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  2. i hate my ex bf even bfore i broke up with him.. after the break up i hate him even more lol.. nahh i dont think they broke up.. they would not do wwwsk, or go to phuket and cosmo together.. eg; cant u guys see after PMY broke up with LMH, they nvr been seen in the same place again..... so i doubt if PMY broke up with PSJ she will do a drama with him.
  3. 190518 Dongwan's Instagram update. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221540805905
  4. hello @rulebox3000 welcome aboard on this ship! About what you said well it sounds like a good plot for writing pining fanfic but i don't think that seems believable cause she wouldn't have given those lovey dovey gaze, gluing to him on the sofa when there was so much space left in the viki interview asking him with puppy eyes "what's perfect about me" like a whinny gf to someone who is supposedly her so called ex! nice try though PS: ppc ship isn't as fragile as titanic
  5. Do you remember this guy ? I'm glad when the scriptwriter don't forget him and give us something about his fate in Ep 3.
  6. Depart from NingBo Airport Video Credit as tagged. 1. https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151:4373684983422913&segment_id=4373684983422913 2. https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151:4373683163361946&segment_id=4373683163361946 3. Video Roadshow focus on CFY https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4373653995894603/4373654244858513
  7. If the facts that they dated before and broke up before wwwsk, I still cant believe it. They seems to be TOO COOL to say hi to each other at the beginning AAA2017. And COOL enough to act like they are ex couple during wwwsk. And COOL enough to praise each other. Dont you hate your ex for breaking up? they seems to be TOO COOL. If they checking out each other, that might be true. Secret crush.
  8. Only eps 13 I saved on my phone lol but all of the yummy scenes I saved on my ig so I can check it anytime anywhere
  9. Important ones which makes my flutter everytime i watch it is saved on my phone. & rest of them are saved on my ig & pc woah daebak!! Well i shouldn't be suprised given the scenes where lyj was consistently asking miso to spend the night in his house & i thought their baby was born shortly after they got married not before! :/
  10. Kim Miso and VP Lee are WILD in the webtoon hahahah.. they have sex all the times bfore getting married.. that’s how baby TaeYang is conceived bfore the wedding.. if they follow the webtoon to a T, i think the drama will be rated R muahahahahha
  11. @AkaruiHikari do you mean it's Father's Day in your country? If yes, Happy Father's Day to yours and your hubby. thanks for sharing kaji_nori06 IG which contains awe-inspiring & fatherly love posts It's some kind of healing for my soul, looking at the stunning views, colors and motivation behind it. He's one of a kind and his kids should be very proud of him. In the future, i also wish HB can share to us, his fans, something like this, his fatherly love in any form
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