his Instagram so I assume he styled her too this time. This is the only reason I can think of as to why he is giving a shout-out. If he didn’t style her… then he is doing it for friendship and we all know who is their mutual friend. I know he also works with other SM artists but I couldn’t help but squeeeeeed. He never styled her before she became friends with HJH so I’m thinking they only connected because of HJH. Omo… https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2019/05/27/kim-sea-jun-styles-hong-jong-hyun-cool-for-arena-homme-styles-yoona-too-for-special-album/comment-page-1/#comment-22555 Oh My Shippy heart burning again
  5. @sillygalWait, so Dok Mi is actually the correct pronunciation? Imagine that, lol. You learn something new every day. Is this some kind of unwritten rule in the Korean language? That you can switch a difficult, awkward sound with the "ng" sound?
  6. Eh! I got watch abs one hoh! you don’t want sugarlicious ah? Okay loh. She went back to her hole and I lock her up already! 996
  7. OMIGOD!!!!...the preview !!!!! I know we were all waiting for it...but...but ............aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  8. Loll!!! She couldn’t remove her red cardigan fast enough & he spotted her immediately. This scene is hilarious This not yet Couple has a lot of skinship ! Did his BP rise when grabbed her hand here ? He really wants her to stay by his side - think he’s hoping she’d sign the contract
  9. Omg what did the doctor give Dominique ? Omg what is going on? I'm dead. Ahahahahhaha he has to wear tights under his clothes ? Lol the woman janitor walked in and he's in the bathroom putting on his tights/stockings. Ahahahha the woman janitor chased him out of the bathroom with him wearing the tights bahahaha. The other directors walk by. Dominique just awkwardly smiles at them. GH sees and covers him up and runs him off. Too funny. Evil uncle goes into the bathroom uh oh. He finds the note of what the doctor ordered for Dominique. I guess the doctor making him wear compression tights to get his blood pressure up. It's not working. Poor Dom . GH retrieves his things after evil uncle exits the bathroom. Dominique can't take the tights off but GH gives him instructions on how to. She even wants to help him.
  10. You aren’t part of THAT Brethren.... You are part of My Darkness Brethren... +2
  11. i was shocked for 3 years, too. because the rumor which was spread during wwwsk was "ppc're dating now" "ppc have already known each other for a long time and they started dating." "advertising and ent insiders already know ppc're dating". there was no word of 3 years in the rumors. so i was really surprised. in 3 years dating news, a reporter said ppc's acquaintances said ppc have been dating for 3 years. i think ppc first met each other 3 years ago. so their acquaintances just thought ppc started dating as soon as they met.
  12. I remember this moment, I woke up in the morning in a rush because my friend told me about the news from Soompi twitter account. I was like, what?? 3 years of dating?? Then I immediately came to this forum to find PPC shipper reactions. At first, I was disappointed because Awesome in couple of minutes denied the rumor but then I realize, that’s the “best” answer they had to give at the time.
  13. He didn’t shave his chest -2
  14. I learnt something new today! 990
  15. It's actually for the convenience for Koreans to pronounce easily. Doesn't sound awkward. If were to pronounce exactly as Deok Mi, it doesn't sound natural.
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