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  2. Oh dear . Hope everything is ok cenching. I am only going to start watching it for mr cheek bones @Lawyerh +2
  3. Omo I just posted that kissing scenes in KDramas usually start in Ep 8 then I saw screencaps that they just kissed tonight in Ep 6!
  4. Is no one doing the live recap tonight? My stream was ok but there are things I missed just now. But the whole episode is DAEBAK!!
  5. That is so lovely of kim hye ja!! I just remember, ji min will be having so much fun time with the child actor in the set for Spring Night as she loves children! This is too cute! Credit to author
  6. I love everything about this drama aside from the sizzling chemistry between the leads and the quiet intensity of passionate romance developing between them, the drama is tackling social issues and bringing them to light with the leads spearheading the effort with Ryan's take art to the public and every artists from all cultures and social classes given the chance to show their art. Here the drama touches on the issue of homosexuality on different occasions. DM with her sensitive and keen interpretation of the artists photograph swayed and inspired the artist to care about show casing his artwork. Ryan also saying that through the photographs, the person whom the artist was photographing with so much care already is aware of how the photographer feels. That is what makes me fall in love with Ryan Gold aside from his oozing sexiness and perfect cheekbones. I also think that one of Ryan's reasons for the project is to flash out Lee Sol the painter. The drama is also bringing to light the issues connected with idol worship and DM with her sensitive, perceptive mind, kind and tender heart, with her merry and musical laughter will realize shows the difference. "yes, ain't nothing like the real thing baby". But the diary "Si An is my way/road or path" is actually true because Si An was the path that led DM to the real thing "Ryan" baby. So Ryan already has suspicions that DM is SNG the fangirl, but Ryan will also realize himself how DM feels about him when he will later see the photographs taken of him by DM. One of the reasons I think why Ryan kept the diary of the fangirl was the care and effort SNG/DM had put into the diary. The diary also is a work of art as DM had some drawings and photographs with matching poetry which showcase her talent as an artist. I think Ryan would have thrown away that diary if it was just about idolazation jabber. The first part of ep 5 was so funny with Ryan wanting to practice judo and teach EG social acceptance and tolerance which got EG so confused about what Ryan was talking about. And Ryan's face when he asked SG, "so, you're just friends?" hahaha But the 2nd part was done with so much delicacy and tender subtlety with the interactions of the main leads between themselves and with the artist. I just loved that part of the episode. Especially the bathroom scene where there were no words exchanged it was so quiet but only for the sound of dripping water from the faucet, yet their was so much controlled tension between them as Ryan took his time untangling the button from her hair and later lightly brushed her untangled hair with his hands. And twice you see him visibly swallow. The physiological tendency when in a tense situation is to take deep breaths but Ryan controlled himself and swallowed instead because he did not want to disturb the ambience. And Ryan who has had some trust issues from his childhood and possibly affected his desire to paint again yet he instinctively trusts DM. In his sleep, this very private person, crawled over to where DM's space and fell peacefully asleep. Aside Ryan and DM starting to trust and become friends, I think that there is something in DM that intuitively makes Ryan trust and like DM, that he has a childhood connection with DM. I am thinking that they will help each other later, with Ryan encouraging and guiding DM with her photography and DM helping Ryan recover his desire and will to paint again.
  7. Very true lol I often would like to watch things that are....more aggressive emotionally driven that would put me on a thrill ride. Type of drama. I can’t feel the thrill with romance. As all of you know that, I don’t ship normal ships. So it makes it even worst lol. Maybe you will ask me, why I don’t ship normal ships? Simply, if I’m a fan of the guy. Why would I stick a woman to the man I fan on to be together? I treat actress as normal actresses. I don’t Fan on them. Never. I only fan on guys. So, typically if I go on my usual ship, I only ship my male lead only. +2
  8. But the way the PD and writer teased viewers with sexual tension in the recent episodes, I believe they will put an intimate scene. Most KDramas start the kissing scenes from Episode 8. They usually do what audience want in order to increase ratings and I think they are aware that HPL fans wanted more intimate scenes based on the comments why they kept teasing their viewers with scenes like the very slow hair scarf untying without any background music.
  9. 666. Actually i have same sentiment with you @triplem about her. @cenching yeah watch to see him solely. Quite delicious. Didnt dissapointed. Some cringe cliche romcom do happened. But overall quite entertaining.
  10. @Lawyerh @triplem I haven't watch HPL yet so I can't "sell" it to @sushilicious. I am gathering my mood to start watching drama after a bad real life drama happening to my friend....MTG does perks my interest.... +2
  11. @Lawyerh , @Sejabin This guy is dangerous for our heart - as she dangerous to his heart
  12. 8Eight’s Joo Hee is marrying musical actor Jang Woo Soo. On April 24, an entertainment industry source reported to Viewers, “Joo Hee will be marrying musical actor Jang Woo Soo on September 29.” According to the report, Joo Hee and Jang Woo Soo met two years ago through mutual acquaintances, the couple Min Woo Hyuk and Lee […] The post 8Eight’s Joo Hee Announces She Will Be Getting Married In The Fall appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. She had enough rainbows & unicorns to last a decade after TYH . But seriously is it because you can’t feel the romance @sushilicious ? 662 I’m also curious if cenching can convince sushi
  14. Sorry if this is already posted. I also haven't read the manhwa, but I have a feeling that Lee Sol, the mysterious painter, is Ryan and SiAn's mom. Both are possibly got separated and adopted by different families. One of the comments in YT (I forgot the username), said she/he read some chapters of manhwa and mentioned something that Ryan and SiAn are brothers.
  15. Lol. Sugarlicious went home liao so nope....TBH...I don’t like fluff... 660
  16. Wah powerful @cenching already tried to coaxed dear @sushilicious Use ur tea cup magic lol. I'll wait for ur result. 658
  17. They are the real OTP . . 658
  18. My Best Summer Conference Press in Beijing https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364985925612577/4364993032460234 2. Fan video https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151:4364998827265507&segment_id=4364998827265507 3. Media video https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364987896950245/4364989538151498
  19. @sushilicious Why you don't want to watch HPL? +2
  20. 190424 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update we ate some gumballs!!!!!! #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NEWYORK #NCT127 #NCT 190424 SMTOWNGLOBAL Twitter Update
  21. @n3bula I have no idea. I will read it over the weekend and give you my opinion
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